Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Aug 01, 2019 and Sep 10, 2019


Docket Brief Description
Sep 10 Sched. 22: First Revised
Clear River LGIA
ER19-2419 FERC accepted 1st Rev. LGIA, eff. Jun 18, 2019
Sep 6 Membership ER19-2387 FERC accepts involuntary termination of Viridity Energy, Inc.
Sep 6 IA Termination: Vermont Yankee/ VTransco ER19-2533 FERC accepts LGIA termination, eff. Oct 7, 2019
Sep 5 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports ZZ19-4 IMM files Spring 2019 Quarterly Markets Report 
Sep 5 DER Participation in RTO/ISOs RM18-9 FERC requests ISO-NE provide by Oct 7 responses to its data requests seeking information on ISO-NE’s policies and procedures that affect DERs interconnection
Sep 5 Sched. 21-EM: MPD Excess ADIT Changes ER19-1400 MCG request clarification and/or rehearing of Aug 6 order
Sep 4 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 Requests for rehearing of the FERC’s Chapter 2B Notice were filed by NECOS/ENE, MPUC, NH PUC/NH OCA, NESCOE, Clean Energy Advocates
Sep 4 MPD OATT 2018 Annual Informational Filing ER15-1429-010 Settlement Judge Dring, at MPUC’s request, modifies schedule such that the Sep 11 second settlement conf. will occur telephonically
Sep 3  Nested Capacity Zone Changes ER19-2421 FERC accepts changes, eff. Oct 1, 2019
Aug 30 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 NTE CT answers Capacity Suppliers’ Aug 23 response
Aug 30 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 MA AG files request for rehearing of FERC’s Chapter 2B Notice
Aug 30 Energy Security Improvements (Chapter 3) EL18-182 FERC extends by 6 months (to Apr 15, 2020) the deadline for the filing of ISO-NE’s long-term fuel security mechanism
Aug 30 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 ISO-NE objects specifically to Public Citizen’s request for disclosure of non-public information in this proceeding, indicating that it will not release any such information unless otherwise directed by FERC order.
Aug 30  Membership  ER19-2724 New Members: Block Island Utility District; KCE CT 1, LLC; KCE CT 2, LLC; and RoxWind LLC; Termination: Hampshire Council of Governments; Change in Name of: FirstLight Power Management, LLC (f/k/a FirstLight Power Resources Management, LLC)
Aug 30 203 Application: Footprint, Hartree Partners / Brookfield EC19-104 Applicants respond to Aug 21 deficiency letter; comment date Sep 20
Aug 29 Regional Report: ISO-NE
FERC Form 3Q (2019/Q2)
not docketed ISO-NE submits 2019 Q2 FERC From 3Q
Aug 28 203 Application: Ambit/Vistra EC19-129 Ambit Northeast requests authorization for a transaction pursuant to which Vistra (a Dynegy Related Person) will indirectly acquire 100% of its equity interests 
Aug 27 Energy Security Improvements (Chapter 3) EL18-182  IECG answers Verso’s Aug 15 comments
Aug 27 ISO-NE eTariff Corrections:
section I.2
ER19-2685 ISO-NE files corrections to its eTariff so that its eTariff reflects changes to section I.2 that were filed after but accepted as of dates prior to the Sep 17, 2019 effectiveness of changes to section I.2 associated with the Sep 17, 2019 monthly (BoPP) FTR auctions eff. date
Aug 26 Membership ER19-2292 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Bloom Connecticut Clean Energy; Clearway Power Marketing; Excelerate Energy; (ii) the termination of Marathon Power; and (iii) the name changes of North Stonington Solar Center; and TrailStone Energy Marketing
Aug 23 FCA13 Results Filing ER16-1166 Capacity Suppliers respond to NTE CT’s Aug 15 pleading
Aug 23 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 Public Citizen opposes ISO-NE’s Aug 9 wavier request
Aug 22 D&E Agreement: NSTAR/SEMASS ER19-2326 FERC accepts D&E Agreement, eff. Jul 1, 2019
Aug 22 2nd Supp. to Stony Brook IA ER19-2303 FERC accepts second extension, to Oct 1, 2019, of the NSTAR/MMWEC Stonybrook Interconnection Agreement
Aug 21 Monthly (BoPP) FTR Auctions Eff. Date Notice & Conforming MR Changes ER19-2327 FERC accepts changes, eff. Sep 17, 2019
Aug 21 Energy Security Improvements (Chapter 3) EL18-182 Repsol answers Verso’s Aug 15 comments
Aug 21 203 Application: Footprint, Hartree Partners / Brookfield  EC19-104 FERC issues deficiency letter
Aug 16 Capital Projects Report –
2019 Q2
ER19-2569 NEPOOL files comments supporting Q2 Report
Aug 15 PA Amendment No. 11 ER19-2616 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file amendment to permit the JNC to waive the (70-year old) Age Limit for ISO Board of Director candidates 
Aug 15 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 NTE Connecticut (Killingly’s owner and developer) objects to deficiency letters and any disclosure of confidential information submitted in response to those letters, and opposes  Capacity Suppliers’ Aug 2 motion 
Aug 15 Energy Security Improvements (Chapter 3) EL18-182 Verso files comments
Aug 14 203 Application: Kendall Green Energy/Antin EC19-121 Kendall Green Energy requests authorization for a transaction following which it will be indirectly, wholly-owned subsidiary of Antin Infrastructure Partners rather than Veolia Energy North America
Aug 13 DAM Offer Cap Changes ER19-2137 FERC accepts changes, as well as change in effective date (to Mar 1, 2020) of previously-accepted Order 831 Offer Cap revisions,
eff. Mar 1, 2020
Aug 13 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols EL16-19 Presiding Judge Coffman accepts revised procedural schedule
Aug 13 Sched. 21-NEP: National Grid/GRS SGIA ER19-2352 FERC accepts SGIA, eff. Jul 1
Aug 12 ISO-NE Capital Projects
ER19-2569 ISO-NE files 2019 Q2 Capital Projects Report; comment date Sep 3
Aug 9 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 ISO-NE responds to Aug 7 deficiency letter; comment date Aug 23 
Aug 9 Import Resource Transaction Requirements & Clean Up ER19-2565 ISO-NE and NEPOOL files changes to update the requirements for submitting External Transactions associated with Import Capacity Resources and remove certain outdated Tariff provisions related to dynamic scheduling
Aug 8 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 Statements of Chairman Chatterjee, and Commissioners GlickMcNamee and LaFleur posted
Aug 8 Energy Security Improvements (Chapter 3) EL18-182 NEPGA answers NESCOE’s extension request, urging the FERC to limit any extension of the compliance filing deadline to Dec 20, 2019
Aug 7 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 IMM answers/objects to Capacity Suppliers’ Aug 2 motion 
Aug 7 FCA14 De-List Bids Filing ER19-2312 FERC issues deficiency letter requiring submission of proposed Non-Disclosure Agreement; 60-day FERC clock will be re-set upon submission
Aug 7 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols EL16-19 TOs submit for adoption a revised procedural schedule consistent with the Order suspending the procedural schedule for 45 days
Aug 6 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428-001 FERC issues notice that ISO-NE’s Chapter 2B Proposal, as amended, became effective by operation of law pursuant to section 205 of the FPA, with an effective date of May 28, 2019
Aug 6 Energy Security Improvements
(Chapter 3) 
EL18-182 ISO-NE files comments on NESCOE’s extension request
Aug 6 Fuel Security Retention Proposal ER18-2364 NEPGA requests expedited action on the requests for rehearing of the FERC’s Fuel Security Retention Proposal Order (requesting an order by Sep 26, 2019 if not by Jan 31, 2020)
Aug 6 Sched 21-EM: BHD
Excess ADIT Changes
ER19-1470-001 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jun 1, 2019
Aug 6 Sched 21-EM: MPD
Excess ADIT Changes
ER19-1400-001 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jun 1, 2019
Aug 6 203 Application: ReEnergy EC19-102 Transaction consummated; ReEnergy Stratton no longer Related Person to Talen Energy Mktg. et al.
Aug 5 Energy Security Improvements
(Chapter 3)
EL18-182 EDF, ENEConsumer AdvocatesIECGNational GridTOs file comments supporting NESCOE extension requestNEPOOL files limited comments
Aug 5 VTransco/Vermont Yankee
LGIA Cancellation Notice
ER19-2533 VTransco files notice of cancellation of LGIA with Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee
Aug 2 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Capacity Suppliers execute NDAs and oppose ISO-NE-requested waiver of its obligation to provide redacted information to parties that have executed the NDA
Aug 2 Reactive Capability Audit Provisions Changes ER19-2528 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes establish
auditing requirements for non-generator dynamic Reactive Resources 
Aug 2 Energy Security Improvements
(Chapter 3)
EL18-182 In post conference comments, Select End User Group (MA AG, EDF, TEC, CT OCC, MOPA, NH OCA, UCS, Power Options, Acadia Center, Freedom Energy Logistics) submits comments sharing its observations and outlining the key questions that they believe must be answered by ISO-NE before the FERC could deem the Energy Security Improvements design just and reasonable
Aug 1 133rd Agreement  ER18-2520 NEPOOL files 133rd Agreement, which revises the definition of, and references to, Gas Industry Participant (renamed “Fuels Industry Participant”); comment date Aug 22
Aug 1 Emera Maine/Houlton Water Company NITSA ER19-2036 FERC accepts NITSA, eff. Jun 1, 2019
Jul 31-
Aug 1
2019/20 Power Year Transmission Rate Filing ER09-1532
PTO AC submits informational filing identifying adjustments to regional transmission service charges for the Jun 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020 period
Jul 31 Energy Security Improvements
(Chapter 3)
EL18-182 NESCOE requests 6-month extension of time, to April 15, 2020, for the submission of New England’s energy security market design, and that the FERC issue an order granting the extension by Aug 30, 2019

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