Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Sep 07, 2017 and Oct 10, 2017

  Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Oct 10 Clustering Revisions ER17-2421 NEPOOLISO-NE answer Sep 22 opposition pleadings; Avangrid answers RENEW protest
Oct 10 131st Agreement ER17-2425 FERC accepts Small Standard Offer Provider (131st Agreement) Amendments 
Oct 6 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 FERC accepts, without change or condition, ISO-NE’s Jan 13 filing of updated FCM CONE, Net CONE and ORTP values, eff. Mar 15, 2017
Oct 6 TOs Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing Undo ER15-414 FERC rejects Jun 5 compliance filing, temporarily leaving in place the ROEs set in Opinion 531-A, pending a FERC order on remand
Oct 5 ROE Complaints I-IV EL11-66
TOs move for dismissal of all 4 ROE complaints, or, alternatively, resolution of the remaining issues through a paper hearing and to re-assume direct jurisdiction over Complaint IV and resolve the proceeding based on its post-Emera Maine standards. 
Oct 5 Braintree Waiver Request – Winter Rel. Program Deadline  EL18-5 Braintree requests a one-time, one day waiver of the Oct 1 deadline for filing notification of intent to participate in the 2017/18 Winter Rel. Prog. set forth in Tariff Section III.K.1(e)
Oct 5 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Settlement Judge issues 11th status report; recommends settlement judge procedures be continued
Oct 5 TOs Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing Undo ER15-414 TOs urge ISO-NE to continue to bill the TOs’  transmission rates consistent with the directions of the TOs  
Oct 4 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal RM18-1 FERC Staff issues list of questions to be addressed
Oct 3 TOs Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing Undo EL11-66
NECPUC urges FERC to reject TO’s plan to plan to begin billing at the higher ROE on Oct 9 and to surcharge customers for the Jun 6-Oct 8 period
Oct 3 LCC Agreement: National Grid ER17-2339 FERC accepts LCC Agreement
Oct 2 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal RM18-1 FERC issues notice inviting comments; comment date Oct 23; reply comments Nov 7
Oct 2 Base ROE Complaint IV
EL16-64 Trial Judge Glazer issues notice of and order adopting revised rules for the conduct of the hearings in this matter
Oct 2 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO-NE files 23rd Reserve Market Semi-Annual Compliance Report
Sep 29 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal RM18-1 DOE Secretary Perry sends NOPR Proposal to FERC
Sep 29 NCPC Calculation for Ramp Constrained Down Resources ER17-2569 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to NCPC calculation for Ramp Constrained Down Resources
Sep 29 Regional Report ER17-2289 FERC accepts 2017 Q2 Capital Projects Report
Sep 29 Membership ER17-2582 New Members: American Power & Gas of MA; Celtic Power Analytics, Great American Power, IPKeys Power Partners, Nautilus Hydro, Nylon Corporation of America, Viridity Energy Solutions; Termination: McGill-St.Laurent
Sep 28 LGIA: NEP/Wheelabrator Millbury ER17-2557 New England Power files replacement LGIA with Wheelabrator Millbury
Sep 25 Base ROE Complaint IV
EL16-64 FERC Trial Staff files corrections to R. Keyton testimony
Sep 22 Clustering Revisions ER17-2421 EDF, EDPRENEWKing Pine WindAWEA file protests (concentrated on transition mechanism); NESCOE files comments supporting Revisions
Sep 22 First Amendment to CMP/Bucksport IA ER17-2198 FERC accepts a First Amendment to the CMP/Bucksport IA , which extends the term by 15 years and adds termination procedures and termination cost provisions consistent with the pro forma LGIA.
Sep 22 203 Application: MECO /NSTAR Merger EC17-62 Eversource submits informational filing regarding temporary, post-merger treatment of NSTAR Electric (East) and NSTAR Electric (West) transmission rates and services
Sep 21 Force Majeure Clarifications ER17-2533 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes
Sep 21 Base ROE Complaint IV
EL16-64 FERC Trial Staff files direct and answering testimony; R. Keyton testimony corrected Sep 25
Sep 21 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19  Sep 22 settlement conf. cancelled and re-scheduled to Nov 13
Sep 20 Exelon Request for Additional Cost Recovery ER17-933 FERC grants Exelon’s request for additional fuel cost recovery for all mitigated days from Oct – Nov 2016 ($1,554,854 + incurred regulatory costs to be detailed in a subsequent compliance filing)
Sep 20 NEPOOL Agreement/ Participants Agreement ER17-2522 NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to the NEPOOL and Participants Agreements to reflect: (i) several clean-up changes needed to conform the NEPOOL and Participants Agreements to the current Provisional Member arrangements; and (ii) an amendment to the NEPOOL Agreement to change the Data-Only Participant application fee
Sep 20 Attachment K Revisions ER17-2514 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to the list of QTPS in Attachment K Appendix 3 to add: Belmont, Holyoke, CTMEEC, Grid America Holdings, Hudson, Middleborough, Norwood, and Taunton
Sep 20 203 Application: CPV
Towantic/ Archmore
EC17-158 FERC authorizes transaction whereby Archmore will acquire an approx. 11% interest in CPV Towantic
Sep 19 Clustering Revisions EC17-2421 NEPOOL files supplemental information regarding the stakeholder process that led
to NEPOOL’s overwhelming support for the Interconnection Clustering Revisions
Sep 19 203 App: Dynegy (Dighton /Milford)/
Marco DM Holdings
EC17-146 FERC authorizes transaction in which Marco will acquire 100% of the equity interests in Dighton and Milford (each, wholly owned subsidiaries of Dynegy)
Sep 19 Base ROE Complaint IV
EL16-64-002 Trial Judge Glazer extends the deadline for FERC Staff’s direct and answering testimony to noon on Sept. 21; remaining deadlines remain unchanged
Sep 18 Base ROE Complaint IV
EL16-64-002 FERC Staff requests 3-day extension (to Sep 21) of the deadline for its direct and answering testimony as well as for all remaining deadlines for filing testimony; EMCOS support Staff’s request but ask for a 2-day extension for EMCOS rebuttal testimony deadline; TOs oppose request suggesting in the alternative a 2-day extension of Staff’s deadline, and a 1-day extension of TOs’ cross-answering testimony deadline
Sep 15 203 App: Calpine/ECP EC17-182 Calpine requested authorization for a transaction pursuant to which it will become an indirect, wholly-controlled subsidiary of ECP Control Co, LLC (ECP)
Sep 11 Membership ER17-2184 FERC accepts the memberships of Cianbro Energy; Maple Energy; South Jersey Energy ISO3, LLC; and CWP Energy inc.; and the termination of the Participant status of Anbaric Management
Sep 7 Waiver Request: Dispatchable Resources RTU Req. (McCallum/ Derby Dam) ER17-1615 ISO-NE withdraws objection to waiver request, noting Derby Dam, if properly registered as an intermittent generator, would not be subject to Resource Dispatchability rules
Sep 7 Sched. 21-ES:
PSNH/Pontook IA
ER17-2449 Eversource files 2-party IA between PSNH and Pontook for the continued provision of interconnection service to Pontook’s existing 3-unit, 9.6 MW hydro-electric facility on the Androscoggin River in Dummer, NH

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