Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Dec 06, 2018 and Jan 02, 2019


Docket Brief Description
 Jan 2 Fuel Security Retention Proposal ER18-2364
NEPGA, NRG, Verso, Vistra/DynegyPIOsMPUC request rehearing of Fuel Security Retention Proposal Order
 Jan 2 Schedule 21-ES: Berkshire LSA ER18-309 FERC accepts LSA, eff. Jan 7, 2019
 Jan 2 203 Application: FirstLight Restructuring EC19-44 FirstLight Hydro and the FirstLight Project Companies requested FERC authorization for the FirstLight Restructuring; comment date Jan 23
 Dec 31 Membership ER19-748 Memberships: ADG Group; Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell; Terminations: Solea Energy; NECCO; EmpireCo; comment date Jan 21
 Dec 28 Fed Ct Appeal: FCM Resource Retirement Reforms 17-1275 Court remands the record to the FERC for a clarification of “what [the FERC] really means” in the context of its FCM Resource Retirement Reforms orders
 Dec 28 Fed Ct Appeal: Base ROE Complaints II & III
(2012 & 2014)
15-1212  DC Circuit issues order granting Intervenors’ motion to dismiss, without prejudice to submission of another petition for review at the conclusion of the FERC proceedings
 Dec 28 Sched. 21-NEP: BIPCO LSA Amendments ER19-707 NGrid files amended TSA to reflect clarifying and ministerial changes
 Dec 28 Sched. 21-EM: Stored Solar J&WE LSA Extension ER19-706 Emera Maine and ISO-NE file Second Stored Solar LSA to extend discounted rate under LSA for an additional 2 years
 Dec 27 Related Facilities Agreement: NSTAR / Clear River Energy  ER19-693 NSTAR files Related Facilities Agreement supporting the Clear River Energy Project
 Dec 27 Related Facilities Agreement: CL&P / Clear River Energy ER19-689 CL&P files Related Facilities Agreement supporting the Clear River Energy Project
 Dec 21 CASPR Conforming Changes ER19-444 NEPGA submits limited protest; comments supporting filing submitted by NESCOE, RENEW, Vineyard Wind
 Dec 20 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement ER18-1639 FERC conditionally accepts COS Agreement in a 2-1 decision (Glick dissenting; McIntyre not voting; McNamee not participating)
 Dec 20 PRD Implementation Revisions ER19-614 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file PRD conforming changes unanimously supported by the NPC
 Dec 20 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – 2022-23 Capacity Commitment Period ER19-291 NEPGA answers ISO-NE Dec 12 answerISO-NE re-submits Sedlacek-Scibelli testimony to correct FCA13 Net CONE value ($8.156/kW-mo.) identified fn 15
 Dec 20 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – Annual Reconfiguration Auctions ER19-447 NESCOE submits limited protest
 Dec 20 NSTAR/MATEP Revised Distrib. Service Agreement ER19-431 MATEP files comments urging approval of the Agreement
 Dec 20 New Capacity Resource Delayed Commercial Operation Changes ER19-169 FERC accepts changes, eff. Dec 24, 2018
 Dec 20 NOPR: Refinements to horizontal market power analysis for sellers in certain
ISO/RTO regions
RM19-2 FERC issues NOPR to relieve MBR sellers of the obligation to submit indicative screens when seeking to obtain or retain MBR authority in certain ISO/RTO markets, including New England
 Dec 20 203 App: Bridgeport Fuel Cell EC19-22 FERC authorizes Fuel Cell Energy purchase of Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell, LLC 
 Dec 20 203 App: GenOn Reorg EC17-152 GenOn Energy Management submits notice that transaction was consummated on Dec 14
 Dec 20 New England Ratepayers Assoc. Complaint EL19-10 New England Rate Payers Assoc. answers protests and comments to its Petition
 Dec 19 FCM Parameter Consolidation ER19-335 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jan 14, 2019
 Dec 19 FCA13 Qualification Informational Filing ER19-295 FERC accepts informational filing
 Dec 18 Blackstart Rate Update ER19-251 FERC accepts update, eff. Jan 1, 2019 
 Dec 18 2019 NESCOE Budget ER19-110 FERC accepts Section IV. Sched. 5 rate change to fund 2019 NESCOE operations, eff. Jan 1, 2019
 Dec 18 2019 ISO-NE Budgets ER19-107 FERC accepts 2019 ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets, eff. Jan 1, 2019
 Dec 18 Sched. 21-EM: Corrections to § 10.2 ER19-64 Emera Maine submits responses to Nov 30 deficiency letter
 Dec 18 Related Facilities Agreement: CL&P / Cricket Valley Energy Center ER19-590 CL&P files Related Facilities Agreement supporting the Cricket Valley Reconductoring Project
 Dec 18 Grid Resilience in RTO/ISOs AD18-7
Clean Energy Advocates move for recusal of Commissioner McNamee
 Dec 17 203 App.: VTransco Acquisition of BED/Stowe Highgate Share EC18-137 FERC authorizes acquisition
 Dec 17 203 Application: CPV Towantic/ Osaka Gas USA EC19-16 Osaka Gas notifies FERC that its acquisition of a 25% interest in CPV Towantic was consummated on Dec 13
 Dec 17 New England Ratepayers Association NH Complaint EL19-10 NH OCA amends Dec 3 comments; NH Generator Group submits supplemental comments; NH Legislators submit comments
 Dec 14 Waiver Request: Vineyard Wind ER19-570 Vineyard Wind requests waiver of the pro-rata proration provisions in Section III. of the Tariff, and other affected provisions, such that Vineyard Wind may participate in as a RTR and any required proration will apply only to Vineyard Wind and any other similarly situated entities; comment date Jan 4
 Dec 14 Order 841 Compliance Filing ER19-470 FERC extends comment period to and including Feb 7, 2019
 Dec 14 203 Application: Plymouth Rock/Engie EC19-19 FERC authorizes Engie’s indirect acquisition of 100% of the equity interests in Plymouth Rock Energy, LLC
 Dec 13 NSTAR/HQ US MMWEC Use Rights Transfer Agreement ER19-409 MMWEC files statement of support, urging the FERC to approve the Agreement promptly
 Dec 13 Fuel Security Retention Proposal ER18-2364 FERC issues errata notice correcting PPs 1, 9 and Ordering Paragraph (B)
 Dec 13 Cluster Participation Deposit Refund Revisions ER19-161 FERC accepts revisions, eff. Dec 23, 2018
 Dec 13 203 App: CPV Towantic/ Osaka Gas USA EC19-16 FERC authorizes Osaka Gas USA’s acquisition of a 25% direct equity ownership interest in CPV Towantic
 Dec 12 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – 2022-23 Capacity Commitment Period ER19-291 ISO-NE answers protests; NEPGA submits supplemental protest
 Dec 12 203 App: Dominion Energy Manchester St/Spade Facilities EC19-3 FERC authorizes Spade Facilities acquisition of 100% of the ownership interests in Dominion Energy Manchester Street
 Dec 11 Regional Report ER19-113 FERC accepts 2018 Q3 Capital Projects Report, eff. Oct 1, 2018
 Dec 11 Correction to §IV.A Sched. 5 (Collection of NESCOE Budget) ER19-140 FERC accepts correction, eff. Jan 1, 2018
 Dec 10 Order 841 Compliance Filing ER19-470 PIOs support motion for 45-day extension of time to file comments
 Dec 10 Economic Life Determination Revisions ER18-1770 NEPGA requests rehearing of the FERC’s Nov 9, 2018 order accepting the revisions
 Dec 10 NSTAR/HQ US ENE Use Rights Transfer Agreement ER19-146 FERC accepts agreement, eff. Nov 20, 2018
 Dec 6 IMM Quarterly Report ZZ18-4 IMM submits Summer 2018 Quarterly Report
 Dec 6 203 App: ECP/Fawkes Holdings (Wheelabrator) EC19-14 FERC authorizes Fawkes Holdings, LLC (a Related Person to Macquarie Energy) acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock of Wheelabrator currently held by the Energy Capital Partners companies
 Dec 6 Grid Resilience in RTO/ISOs AD18-7
Harvard Electricity Law Initiative submits comment suggesting that Commissioner McNamee must recuse himself from these dockets and from other matters about rates for “fuel-secure” generators 

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