Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between May 03, 2018 and May 31, 2018


Docket Brief Description
 May 30 Capital Projects Report – 2018 Q1 ER18-1571 NEPOOL submits comments supporting 2018 Q1 Report
 May 29 NEPGA Complaint:
FCA13/14 Price Suppression
ER18-154 NEPGA answers and opposes NESCOE request for extension of response date
 May 29 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509 EMM submits comments supporting waiver and
discussing key issues to be addressed in designing a market solution to satisfy New
England’s fuel security needs
 May 25 NEPGA Complaint:
FCA13/14 Price Suppression
ER18-154 NESCOE requests 14-day extension of time, from June 6, 2018 to June 20, 2018, of deadline for responses to Complaint; CT PURA supports NESCOE request 
 May 25 Waiver Request: FCA13 Qual. Deposit Deadline (BSW Project Co) ER18-1691 BSW requests one-day waiver of qualification deposit deadline 
 May 25 IA: CL&P/Fusion Solar ER18-1192 FERC accepts IA, eff. May 26, 2018 (denying CL&P’s request for waiver of 60-day notice req.); time-value refund report due Jun 26
 May 24 D&E Agreem’t Cancellation: CL&P/Beacon Falls ER18-1306 FERC accepts cancellation of agreement, eff. Mar 9, 2018
 May 23 NEPGA Complaint: FCA13/14 Price Suppression EL18-154 NEPGA files complaint that would require ISO‐NE to adopt an approach that accounts for the capacity of fuel security resources in a way that prevents price suppression, proposing the Mystic Units’ capacity be offered at its Retirement De‐List price, as mitigated, and proposing a market‐based solution modeled on CASPR to achieve that outcome; comment date Jun 6
 May 23 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509 Comments and protests submitted by: Exelon, CalpineDynegy/Vistra, EDFENECOS, EversourceFirstLight, IECG, LS Power, MA AG, MPUCNH OCA, NEPGA, NRG, Repsol, Verso, Vitol, NESCOE, CT DPU/DEEP, ME Gov’s Energy Office, MA DPU, NH PUC, Algonquin Gas Transmission, Clean Energy Assocs, EPSA, New England LDCs, NGSAPublic Interest Orgs 
 May 23 Exelon Reliability
Agreement Filing
ER18-1639 Engie files comments supporting filing
 May 23 Grid Resilience in
AD18-7 NEPOOL submits limited response opposing Commenters’ suggestions to the extent that they would not permit full use of the Participant Processes
 May 23 Order 845: LGIA/LGIP Reforms RM17-8 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO/RTO Council’s request for 70-day extension of time to Oct 16 to file Order 845 compliance changes
 May 23 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64-002 Briefs opposing exceptions filed by CAPs, EMCOS, TOsTOs oppose CAPs’ motion for limited re-opening of record 
 May 22 Generator Interconnection Process Affected System Coordination Reforms AD18-8
ISO-NE submits limited comments requesting continued flexibility for coordination with neighboring systems
 May 18 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509 Northeast Gas Association files comments
 May 17 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509 NEPOOL files comments
 May 17 2017 IMM Annual Markets Report ZZ18-4 IMM files 2017 Annual Markets Report (to be discussed at 2018 NPC Summer Meeting)
 May 16 Exelon Reliability
Agreement Filing
ER18-1639 Exelon files Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement
 May 14 VTransco Recovery of Highgate Ownership Share Acquisition Costs ER18-1259 MA AG answers VTransco’s May 7 answer
 May 14 Sched. 21-EM: BHD Tax
Law & Settlement Changes; MPD OATT Changes
FERC issues deficiency letter requiring responses from Emera Maine within 30 days on proposed BHD and MPD Tax Law changes
 May 14 Nat’l Grid/Granite Reliable Power Reimbursement Agreement Cancellation ER18-1350 FERC accepts notice of cancellation
 May 11 PFP Enhancements ER18-1223 FERC accepts changes
 May 11 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notices of Market suspension of Chris Anthony, Cumulus Master Fund, EFI, MPower Energy, VCharge Inc.
 May 11 NSTAR/Milford Power
Related Facilities Agreement
ER18-1574 NSTAR files Agreement, comment date Jun 1
 May 10 Capital Projects Report – 2018 Q1 ER18-1571 ISO-NE files Q1 Report, comment date May 31 
 May 9 Grid Resilience AD18-7 Comments filed by over 130 parties, including: Avangrid, BP, Brookfield, Calpine, Direct, Dominion, EDFEversource, ExelonFirstLight, HQUS, IECG, OFSA Joint Requester GroupMA/RI/VT AGs, MMWEC, NGrid Ventures, NEPGA, NESCOE, New England Local Ditribution Cos., NRG, PSEG, Talen, TransCanada, UCS, Algonquin Gas, AGA, APIAPPA, AWEA, EEI, ELCONEPSA, ESAINGA, LPPC, NEI, NERC, NGSA, NRECA, Potomac Economics, Public Interest Organizations, RESA, SEIA
 May 9 D&E Agreement:
NSTAR/National Grid
ER18-1290 FERC accepts agreement, eff. Apr 3, 2018
 May 8 Grid Resilience AD18-7  NEPOOL files comments
 May 8 FCM Enhancements –
Phase II
ER18-1287 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jun 1, 2018 for most; Jun 1, 2020 final sentence of Section III. and revised Section III.
 May 8 Sched. 21-EM: Recovery of Bangor Hydro/Maine Public Service Merger-Related Costs ER15-1429
et al.
Emera Maine files Joint Offer of Settlement to resolve all issues pending before the FERC in the consolidated proceedings set for hearing in Emera Maine and BHE Holdings, 155 FERC ¶ 61,230 (2016)
 May 7 VTransco Recovery of Highgate Ownership Share Acquisition Costs ER18-1259 VTransco answers MA AG Apr 20 protest
 May 7 Engie/Exelon Waiver Request: Capacity Release Regulations and Nat. Gas Pipeline Trasnp. Policies RP18-806 As part of the Everett LNG Terminal sale, Engie and Exelon jointly request waiver of FERC’s capacity release regulations and related natural gas pipeline transportation policies to facilitate the assignment and permanent release of several long-term firm natural gas transportation agreements at existing rates
 May 7 CASPR  EL18-619 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider pending rehearing requests 
 May 7 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 FERC grants extension to May 23 for briefs opposing exceptions and answers to CAPs’ motion
 May 4 Order 842 Compliance Filing  ER18-1523 ISO-NE, NEPOOL and PTO AC jointly file Order 842 (Frequency Response) compliance filing 
 May 4 MPD OATT Changes ER18-1244 Emera Maine answers MPUC, MOPA, MCG pleadings
 May 4 Schedule 21-EM: BHD Tax Law & Settlement Changes ER18-1213 Emera Maine answers MPUC, MOPA pleadings
 May 4 Sched. 21-EM 2017 Annual Update Settlement Agreement ER18-960
FERC approves Settlement Agreement and Settlement Agreement changes
 May 3 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports  ZZ18-4 IMM files Winter 2018 Report
 May 2 Schedule 21-EM: Brookfield LSA ER18-901 FERC accepts Agreement
 May 1/2 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509  ISO-NE requests Tariff waivers necessary (1) to authorize the retention of Mystic 8 & 9 for fuel security, rather than for local transmission needs; and (2) to extend certain deadlines to accommodate Exelon’s requirements; comment date May 23

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