Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Mar 01, 2017 and Apr 04, 2017


Docket Brief Description
Apr 4 Membership ER17-1364 NEPOOL files correction to Participant List submitted with April Membership Filing
Apr 3 Fed. Ct. Appeal DC Cir 17-1110 NextEra, NRG and PSEG again challenge Demand Curve Orders
Apr 3 Regional Report  ER06-613 ISO-NE files 22nd semi-annual Reserve Market Compliance Report
Mar 31 Membership  ER17-1364 NEPOOL requests the FERC accept the membership of GridAmerica Holdings and the name changes of ENGIE (f/k/a GDF) Energy Marketing NA, Inc. and Verso Energy Services (f/k/a Verso Maine Energy)
Mar 31 ISO Securities: Future Drawdowns Authorization   ES17-15 ISO-NE requests authorization to continue to drawdown/borrow under its $20 million Revolving Credit and $4 million line of credit supporting the Payment Default Shortfall Fund 
Mar 31 Regional Report  not docketed ISO-NE files FERC Form 715 (Annual Trans. Planning and Evaluation Report)
Mar 30 Exelon Request for Add’l Cost Recovery ER17-933 Exelon’s request is preliminarily found not to be shown to be just and reasonable, but, pursuant to FERC’s Feb 3 Delegation Order, is accepted for filing, suspended for a nominal period, to become effective Mar 30, 2017, subject to refund and further Commission order
Mar 30 SGIA: CMP/Stony Brook ER17-937 FERC accepts LGIA, eff. Feb 1, 2017 
Mar 30  SGIA: CMP/Wight Brook ER17-938 FERC accepts LGIA, eff. Feb 1, 2017 
Mar 29 Exelon Request for Add’l Cost Recovery ER17-933 ISO-NE IMM answers NEPGA’s Mar 13 answer
Mar 29 Regional Interest ER17-1340

Eversource files 2-party Interconnection Agreements between WMECO and Nautilus Hydro
Mar 28 Regional Interest ER17-1322 Eversource files amended Interconnection and Operation Agreement between WMECO and Essential Power MA to reflect transfer of hydro units to Nautilus
Mar 28 2016 Q4 Capital Projects Report ER17-963 FERC accepts Report
Mar 28 Membership ER17-1048 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Rubicon NYP and TransCanada Hydro Northeast (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Duke Energy Commercial Enterprises, CinCap V and South Jersey Energy ISO2; and (iii) the name changes of McGill St-Laurent Inc. and St. Anselm College 
Mar 24 SGIA: ISO-NE/GMP ER17-1296 ISO-NE/GMP file non-conforming SGIA; comment date Apr 14
Mar 24 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) Hearing ER16-64-002 TOs file testimony of 2 experts answering EMCOS’ Lesser and Peters testimony.  
McKenzie answering testimony; 
Quackenbush answering testimony 
Mar 21 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795-001 NEPOOL files comments in response to ISO-NE’s Mar 6 amendment-type filing seeking acknowledgement in any final order that ISO-NE’s actions are not construed to have any precedential effect in future contested Section 205 proceedings where the FERC has a quorum
Mar 21 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 ISO-NE answers NEPGA’s Mar 6 Answer
Mar 21 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) Settlement EL16-64 Settlement Judge Long reschedules 3rd settlement conf. to May 3 
Mar 21 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring schedules settlement conf. for Apr 5
Mar 17 NEPGA PER Complaint  EL16-120 NEPGA responds to NESCOE and RESA answers 
Mar 16 NEPGA PER Complaint  EL16-120 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider NEPGA’s request for clarification and/or rehearing of the PER Complaint Order
Mar 16 Emera MPD OATT Changes ER15-1429 Settlement Judge issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued
Mar 15 Active Demand Resource Type Removal ER17-925 FERC accepts changes, eff. in two parts — Feb 24, 2017 and Jun 1, 2018, as requested
Mar 15 Regional Interest ER17-909 FERC accepts CMP/ReEnergy Livermore Falls LGIA 
Mar 15 Emera MPD OATT Changes  ER12-1650 FERC accepts Refund Report
Mar 13 Exelon Request for Add’l Cost Recovery ER17-933 ExelonNEPGA answer IMM Feb 24 answer 
Mar 10 Attachment K Revisions ER17-857 FERC accepts changes, eff. Mar 27, 2017
Mar 10 2013/14 Winter Rel. Prog. Remand Proceeding ER13-2266 TransCanada answers ISO-NE Feb 28 answer
Mar 6 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795-001 ISO-NE, citing lack of a FERC quorum, submits a filing designed to extend indefinitely the date by which the FERC must take action in this contested proceeding and committing once a quorum is re-established to submit a further filing to institute a new 60-day statutory action date; proposed eff. date for Updates remains Mar 15, 2017, and new CONE/ORTP values, subject to later FERC action, will be used for FCA 12; comment date Mar 27
Mar 6 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 NEPGA answers ISO-NE’s Feb 14 answer
Mar 6 FAP FCM Capacity Charge Calculation ER17-1103 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to how the Financial Assurance Policy’s FCM Capacity Charge Requirement is calculated; comment date Mar 27
Mar 6 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Settlement Judge Long issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued
Mar 3 IMAPP Tech. Conf. AD17-11 FERC staff issues notice of IMAPP tech. conf. covering the ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM regions; Statement by Commr. Honorable
Mar 2 NEPGA PER Complaint   EL16-120 NESCOERESA answer NEPGA request for rehearing of PER Complaint Order 
Mar 2 NSTAR/WMECO merger
203 Application
EC17-62 FERC approves merger
Mar 1 Regional Interest: Sale of Highgate Interests to VT Transco EC17-86 Green Mountain Power & VT Transco request authorization for GMP and the remaining non-jurisdictional joint owners of the Highgate Transmission Facility will sell all or a significant portion of their respective ownership shares in the Facility to VTransco
Mar 1 Sched. 21-ES: Eversource Recovery of NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 Eversource files revised tariff records in eTariff format to reflect settlement approved by the FERC on Jan 31
Feb 28 FCA11 Results Filing ER17-1073 ISO-NE files results of FCA11;
comment date Apr 14
Feb 28 2013/14 Winter Rel. Prog. Remand Proceeding ER13-2266 ISO-NE answers TransCanada and MA AG protests
Feb 28 Fast-Start Pricing NOPR RM17-3 NEPOOL, ISO-NE file comments
Feb 28 Membership ER17-1048 NEPOOL requests that the FERC accept (i) the memberships of Rubicon NYP Corp. and TransCanada Hydro Northeast Inc.; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Duke Energy Commercial Enterprises and CinCap V, and South Jersey Energy ISO2, LLC; and (iii) the name changes of McGill St-Laurent Inc. (f/k/a Canadian Wood Products – Montreal, Inc.) and St. Anselm College (f/k/a The Order of St. Benedict of New Hampshire)
Feb 28 Membership ER17-899 FERC accepts (i) the Governance Only End User membership of NRDC; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Artis Energy Holdings, EMI Power Systems, Jeffrey A. Jones, and Powerex; and (iii) the NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC name change

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