Terminate a Membership

Any Participant has the right to terminate its status as a NEPOOL member upon no less than sixty (60) days’ prior written notice given to the Secretary of the Participants Committee. A termination request should be requested for the first day of a month. Termination requests will be considered by the Membership Subcommittee at its next regularly-scheduled meeting following receipt by the Secretary.

If a Participant wishes to terminate upon less than 60 days’ notice, a waiver of that notice period may be requested, but in no event should the date requested be earlier than the first day of the month at which the Membership Subcommittee will consider the request. If a NEPOOL Participant is also a Market Participant, the Participant may request at the same time termination of its status as a Market Participant (by termination of its Market Participant Service Agreement (MPSA)). There can be no settlement activity relating to any market activities from and after the requested effective date.

One of the following forms of notice may be used:

Terminate Both NEPOOL and Market Participant Status  

The original request should be e-mailed as a pdf to:


NEPOOL Participants Committee
c/o Mr. Sebastian M. Lombardi, Secretary


Terminate NEPOOL Participant Status Only

To ISO New England at:

ISO New England Inc.
c/o Participant Support & Solutions

In addition, a scanned copy should be e-mailed to the following addresses:


If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Gerity at 860-275-0533 or by filling out this form.