FCA17 Closes; 31,370 MW Cleared; $2.59 kW-mo. (all Capacity Zones and NY AC Tie imports; NB tie imports $2.55)

♦ FCA17 Capacity Zones were the Northern New England (“NNE”) Capacity Zone (the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Load Zones), the Maine Capacity Zone (the Maine Load Zone) and the Rest-of-Pool (“ROP”) Capacity Zone (the Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Northeastern Massachusetts/Boston, Connecticut and Western/Central Massachusetts Load Zones). NNE was modeled as an export-constrained Capacity Zone. The Maine Load Zone was modeled as a separate nested export-constrained Capacity Zone within NNE.
♦ FCA17 commenced with a starting price of $12.76/kW-mo. and concluded for all Capacity Zones after four rounds.
♦ Capacity Clearing Prices were as follows (prices expressed per kw-mo.): All Capacity Zones – $2.59; imports over the NY AC Ties (390 MW); and imports over the New Brunswick external interface (177 MW) – $2.55.
♦ There were no active demand bids for the substitution auction and, accordingly, the substitution auction was not conducted.
♦ No resources cleared as Conditional Qualified New Generating Capacity Resources.
♦ No Long Lead Time Generating Facilities secured a Queue Position to participate as a New Generating Capacity Resource.
♦ No De-List Bids were rejected for reliability reasons.