2023 NEPOOL Officers

Participants Committee

Sarah Bresolin

Chair | Alternative Resources
Sarah Bresolin is the 2024 Participants Committee Chair and AR Sector representative . She is Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs – U.S. Northeast and Canada for ENGIE North America Read More

David A. Cavanaugh

Vice-Chair | Publicly Owned Entity
Dave Cavanaugh is the Publicly Owned Entity Sector Vice-Chair. Dave is Senior Vice President Regulatory & Market Affairs for Energy New England (ENE). Read More

Michelle Gardner

Vice-Chair | Generation
Michelle Gardner is the 2024 Vice-Chair of the Generation Sector.  She is currently the Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs – Northeast for NextEra Energy Resources. Read More

Aleks Mitreski

Vice-Chair | Supplier
Aleks Mitreski is the 2024 Supplier Sector Vice-Chair. He is currently the Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs at Brookfield Renewable Energy Group. Read More

Paul Roberti

Vice-Chair | End User
Paul Roberti is the 2024 Vice-Chair for the End User Sector. Paul is the Participants Committee member for the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers. Read More

Alan Trotta

Vice-Chair | Transmission
Alan Trotta is the 2024 Vice-Chair for the Transmission Sector. Alan is the Participants Committee member for Avangrid and its Related Persons. Read More

Sebastian M. Lombardi

Secretary | NEPOOL Counsel

Patrick M. Gerity

Asst. Secretary | NEPOOL Counsel

Markets Committee

Emily Laine

Chair | ISO-NE

Bill Fowler

Vice-Chair | Generation/Supplier/AR

James Woods

Secretary | ISO-NE

Reliability Committee

Nicholas Gangi

Chair | ISO-NE

Bob Stein

Vice-Chair | Supplier

Dan Patnaude

Secretary | ISO-NE

Transmission Committee

Nicholas Gangi

Chair | ISO-NE

Dave Burnham

Vice-Chair | Transmission

Jillian Macura

Secretary | ISO-NE

Budget & Finance Subcommittee

Thomas W. Kaslow

Chair | Generation

Membership Subcommittee

Brad Swalwell

Chair | Alternative Resources