Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Sep 11, 2019 and Oct 02, 2019


Docket Brief Description
 Sep 30 Membership ER19-2902 Memberships: API, Dantzig Energy, Energy Storage Resources, Great American Gas & Electric, Madison BTM, QPH Capital, and Verde Group; Terminations: BIPCO, Constellation Energy Power Choice, EverPower Commercial Services, Inertia Power III, and Tidal Energy Marketing
 Sep 30 203 Application: Footprint, Hartree Partners / Brookfield EC19-104 FERC conditionally approves application
 Sep 27 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Joint Statement of Chairman Chatterjee and Commissioner McNamee and Statement of  Commissioner Glick issued
 Sep 26 ISO-NE eTariff Corrections: section I.2 ER19-2685 FERC accepts changes, eff. Sep 17, 2019
 Sep 26 MPD OATT 2018 Annual Informational Filing ER15-1429-010 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report recommending the continuation of settlement negotiations
 Sep 25 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 FERC issues notice that ISO-NE’s FCA13 Results Filing became effective by operation of law pursuant to section 205 of the FPA, with an effective date of Jun 28, 2019
 Sep 24 Capital Projects Report – 2019 Q2 ER19-2569 FERC accepts 2019 Q2 Report, eff. Jul 1, 2019
 Sep 24 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols
EL16-19 Chief Judge grants 10-day suspension of procedural schedule; initial hearing and decision dates extended by 10 days
Sep 23 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols
EL16-19 TOs request additional 30-day suspension of procedural schedule and extension of procedural deadlines to allow for continued settlement negotiations 
 Sep 20 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Capacity Suppliers move to lodge Sep 12 SparkSpread article they suggest may contradict information provided in this proceeding regarding the financing status of the Killingly Project
 Sep 19 New England Ratepayers Association Complaint EL19-10 FERC grants complaint, finding the rate established by SB 365 is preempted by the FPA and inconsistent with PURPA
 Sep 19 Import Transaction Requirements & Clean Up Changes ER19-2565 FERC accepts changes, eff. Oct 23, 2019
 Sep 18 Order 841 Compliance Filing – Eff. Date Change ER19-470-002 ISO-NE and PTO AC file to advance eff. date for certain changes from Dec 3 to Dec 1, 2019; no changes to previously-accepted revisions made
 Sep 18 Reactive Capability Audit Provisions Changes ER19-2528 FERC accepts changes to establish auditing requirements for non-generator dynamic Reactive Resources
 Sep 17 PA Amendment No. 11 (JNC Age Limit Waiver) ER19-2616 FERC accepts JNC Age Limit Waiver authorization, eff. Oct. 15, 2019  
 Sep 16 133rd Agreement (Fuels Industry Participants) ER19-2520 FERC accepts 133rd Agreement, eff. Oct 1., 2019
 Sep 16 ISO-NE eTariff Corrections: FAP ER19-2815 ISO-NE files corrections to eTariff so that Financial Assurance Policy reflects both CASPR and Monthly (BoPP) FTR Auction changes
 Sep 16 Schedule 21-NEP National Grid/Mini-Watt Hydroelectric SGIA ER19-2464
FERC accepts SGIAs, eff. Jul 1, 2019
 Sep 12 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols
EL16-19 Chief Judge grants 10-day suspension of procedural schedule; initial hearing and decision dates extended by 10 days
 Sep 11 RNS/LNS Rates and
Rate Protocols
EL16-19 TOs request procedural schedule by extended an additional 10 days
 Sep 11 IA: Emera Maine/ Liberty Utilities (Tinker Trans.) ER19-2788 Emera Maine files a two-party IA with Liberty Utilities (Tinker Transmission)

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