Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Aug 04, 2016 and Sep 06, 2016

Docket Brief Description
Sep 1 Dual-Fuel Audit NCPC Calculation Revisions  ER16-2529 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes
Sep 1 Membership ER16-2535 Memberships: Alphtaraxia Nickel, LifeEnergy; Termination: Cape Wind Assoc.
Aug 31 NextEra/PSEG
EL16-93 FERC dismisses complaint without prejudice as not ripe for consideration
Aug 31 FCM Composite Offers & Price Lock Mechanisms ER16-2126 FERC conditionally accepts compliance filing, directing additional changes to be filed on or before Oct 31, 2016
Aug 30 206 Proceeding: RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols EL16-19 4th settlement conference held; Settlement Judge Dring issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued
Aug 29 FCA 11 De-List Bids Filing ER16-2215 FERC accepts Jul 15 filing 
Aug 26 NextEra/PSEG
EL16-93  NextEra/PSEG file motion to Lodge and status update
Aug 26 Membership  ER16-2321 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of CES Retail Energy Supply; Energy GPS; Gravity Renewables; and Inertia Power III; (ii) the terminations of  Dynegy Resources Management, Energy America, and Provider Power CT; and (iii) the change in name of ENGIE Resources, LLC
Aug 26 Regional Report ZZ16-4 ISO-NE IMM files 2016 Spring Report
Aug 26 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE files FERC Form 3Q (Quarterly Financial Report) for 2016 Q2
Aug 26 Schedule 21-ES:  NU/ NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 FERC accepts Attachment F compliance filing
Aug 24 IMAPP  not docketed FERC notice that staff will attend the following IMAPP meetings: Aug 30, Sept 14, Oct 6, Oct 21, Nov 10, Dec 2 
Aug 24 Regional Interest ER16-2467 NSTAR files notice of cancellation of Amendment: NSTAR/Exelon West Medway D&E Agreement
Aug 23 CSO Termination ER16-2137 FERC accepts termination of Enerwise resource terminations 
Aug 22 Regional Report ER16-2415 NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE 2016 Q2 Capital Budget Report 
Aug 22 Sched. 21-UI ER16-2454 UI submits revisions to Schedule 21-UI modifying the calculation of transmission-related Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes (ADIT) to maintain compliance with accelerated depreciation normalization requirements, consistent with recent IRS guidance
Aug 19 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file FCM Enhancements (supported at Jun 23 Summer Meeting); comment date Sep 9
Aug 19 Membership ER16-2104 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Cumulus Master Fund, Jeff Jones, and National Gas & Electric; (ii) the withdrawal of EnergyConnect; and (iii) the name change of CleanChoice Energy (f/k/a Ethical Electric)
Aug 19 CSO Termination ER16-2137 ISO-NE supplements information regarding Enerwise CSO terminations
Aug 19 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 EMCOS, CT PURA, MMWEC, NHEC protest and respond to EEI Aug 4 out-of-time comments
Aug 19 Sched. 21-NEP: Granite Ridge Prior Service Agreement Cancellation ER16-1921 FERC accepts cancellation of prior service agreement
Aug 19 Regs. Implementing FAST Act 61003 – CEII & Critical Electric Infrastructure Security RM16-15 ISO-NE and SPP file joint comments requesting that the FERC, as part of efforts in this proceeding, ease through a blanket rule the burden of CEII information sharing among RTO/ISOs FERC-regulated entities (sharing undertaken for purposes of ensuring interregional reliability and effective long-term planning)
Aug 16 Waiver Request:
DER FCM Qualification Reqs
ER16-2283 ISO-NE answers Genbright request; National Grid asserts that Genbright’s request for waiver may concern capacity for which National Grid
has asserted title and which National Grid is entitled to seek to qualify
Aug 16 Schedule 21-ES:  NU/ NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 Next settlement conference scheduled for Oct 5
Aug 16 203 App: CPV Towantic EC16-167 CPV Towantic seeks authorization for a change in its upstream ownership to now include Ullico
Infrastructure Master Fund, L.P.
Aug 15 Schedule 22 LGIA:
Exelon West Medway II
ER16-2024 FERC accepts non-conforming LGIA, eff. Jun 14, 2016 
Aug 15 Schedule 21-ES: NU/NSTAR Merger-
Related Costs
ER16-1023 Settlement Judge issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued; 2nd settlement conf. Aug 16
Aug 12 NextEra/PSEG
EL16-93 PSEG answers responses to Complaint; Envir. Defense Fund replies to National Grid, Eversource
Aug 12 Regional Report ER16-2415 ISO-NE submits 2016 Q2 Capital Budget Report; comment date Sep 2
Aug 12 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE submits revised 2015 FERC Form 714 Annual Electric Balancing Authority Area and Planning Area Report
Aug 12 Regional Interest ER16-2416 CMP submits amended CSIA with Brookfield White Pine Hydro; comment date Sep 2
Aug 11 FCA 10 Results Filing ER16-1041 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider DominionUWUA Local 464 requests for rehearing of FCA10 Results Filing Order
Aug 8 2013/14 Winter Rel. Program Remand ER13-2266 FERC issues order on remand, directing ISO-NE to request from Program participants the basis for their bids, including the process used to formulate the bids, and to file by Dec 6, 2016 a compilation of this information, an analysis of such information by the ISO-NE IMM, and a recommendation as to the reasonableness of the bids
Aug 8 Waiver Request: RTEG Resource Type/De-List (ISO-NE)   ER16-1904 FERC grants waiver requested by ISO-NE
Aug 8 FCM Composite Offers & Price Lock Mech. Compl. Filing ER16-2126 ISO-NE answers Jul 22 NEPGA and Dominion protests 
Aug 5 OATT Attachment F ER16-2378 PTOs submit revisions to modify the calculation of transmission-related Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes related to accelerated depreciation in the Attachment F RNS formula rate (consistent with recent IRS guidance) (“Normalization Rules”); comment date Aug 26
Aug 5 Sched. 21-CMP  ER16-2386 CMP submits revisions to Schedule 21-CMP Attachment K to maintain compliance with IRS Normalization Rules; comment date Aug 26
Aug 4 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 EEI submits out-of-time comments “addressing the broad industry-wide ramifications of a threshold legal and policy issues presented by this Complaint”
Aug 4 IMAPP not docketed FERC notice that staff will attend Aug 11 IMAPP meeting

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