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Updates Between Jun 24, 2019 and Jul 31, 2019

Docket Brief Description
Jul 31 Winter Fuel Security (Chapter 3) EL18-182 NESCOE requests 6-month extension of time, to April 15, 2020, for the submission of New England’s energy security market design, and that the FERC issue an order granting the extension by Aug 30, 2019; responses due Aug 5
Jul 30 203 Application: ReEnergy EC19-102 FERC authorizes transaction pursuant to which ReEnergy Stratton will no longer be a Related Person to Talen Energy Mktg. et al.
Jul 29 Sched. 21-FG&E
Annual Info Filing
ER09-1498 FG&E submits annual update to its Revenue Requirement recovered through the ISO-NE Tariff and Schedule 21-FG&E for the Jun 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019 period
Jul 29 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols
EL16-19-002 Chief Judge grants 45-day suspension of procedural schedule; initial hearing and decision dates extended by 45 days
Jul 29 MPD OATT 2018 Annual Informational Filing ER15-1429-010 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report
Jul 29 203 App: FirstLight Restructuring EC19-44 FirstLight submits notice that Restructuring was consummated on Jul 16
Jul 26 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 FERC issues deficiency letter; ISO-NE responds
Jul 25 SGIAs: National Grid / Mini-Watt Units 1 & 2/3 ER19-2464
National Grid files 2-party LGIAs for continued service to Mini-Watt
Jul 23 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols 
EL16-19 TOs request 45-day suspension of procedural schedule and extension of procedural deadlines to allow for settlement negotiations to be pursued “in the most efficient manner”
Jul 19 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Capacity Suppliers answer EMM’s comments
Jul 19 IA Termination: Pilgrim Station/NSTAR ER19-2046 FERC accepts termination notice
Jul 18 Mystic 8/9 COS Agreement ER18-1639 Reply Briefs filed by Constellation Mystic Power, CT PartiesENECOS, MA AGNational GridFERC Trial Staff 
Jul 18 Nested Capacity Zone Changes ER19-2421 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to (i)accommodate a nested export-constrained Capacity Zone in the FCM and (ii) to clarify the type of data that must be submitted in support
of Static De-List Bids and Export Bids
Jul 18 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 EMM (Potomac Economics) submits redacted comments on IMM’s review and mititgation of Killingly’s FCA13 Offer Floor Price
Jul 18 First Revised Clear River LGIA ER19-2419 ISO-NE and National Grid submit a first revised LGIA governing the Interconnection of the Clear River Project located in Burrillville, RI
Jul 18 Order 861 RM19-2 FERC relieves MBR sellers of the obligation to submit indicative screens in order to obtain or retain MBR authority to sell energy, ancillary services and capacity at market-based rates in any RTO/ISO market (including ISO-NE) that has an RTO/ISO-administered capacity market subject to FERC-approved RTO/ISO monitoring and mitigation.
Jul 18 Order 860 RM16-17 FERC revises its Market-Based Rate (MBR) regulations to (i) require submission of affiliate information in a FERC-maintained relational database; (ii) reduces and clarifies the scope of ownership information that Sellers must provide; (iii) modifies the information required in and format of a Seller’s asset appendix; (iv) requires
monthly updates to the database; (v) extends to quarterly the requirement for change in status filings; and (vi) eliminates the requirement that Sellers submit corporate org charts
Jul 18 New England Ratepayers Association Complaint EL19-10 Public Citizen moves to intervene out-of-time and submits protest suggesting NERA be required to disclose the identities of its members
Jul 17 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 Public Citizen files protest asserting FERC must order ISO-NE to provide intervenors with a proposed non-disclosure certificate to access the privileged components of this filing
Jul 17 Winter Fuel Security (Chapter 3) EL18-82 Materials posted for the following tech. conf. speakers: C. Parent & M. White, ISO-NE; P. Bartlett, MPUC; J. Benz, NESCOE; D. Cavanaugh, ENE; J. Daly, Eversource; N. Fitch, NRG; D. Ismay, CLF; T. Kaslow, FirstLight; B. Kruse, Calpine; S. Newell, NextErafinal agenda
Jul 17 RFA Termination: NSTAR/Pilgrim ER19-2108 FERC accepts termination notice of Pilgrim RFA, eff. Jun 1, 2019 
Jul 17-18 203 Application: Empire Generating Co, LLC EC19-99 Empire submits responses to Jun 21 deficiency letter; EmpireBlack Diamond Capital object to Ares’ Jul 3 request
Jul 15 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files its 43rd quarterly report
Jul 15 Trans. Rate Incentive Request: UI’s Pequonnock Substation Project ER19-1359 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider UI’s request for rehearing of the May 14 UI Pequonnock Rate Incentive Order
Jul 15 Emera Maine Order 845
Compliance Filing
ER19-1887 Emera Maine files responses to Jun 13 letter
Jul 12 FCA13 Fuel Security Reliability Review Info Filing ER18-2364 ISO-NE files informational report that assesses the study triggers, study and scenarios used by ISO-NE in its FCA13 fuel security reliability review in comparison to the actual conditions experienced during Winter 2018-2019
Jul 11-12 Membership ER19-2387 NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly request involuntary termination of Viridity Energy, Inc.
Jul 11 ISO-NE Order 845 Compliance Filing ER19-1951 ISO-NE and PTO AC answer comments and protests on their May 11 filing
Jul 11 Interconnection Studies Scope and Reasonable Efforts Timelines Changes ER19-1952 ISO-NE answers Jun 26 joint protest
Jul 10 Sched. 21-UI: LCSA Cancellation – UI/EES5 (Bridgeport Energy) ER19-1921 FERC accepts LCSA cancellation, eff. Apr 1, 2019
Jul 10 Sched. 21-UI: LCSA – UI/Revere Power
(Bridgeport Energy)
ER19-1911 FERC accepts LCSA, eff. Apr 1, 2019
Jul 9 Winter Fuel Security
(Chapter 3)
EL18-182 NEPGA files comments in advance of Jul 15 public meeting
Jul 9 Membership ER19-2021 FERC accepts (i) the June 1, 2019 memberships of Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing; Community Eco Power; DWW Solar II; and NS Power Energy Marketing; and (ii) the May 1, 2019 termination of the Participant status of Mint Energy, LLC; Power Bidding Strategies; and Utility Expense Reduction; (iii) the Bridgeport Fuel Cell name change
Jul 9 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 EMM (Potomac Economics) submits privileged comments on IMM’s review and mititgation of Killingly’s FCA13 Offer Floor Price (link is to public version which redacts by omission its comments)
Jul 9 D&E Agreement:
ER19-1994 FERC accepts Agreement, eff. May 28, 2019
Jul 8 203 Application: Crius (Viridian Energy et al.)/Vistra EC19-59  FERC authorizes transaction 
Jul 3 Winter Fuel Security (Chapter 3) EL18-182 FERC issues supplemental notice of Jul 15 public, staff-led meeting
Jul 3 Sched. 21-NEP: National Grid/GRS SGIA ER19-2352 National Grid files SGIA with Gas Recovery Systems
Jul 3 203 Application: Empire Generating Co, LLC EC19-99 Ares submits limited protest requesting add’l information
Jul 2 Schedule 21-NSTAR Annual Informational Filing ER09-1243
NSTAR submits CWIP supplement to May 31 annual informational filing 
Jul 1 BoPP: Effective Date Notice & Conforming MR Changes ER19-2327 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file (i) notice of monthly Balance of Planning Period FTR auction effective date (Sep. 17, 2019) and (ii) conforming Market Rule changes 
Jul 1 NSTAR/SEMASS D&E Agreement ER19-2326 NSTAR files agreement to accommodate D&E activities associated SEMASS’ planned construction activity at its switchyards
Jun 28 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 ISO-NE submits filing describing Permanent and Retirement De-List Bids that were submitted on or prior to the Existing Capacity Retirement Deadline for FCA14
Jun 28 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 ISO-NE responds to Jun 6 deficiency letter; comment date Jul 19
Jun 28 Membership ER19-2292 New Members: Bloom CT Clean Energy; Clearway Power Mktg.; Excelerate Energy; Termination: Marathon Power; Name Changes: North Stonington Solar Center; TrailStone Energy Mktg.
Jun 28 203 Notification: NSTAR / Entergy EC19-1 NSTAR filed a notice that, coincident with Pilgrim’s retirement, it purchased from Entergy the 345-kV transmission switchyard located adjacent to Pilgrim
Jun 28 Sched. 21-CMP Annual Informational Filing ER09-938 CMP files updated formula rates reflecting actual 2018 cost data and estimated 2019 cost data
Jun 28 203 Application: Kendall Green Energy EC19-86 FERC authorizes transaction in which Veolia will become the sole owner of Kendall Green
Jun 28 2nd Supp. to Stony Brook IA ER19-2303 NSTAR files second extension, to Oct 1, 2019, of MMWEC’s Stonybrook Interconnection Agreement
Jun 27 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security
(Chapter 2B) Proposal
ER19-1428 EDF, MA AG, NECOS/ENE/Direct, NEPGA, NRG, Vistra, Verso, MPUC, Clean Energy Advocates file protests and comments 
Jun 26 ISO-NE Order 845 Compliance Filing ER19-1951 MA AG, AWEA/RENEW/Solar Council, ESA protest Order 845 filing
Jun 26 Interconnection Studies Scope and Reasonable Efforts Timelines Changes ER19-1952 EDF Renewables/E.ON/Enel jointly protest filing
Jun 26 MPD OATT 2019 Annual Informational Filing ER15-1429 Emera Maine answer to MCG Jun 11 motion to strike
Jun 25-26 NOI: Elec. Trans. Incentives Policy PL19-3 Comments filed, including by Avangrid, Eversource, Exelon, InvenergyMMWEC/NHEC, NGrid, NextEra, UCS, NESCOE, Potomac Economics, Southern New England State Agencies, AEE, AWEA, EEI, ESA, NRECA, PIOsTAPS,
Jun 25-26 NOI: FERC’s ROE Policy PL19-4 Comments filed, including by EDF, EMOCS, Exelon, MA State Agencies,  NextEra, TOs, AGA, Associations, EEI, INGAAMLPA, NGSA, NRDC, PIOs
Jun 25 203 Application: Emera Maine/ENMAX EC19-80 FERC authorizes transaction pursuant to which Emera Maine will become a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of ENMAX
Jun 24 NOPR – New Reliability Standard: CIP-012-1 RM18-20 ISO/RTO Council submits comments

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