ISO-NE files FCA15 Results

In its filing with the FERC, ISO-NE reported that FCA15 commenced with starting price of $13.932/kW-mo. and concluded for all Capacity Zones after five rounds. Capacity Zones for FCA15 were the Southeast New England Capacity Zone (SENE), the Northern New England Capacity Zone (NNE), the Maine Capacity Zone (Maine) and the Rest-of-Pool (ROP) Capacity Zone.  The auction resulted in the Capacity Clearing Price of $3.980/kW-month for the SENE Capacity Zone, $2.477/kW-month for NNE and Maine Capacity Zones, and $2.611/kW-month for the ROP Capacity Zone. With no active demand bids for the substitution auction, the substitution auction was not conducted. No resources cleared as Conditional Qualified New Generating Capacity Resources. No Long Lead Time Generating Facilities secured a Queue Position to participate as a New Generating Capacity Resource. No de-list bids were rejected for reliability reasons.  ISO-NE asked the FERC to accept the FCA15 rates and results, effective June 26, 2021. Comments on this filing are due on or before April 12, 2021. View the filing here.