Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Mar 02, 2016 and Apr 06, 2016

Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Apr 6 Regional Report ER16-928  FERC accepts 2015 Q4 Capital Projects Report  
Apr 5 206 Proceeding: 2014/15 RNS Recovery of SeaLink Costs   EL15-85 Chief Judge grants Apr 1 NHT/NESA motion, hearings to be held in abeyance for 60 days
Apr 4 Eversource NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recovery ER16-1023 Eversource answers Mar 18 protests and comments
Apr 1 Membership  ER16-1321 Memberships: Atlantic Energy, Eversource Energy Trans.  Ventures; Roctop Investments, Sustaining Power Solutions Termination: Aequitas; comment date Apr 22
Apr 1 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 20th Semi-Annual Reserve Market Compliance Report
Apr 1 206 Proceeding: 2014/15 RNS Recovery of SeaLink Costs EL15-85 NHT and the New England State Agencies (NESA) request that the hearing established in this proceeding be held in abeyance for 60 days in order to provide an opportunity to negotiate, execute and file a settlement agreement based on the agreement-in-principle reached between NHT and NESA
Apr 1 Regional Report  not docketed ISO-NE files 2016 FERC Form 715
Mar 31 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE files 2015 FERC Form 1
Mar 31 FRM Heat Rate ER16-1296 ISO-NE and NEPOL jointly file Tariff changes to revise the calculation of the Forward Reserve Heat Rate;
comment date Apr 21
Mar 31 Schedule 21-EM ER16-1301 Emera Maine files changes to Schedule 21-EM to permit it to adjust historical load, revenue, and sales data used as inputs to the formula rate to reflect “known and measurable” anticipated changes, particularly when actual load falls short of historic load and Emera Maine might otherwise under-recover its revenue requirement
Mar 30 Regional Interest ER16-878
FERC accepts National Grid, NSTAR & PSNH Cost Sharing Agreements designed to set forth the respective rights and obligations  related to the sharing of costs of the planning, engineering, permitting and siting of facilities associated with the Greater Boston transmission projects
Mar 25 FRM Offer Cap, Elimination of Price Netting ER16-921 FERC accepts Tariff changes adjusting the FRM offer cap and eliminating the need to net the FCA price from the FRM price for a Forward Reserve Resource
Mar 25 New Eff. Date – DNE Dispatch Changes ER16-870 FERC accepts Tariff changes to make new DNE Dispatch Changes effective May 25, 2016
Mar 25 Regional Interest  EC16-93
Atlas Power Finance, a subsidiary of Atlas Power (a newly-
formed joint venture between Dynegy and ECP III), Dynegy, Energy Capital Partners and GDF Suez request FERC authorization of Atlas Power acquisition of GDF Suez Energy Resources
Mar 23 Generator Interconnection Revisions ER16-946 ISO-NE and PTO AC answer the comments submitted by SunEdison, NEPOOL, AWEA, and RENEW
Mar 22 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Judge Sterner issues his 939-paragraph, 371-page Initial Decision lowering the base and ceiling ROEs for the EL13-33 and EL14-86 refund periods to 9.59/10.42% and 10.90/12.19%, respectively
Mar 22 DARD Pump Parameter Changes ER16-954 FERC accepts changes, eff. Mar 17, 2017
Mar 22 RNS/LNS Rates/ Protocols 206 Proceeding EL16-19 FERC denies VEC request for rehearing 
Mar 22 Eversource CCRP Cost Treatment Proposal ER16-116 FERC accepts CL&P recovery of approx. $15.7 million in planning and development costs associated with the Central Connecticut Reliability Project, eff. Dec 15, 2015
Mar 21 Regional Interest ER16-986 FERC accepts Cost Reimbursement Agreement between Narragansett (National Grid) and CV South Street Landing
Mar 18 NextEra FCA10 Complaint EL16-48 NextEra files complaint alleging that ISO-NE violated its Tariff by disallowing the proposed capacity increase at Bellingham from participating in FCA10; comment date Apr 7 
Mar 18 Eversource NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recovery ER16-1023  Protests filed by EMCOS, MA AG, CT OCC, CT AG, NH OCA
Mar 18 Emera Maine/Covanta Maine LTSA Terminations ER16-840 FERC accepts notice of terminations, eff. Dec 31, 2015
Mar 18 RNS/LNS Rates/ Protocols 206 Proceeding EL16-19 Judge Dring cancels Mar 24 settlement conference; 2nd settlement conf. re-scheduled to Apr 28
Mar 17 Membership ER16-820 FERC accepts Negawatt’s involuntary termination
Mar 17 Membership ER16-818 FERC accepts NAPP’s involuntary termination
Mar 17 CSO Term.: Spruce Mountain Wind ER16-864 FERC accepts termination of a portion of the CSO for Resource No. 38173 (Spruce Mountain Wind Project Sponsor)
Mar 17 203 App: FirstLight EC16-89 FirstLight requests FERC authorization for the sale of 100% indirect ownership interests in FirstLight Hydro and FirstLight Management to PSP H2O FL USA LLC; comment date Apr 7
Mar 15 2019/20 ICR, HQICCs and Related Values ER16-307
MA Congressional Delegation and VT Senator Sanders submit comments and questions to FERC and ISO-NE related to the ICRs, the FCM, and retirement reforms 
Mar 14 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms  ER16-551-001 Responses/protests to ISO-NE’s Feb 29 Deficiency Letter Response filed by GEN Group, NEPGA, NRG, and PSEG
Mar 14 Regional Interest not docketed FERC posts notice received from PSEG Power Connecticut regarding its filing with the CT Siting Council for Declaratory Ruling to approve the installation & operation of a Combined Cycle facility at Bridgeport Harbor Station 
Mar 11 RSP Timing Changes ER16-819 FERC accepts changes, eff. Mar 29
Mar 9 DARD Pump Parameter Changes ER16-954 GDF SUEZ submits comments supporting changes 
Mar 9 Trans. Outage Scheduling Revisions ER16-937 FERC accepts changes deleting “Major Transmission Outage” terminology and modifying the Long-Term economic evaluation reqs for transmission outages submitted to ISO-NE at least 90 days in advance of the start of the outage
Mar 9 National Grid/ Wheelabrator Saugus LGIA ER16-760 FERC accepts non-conforming LGIA governing the interconnection of Wheelabrator Saugus’ 36 MW generating facility
Mar 8 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notice of Mar 7 suspension of CHI Power Marketing from the New England Markets (cured Mar 21)
Mar 8 Generator Interconnection Revisions ER16-946 Comments filed by SunEdison, NESCOE, AWEA, RENEW
Mar 8 Dominion Manchester Street FCA10 Complaint EL16-38 Dominion answers ISO-NE Feb 25 answer
Mar 7 2019/20 ICR, HQICCs & Related Values ER16-307-001 FERC issues tolling order providing it additional time to consider NRG request for rehearing of 2019/20 ICR/HQICCs Order
Mar 7 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551 ISO files answer to NEPGA initial protest of ISO-NE Feb 29 response and request for emergency FERC action
Mar 7 Regional Interest  EL16-45 CL&P files a petition for declaratory order determining whether a Support Agreement (from 1974, as amended in 2000) or an LGIA (from March 2010) governs a dispute between CL&P and Dominion arising out of a May 25, 2014 CL&P transmission outage
Mar 7 Regional Interest ER16-1099 UI files to terminate IA with Bridgeport Harbor Station Unit #2 (which has since been retired)
Mar 7 Regional Interest ER16-816 FERC accepts Eversource termination of Fore River LGIA
Mar 4 Price Formation AD14-14 ISO-NE submits required report to update the FERC on its current practices regarding and efforts to address (1) pricing of fast-start resources; (2) commitments to manage multiple contingencies; (3) look-ahead modeling; (4) uplift allocation; and (5) transparency; comment date Apr 4 
Mar 3 Generator Interconnection Revisions ER6-946 NEPOOL files comments supporting revisions as the first phase of changes to improve the interconnection process in New England, with a second phase of ISO-NE led discussions of potential solutions to the queue backlog issue and related interconnection process improvements to be held in 2016
Mar 2 FRM Offer Cap, Elimination of Price Netting ER16-921 NEPGA and EPSA file joint comments supporting changes
Mar 2 206 Proceeding: 2014/15 RNS Recovery of SeaLink Costs EL15-85 Intervenors’ file direct and answering testimony (with summaries), exhibits and work papers
Mar 2 Regional Interest  ER16-1063 Emera Maine files a notice of termination of a 2003 Interconnection and Operating Agreement with GNP East (as successor in interest to Katahdin Paper Company) that governs the BHE/Great Northern-Millinocket 115 kV Interface Project as a result of GNP East’s Chapter 7 trustee’s failure to assume the IOA in GNP East’s bankruptcy proceeding

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