Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Oct 12, 2016 and Nov 01, 2016

           Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Oct 31 EMM Contract ER17-290 ISO-NE files new contract for EMM services with Potomac Economics
Oct 31 Membership  ER17-229 New Members: Aspirity Energy; King Forest Industries; Titan Gas; Terminations: CES Retail Energy, Ameresco DR, Quantum Utility Generation; Name Changes: Stored Solar J&WE and EmpireCo Limited Partnership
Oct 31 Membership ER16-2721 FERC accepts Oct 1 memberships of Bloom Energy, Cricket Valley Energy Center, NTE Conn., Rhode Island State Energy Center, SWEB Development USA and Farhad Aminpour
 Oct 28 Schedule 2 Base CC Rate ER12-229
ISO-NE submits informational filing regarding current Base CC Rate and its conclusion that the current Base CC Rate should be continued
Oct 28 Resource Dispatchability Changes ER17-68 Eversource protests changes
Oct 28 Regional Report ER16-122 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE Q3 Capital Budget Report
Oct 27 NextEra/PSEG Complaint EL16-93 FERC denies rehearing of its Aug 31 order dismissing the Complaint 
Oct 27 FCA10 Results Filing ER16-1041 FERC dismisses requests for rehearing of its FCA10 Results Order
Oct 27 E&P Agreement: CL&P/Beacon Falls ER16-2700 FERC accepts agreement, eff. Sep 29, 2016
Oct 27 D&E Agreement Termin. Notice: NSTAR/Exelon West Medway ER16-2467 FERC accepts termination notice, eff. Aug 14, 2016
Oct 25 FFCA8 Results Order Appeal DC Circuit Court dismisses petitions for review for lack of jurisdiction
Oct 25 Regional Interest EC16-145 FERC authorizes NSTAR acquisition from the Town of Belmont, MA of limited jurisdictional transmission facilities associated with Belmont’s construction of a new 115 kV/13.8 kV substation
Oct 25 FCM Composite Offers & Price Lock Mechanisms Compliance Filing II ER16-2126-001 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly submit second compliance filing with Tariff language (i) requiring ISO-NE to automatically match new winter incremental capacity with excess existing summer qualified capacity at the same resource, and (ii) allowing new incremental capacity and the corresponding matched excess existing capacity at the same resource to elect the price lock-in; comment date Nov 15
Oct 21 NEPGA PER Adjustment Complaint  EL16-120 NextEra submits comments
Oct 21 Dual-Fuel Audit NCPC Calculation Revisions ER16-2529 FERC accepts revisions, eff. Sep 13
Oct 20 NEPGA PER Adjustment Complaint EL16-120 NEPOOLEntergyVerso file comments; ISO-NE  answers protest; NESCOERESA protest complaint
Oct 20 Dominion Manchester Street FCA10 Complaint EL16-38 FERC denies rehearing of Manchester Street FCA10 Order
Oct 20 Base ROE Complaint IV EL16-64 TOs request rehearing of Sep 20 order
Oct 19 2017 NESCOE Budget ER17-140 ISO-NE files budget and tariff changes for 2017 NESCOE operations
Oct 19 Order Nos. 827/828 Compliance Filing ER17-137 Emera Maine submits Maine Public District (MPD) Order Nos. 827/828 compliance filing
Oct 19 PURPA Complaint: Allco v. Mass Agencies EL17-6 Allco petitions FERC to initiate a PURPA enforcement action against the Mass DPU and DOER in light of the Agencies’ implementation of state law Section 83A
Oct 18 FCM Enhancements  ER16-2451 FERC accepts FCM Enhancements effective Oct 19, 2016, as requested
Oct 18 RTO Common Metrics Report AD14-15 FERC staff issues report reviewing RTO/ISO performance metrics as well as non-RTO/ISO utilities for the 2010-14 period
Oct 17 2017 ISO Budgets ER17-116 ISO files 2017 administrative costs and capital budgets
Oct 17 Regional Report ER17-122  ISO-NE files 2016 Q3 Capital Funding Report
Oct 17 PURPA Complaint: Allco Finance Ltd. and Windham Solar v. CT PURA  EL16-115 CT PURA and CT OCC protest Allco’s Petition for Enforcement
Oct 14 Effective Date Update to MR1 §§ III.2.7 (a) and (g) ER17-96-000  ER17-96-001 ISO-NE files to update effective date for inclusion of Dispatch Zone in §§ III.2.7 (a) and (g)
Oct 14 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files 32nd LFTR Quarterly Report
Oct 14 Schedule 21-ES: Eversource Recovery of NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 Settlement Judge issues status report recommending settlement procedures be continued
Oct 14 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 NY PSC files motion supporting NYISO’s Oct 12 answer
Oct 12 Resource Dispatchability Changes  ER17-68-000
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes; comment date Nov 2
Oct 12 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 NYISO responds to answers
Oct 12 203 App: Noble Americas/ Calpine  EC17-8 Noble Americas and Calpine request authorization for a transaction that will result in Calpine Energy Services Holdco II acquiring 100% of the membership interests in Noble Americas Energy Solutions 

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