Dec 02 NEPOOL Elects 2022 Participants Committee Officers NEPOOL elects its 2022 Participants Committee Officers Sep 24 ISO-NE Elects Slate of Board Candidates Endorsed by NEPOOL In addition, ISO-NE announced that Ms. Cheryl Lafleur has been elected to chair the Board, and identified its 2021-2022 committee assignments Sep 22 NEPOOL Issues Protocols for Return to In-Person Meetings The Protocols outline recommended and preventative measures to reduce the COVID-related risks associated with attendance in person at NEPOOL meetings ... Jun 30 NESCOE Managers Publish Progress Report to the New England Governors Regarding “Advancing the New England Energy Vision” NESCOE Managers Publish Progress Report to the New England Governors Regarding "Advancing the New England Energy Vision". Jun 07 FERC Issues Order on FCA16 ORTP Jump Ball Filing May 28 FERC accepts updated CONE, Net CONE and PPR values Apr 30 NEPOOL Meetings to Continue to be Virtual Until September In light of the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, all NEPOOL and ISO stakeholder meetings will continue to be held virtually (via teleconfe... Apr 22 FERC to Convene May 25 Tech Conf on Resource Adequacy in the New England Markets FERC issues a notice that it will convene on May 25, 2021 a remotely-held, Commissioner-led technical conference regarding resource adequacy in the wh... Apr 07 FCA16 ORTP Jump Ball Filing (ER21-1637) ISO-NE and NEPOOL filed alternative Tariff changes to establish ORTPs for FCA16., jointly requesting the FERC issue an order on or before Tuesday, Jun... Mar 30 ISO-NE Files Deficiency Letter Response, Including Updated FCA16 Values and Tariff Flexibility Revisions (ER21-787) ISO-NE files response to the FERC's Mar 1 deficiency letter in ER21-787 (Updated CONE, Net Cone and PPR Values (eff. FCA16)) Mar 03 IMM Clarifies How Retirement De-List Bids, Permanent De-List Bids and Test Prices May Be Submitted Conditionally for FCA16 In a March 3 memo, the IMM clarified how a Market Participant may submit Retirement De-List Bids, Permanent De-List Bids and test prices for FCA16 by ... Mar 01 FERC Issues Deficiency Letter in Updated CONE, Net Cone and PPR Values Proceeding FERC issues deficiency letter requiring ISO-NE to submit within 30 days additional information before it takes action on the filing. The submission o... Feb 26 ISO-NE files FCA15 Results ISO-NE reported that FCA15 procured 34,621 MW of capacity for the June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025 capacity year (29,243 MW of generation, 3,891 MW of dem... Dec 11 NEPGA files Net CONE Complaint The Complaint seeks an order directing ISO-NE to recalculate, review with NEPOOL stakeholders, and file with the FERC a Net Cost of New Entry (CONE) v... Dec 03 FERC Terminates EL18-182 FERC issues an “Allegheny order” addressing pending requests for rehearing of, and modifying the discussion in, its Jul 2, 2018 Mystic Waiver Orde... Dec 01 NEPOOL issues 2020 Annual Report Nov 19 FERC Issues Order Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing of CASPR Order The FERC issued an order addressing arguments raised on rehearing of the FERC's March 9, 2018 CASPR Order, modifying the discussion in the CASPR Order... Nov 16 Comments Submitted on Carbon Pricing in ISO/RTO Markets Oct 30 FERC Rejects ESI Alternatives The FERC rejected as unjust and unreasonable both the ISO-NE and NEPOOL “Energy Security Improvements” or “ESI” proposals. For more >