Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Sep 06, 2016 and Oct 11, 2016

           Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Oct 12 Resource Dispatchability Changes  ER17-68-000
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes; comment date Nov 2
Oct 12 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 NYISO responds to answers
Oct 12 203 App: Noble Americas/ Calpine  EC17-8 Noble Americas and Calpine request authorization for a transaction that will result in Calpine Energy Services Holdco II acquiring 100% of the membership interests in Noble Americas Energy Solutions 
Oct 7 ISO-NE RTEG Waiver Request ER16-1904 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider GenBright request for rehearing request
Oct 6 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 NYTOs respond to NRG and Roseton Answers
Oct 6 Sched. 21-ES: Eversource Recovery of NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 3rd settlement conf. held; 4th scheduled for Nov 9
Oct 4 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Chief Judge Cintron designates Judge Jennifer Long as the Settlement Judge
Oct 3 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO submits 21st Semi-Annual Report on Reserve Market Compliance
Oct 3 Competitive Transmission Development Rates AD16-18 Post-technical conf. comments submitted by nearly 60 parties, including: ISO-NE, APPA, AWEA, EIPC,EEI, Eversource, ExelonAvangrid, LSPowerMMWEC, National Grid, NESCOE, NextEra
Sep 30 NextEra/PSEG
EL16-93 Eversource Energy submits Motion in support of Algonquin’s request for rehearing
Sep 30 NEPGA PER Adjustment Complaint EL16-120 NEPGA files complaint asking the FERC (i) to find the ISO Tariff’s Peak Energy Rent (PER) Adjustment provisions unjust & unreasonable; (ii) to direct the ISO to file revisions to the PER Adjustment sections of the Tariff that return the PER Adjustment to a just & reasonable level; (iii) to establish a refund effective date of Sep 30, 2016; and (iv) to issue an order granting the complaint by Nov 29, 2016; comment date October 20
Sep 30 NextEra/PSEG
EL16-93-001 Algonquin requests reh’g of Aug 30 order
Sep 30 Membership ER16-2721 Memberships: Bloom Energy Corporation; Cricket Valley Energy Center; NTE Connecticut; Rhode Island State Energy Center; SWEB Development USA; and F. Aminpour
Sep 29 Order No.s 827/828 Compliance Filing  ER16-2695 ISO-NE, NEPOOL, and PTO AC jointly file revisions to OATT Schedules 22 and 23 to comply with FERC Order Nos. 827 and 828
Sep 29 Membership  ER16-2535 FERC accepts memberships of Alphataraxia Nickel and LifeEnergy; Cape Wind withdrawal
Sep 29 Regional Interest ER16-2700 Eversource files Engineering, Design and Procurement Services Agreement between CL&P and Beacon Falls Energy Park, LLC
Sep 28 Regional Report ER16-2415 FERC accepts ISO-NE’s 2016 Q2 Capital Projects Report
Sep 26 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 NEPOOL, ISO-NENRG and Roseton Generating file answers to NY Commenters
Sep 26 FERC Enforcement IN15-4 Maxim, neither admitting nor denying its Pittsfield unit bidding strategy violated the FERC’s anit-market manipulation rules, agrees to a settlement under which it will disgorge $4 million to ISO-NE and pay a $4 million civil penalty to the US Treasury
Sep 26 OATT Attachment F changes: IRS Normalization Requirements   ER16-2378 FERC accepts changes
Sep 26 Sched. 21-CMP: IRS Normalization ADIT Changes ER16-2386  FERC accepts changes
Sep 26 Sched. 21-UI: IRS Normalization ADIT Changes ER16-2454 FERC accepts changes
Sep 26 Allco CT PURPA
Complaint III
EL16-115 Allco amends Sep 12 Complaint
Sep 23 FCA11 Waiver Request ER16-2283 FERC denies Genbright request for waiver of FCM qualification requirements (site control and one line diagram requirements for battery and solar projects under five megawatts that are classified as Generators) for FCA11
Sep 22 Regional Interest EC16-167 FERC authorizes change in CPV Towantic’s upstream ownership to now include Ullico Infrastructure Master Fund, L.P.
Sep 22 CMP / FPL Wyman E&P Agreement ER16-2369 FERC accepts Agreement authorizing CMP to begin engineering and procurement of long lead-time items necessary for establishment of the interconnection of FPL Wyman’s proposed 16.7 MW Cousin’s Island, Yarmouth, Maine, battery storage project
Sep 22 Schedule 21-EM: Recovery of BNE/MPS Merger-Related Costs   ER15-1434 2nd settlement conf. re-scheduled to Oct 25
Sep 20 ER16-2451 ER16-2451 IPPNY/NEPGA answer NY Commenters
Sep 20 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 FERC establishes hearing and settlement judge procedures, and sets a refund effective date of Apr 29, 2016, the date the Complaint was filed
Sep 20 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 IPPNY and NEPGA jointly respond to NY Commenters
Sep 16 National Grid/Deepwater Block Island Wind Facilities Use Agreement ER16-2328 FERC accepts agreement, eff. Jul 28, 2016
Sep 13 Schedule 21-EM: Recovery of BNE/MPS Merger-Related Costs ER15-1434 Settlement Judge Dring issues 2nd status report
Sep 12 Regs. Implementing FAST Act 61003 – CEII & Critical Electric Infrastructure Security RM16-15 ISO-NE/SPP answer PJM comments
Sep 12 Allco CT PURPA
Complaint III
EL16-115 et al. Allco & Wyndham Solar file 3rd PURPA Complaint against CT PURA, this time related to CT PURA’s Aug 24, 2016 final decision denying Windham’s petitions for PPAs for certain 1-2 MW solar facilities 
Sep 9 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 Comments and protests filed by NYPSC, NYISO, NY TOsCity of NY/Multiple Intervenors
Sep 9 Genbright Waiver Request: DER FCM Qualification Reqs ER16-2283 Genbright answers ISO-NE Aug 16 protest
Sep 9 Sched. 21-EM: Rate Adjustments for Anticipated Changes ER16-1301 FERC accepts compliance filing to provide for the application of a true-up to any adjusted values        
Sep 9 IMAPP not docketed FERC issues errata identifying addition proceedings covered un notice of Staff attendance at IMAPP meetings 
Sep 9 National Grid Notice of Cancellation of Superseded Wheelabrator Saugus Agreements ER16-2575 National Grid files notice of cacellation of agreements with Wheelabrator Saugus superseded by an LGIA filed and accepted in ER16-760

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