Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Apr 05, 2017 and May 03, 2017

Docket Brief Description
May 3 Base ROE Complaint
IV (2016)
EL16-64  Settlement Judge Long issues order cancelling May 3 settlement conference
May 2 Schedule 21-ES: Eversource Recovery of NU/NSTAR
Merger-Related Costs
ER17-1023 FERC accepts Mar 1 compliance filing, eff. Jun 1
Apr 28 FERC IMAPP Tech Conf. AD17-11 FERC issues updated tech conf. agenda, with changes since the Apr 13 Supplemental Notice appearing in italics
Apr 28 FCA11 Results Filing ER17-1073 FERC accepts results, eff. Jun 28
Apr 28 Membership ER17-1506 New Members: BIPCO, Georges River, Ohmconnect, Rensselaer, Roseton, VECO; Withdrawal: Union Leader; Name Change: Great River Hydro (f/k/a TransCanada Hydro Northeast)
Apr 28 Regional Interest ER17-1495 Eversource files Design, Engineering and Construction Agreement between PSNH and Essential Power Newington in connection with Essential Power’s planned capacity increase (to 674 MW) at the facility
Apr 28 Base ROE Complaint
IV (2016) 
EL16-64 Trial Judge schedules May 16 oral argument regarding Complainant-Aligned Parties’ motion to compel TOs to respond to 4 data requests; May 11 deadline for Trial Staff
to submit direct and answering testimony and exhibits extended until May 25  
Apr 27 Base ROE Complaint
IV (2016)
EL16-64 Chief Judge schedules May 18 oral argument to be conducted en banc before the Chief Judge and the Presiding Judge addressing the question of why the Chief Judge should not recommend to the Commission that this case be dismissed (in light of the DC Circuit’s Apr 14 decision in the Base ROE Complaint I proceeding)
Apr 26 FERC IMAPP Tech Conf. AD17-11 NPC Chairman T. Kaslow pre-technical conference statement; other pre-technical conf. submissions may be viewed through the FERC’s calendar here
Apr 26 Membership  Not Docketed ISO-NE submits notice that First Wind Energy Marketing was suspended from the markets (due to a Payment Default) on Apr 24 at 8:30am
Apr 24 ISO-NE/GMP (Huntington
Falls Substation) SGIA
ER17-1296 FERC accepts non-conforming SGIA, eff. Mar 8, 2017
Apr 24 Regional Report not docketed Pursuant to FERC Reporting Requirement 582, ISO-NE submits its 2016 annual report of total MWh of transmission service (approx. @1.33 million MWhs)
Apr 21 Base ROE Complaint
IV (2016)
EL16-64 In light of the DC Circuit’s decision to vacate the FERC’s order in the Base ROE Complaint I proceeding, FERC Trial Staff requests a four-week extension for most of the remaining dates in the procedural schedule before the Hearing date and a five-week extension for the Hearing date and all deadlines subsequent to it; comment date Apr 26
Apr 20 FTR Balance of Planning
Period Financial
Assurance Changes
ER17-1441 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to the Financial Assurance Policy to account for upcoming changes in the FTR auction structure; comment date May11
Apr 18 Order 1000 New England compliance filing appeals DC Cir 15-1139 DC Circuit dismisses TOs’ and NESCOE’s petitions for review
Apr 18 NEPGA PER Complaint  EL16-120 Settlement Judge Young issues 2nd 60-day status report; next settlement conf. scheduled for May 3
Apr 14 Base ROE Complaint I DC Cir 15-1118 DC Circuit vacates FERC’s Base ROE Complaint I decisions and remands case for further proceedings
Apr 14 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files 34th Long-Term Firm Transmission Rights Quarterly Report
Apr 13 IA: Eversource/Covanta ER17-1038 FERC accepts IA, eff. Feb 18
Apr 13 LGIA/LGIP Reforms NOPR  RM17-8 Comments filed by over 50 parties, including ISO-NE, APPA/NRECA, APPA/LPPC, Avangrid,  AWEA, EEI, ELCON, EPSA, Eversource, Exelon, Invenergy, EDP Renewables, National Grid, NextEra, PSEG/PPL, Public Interest Organizations,
Apr 10 LGIA/LGIP Reforms NOPR RM17-8 NEPOOL files comments on LGIA/LGIP Reforms NOPR
Apr 10 Uplift Cost Allocation & RTO/ISO Market
Transparency NOPR
RM17-2 Comments filed by over 30 parties, including ISO-NE, IRC, APPA/NRECA, AWEA, Brookfield, EDF Renewable EnergyEEI, ELCON, EPSAExelon, DC EnergyDirect, Finan. Mktrs Coalition
Apr 10 PRC-012-2 Changes RM16-20 NESCOEISO-NE (with NYSIO/IESO/ERCOT) submit comments
Apr 7 FAP FCM Capacity Charge Calculation Changes ER17-1103 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jun 1, 2017
Apr 7 Waiver Request:
Emera Energy Services
Sub. No. 6  
ER17-1031 FERC grants waiver of FCM qualification rules that allows EES6 to qualify Bayside Station for participation in the summer 2017 Monthly Reconfig. Auctions for the FCA8 2017/18 Capacity Commitment Period
Apr 7 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued and order scheduling May 9 settlement conference 
Apr 6 Regional Interest ER17-967 FERC accepts Transmission Line Separation Agreement between CL&P and the Town of Wallingford, CT DPU Electric Division, eff. Feb 13

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