FERC Issues Order on FCA16 ORTP Jump Ball Filing

The FERC accepted in part and rejected in part pieces of NEPOOL’s and ISO-NE’s ORTP jump ball proposals, effective June 8, 2021.  Specifically, the FERC accepted NEPOOL’s proposed ORTP value for battery storage and NEPOOL’s proposed federal tax credits adjustments to the ORTPs for PV solar resources for FCA 17 and FCA 18.  Otherwise, the FERC accepted ISO-NE’s proposed ORTP values (including ISO-NE’s Offshore Wind ORTP value (on which the Commissioners split 3-2; see separate dissents by Commrs. Glick and Clements, who agreed with NEPOOL’s Offshore Wind ORTP)) and ISO-NE’s proposal to maintain the current Tariff language regarding economic life determination and the establishment of ORTPs for hybrid and co-located resources in the FCM (rejecting NEPOOL’s proposed Tariff revisions in each case).  The FERC also rejected NEPOOL’s proposal to require ISO-NE to account for future federal tax credit changes through the Tariff’s indexing process, finding instead that such changes are more appropriately made through a FERC filing when and if such changes are made.   In light of this outcome, the FERC directed ISO-NE to submit a compliance filing on or before June 22, 2021 that combines the alternative proposals as accepted by the FERC.  View the ORTP Jump Ball Filing Order here.