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NEPOOL meetings, while not public, are open to all NEPOOL Participants, their authorized representatives and, except as otherwise limited for discussions in executive session, consumer advocates, federal and state officials and guests whose attendance has been cleared with the Committee Chair.  All those in attendance or participating, either in person or by phone, are required to identify themselves and their affiliation at the meeting.  Official records and minutes of meetings are posted publicly. No statements made in NEPOOL meetings are to be quoted or published publicly.

2023 Schedule – Meetings / Application Deadlines

Meeting Materials/Actions

Mar 13, 2023       Action
Feb 28, 2023       Actions
Feb 13, 2023       Actions
Jan 30, 2023      Actions
Jan 9, 2023         Actions
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Membership Filings

Apr 2023  ER23-xxxx
Mar 2023  ER23-1197
Feb 2023    ER23-1020
Jan 2023      ER23-756

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