Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Jun 01, 2016 and Jul 01, 2016

            Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Jul 1 FCM Composite Offers & Price Lock Mechanisms ER16-2126 ISO and NEPOOL jointly submit compliance changes; comment date Jul 22
Jul 1 Maine Power Express Project ER16-1619 FERC conditionally authorizes MPX to sell transmission rights at negotiated rates on its approximately 315-mile, 1,000 MW HVDC proposed transmission project
Jun 30 NextEra/PSEG Complaint EL16-93 ISO-NE answers NextEra/PSEG’s Jun 29 notice; NextEra/PSEG answer ISO-NE motion to dismiss
Jun 30 ISO Waiver Request for RTEG Resources ER16-1904 CPower (Enerwise) requests modification of waivers requested
Jun 30 Membership ER16-2104 Memberships: Cumulus Master Fund, Jeff Jones, National Gas & Electric; termination: EnergyConnect; name change: CleanChioce Energy
Jun 30 SeaLink Development Cost Recovery in 2014/15 RNS rate EL15-85 Judge Baten certifies uncontested settlement to the Commission
Jun 30 Schedule 21-NSTAR ER09-1243 NSTAR submits CWIP supplement to May 31 annual informational filing
Jun 30 Schedule 21-CMP ER09-938 CMP files updated formula rates reflecting actual 2015 cost data and estimated 2016 cost data
Jun 30 Schedule 21-EM ER15-1434 Judge Dring schedules 2nd settlement conf. for Sep 29
Jun 29 Membership ER16-1813 FERC accepts Granite Ridge Energy and BayRing Communications terminations; ENGIE Resources Inc. and Engelhart CTP (US) LLC name changes
Jun 28 Demand Curve Design Improvements ER16-1434 FERC accepts, without change or condition, the FCM system-wide and zonal demand curves jointly filed by ISO-NE and NEPOOL, effective Jun 29, 2016
Jun 28 CL&P Declaratory Order Petition (Dominion Outage/  Governing Document Dispute) EL16-45 FERC denies CL&P petition for declaratory order, declining to assert primary jurisdiction over a contractual dispute between CL&P and Dominion as to which of two agreements between the two controls Dominion’s claims arising out of a May 25, 2014 outage affecting Millstone
Jun 27 Dominion Manchester Street FCA10 Complaint EL16-38 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider Dominion request for rehearing of Manchester Street FCA10 Order
Jun 27 Sched. 22-Exelon West Medway II LGIA  ER16-2024 ISO-NE and NSTAR jointly file non-conforming LGIA with Exelon West Medway II; comment date Jul 18
Jun 24 NextEra/PSEG Complaint EL16-93 NextEra and PSEG file a complaint requesting a FERC order, by Aug 23, 2016, (i) directing ISO-NE to file within 90 days of the order Tariff changes to fully mitigate the price suppressive effect of subsidized gas pipeline capacity, and (ii) establishing a technical conference to address the proposed changes/issues; and a FERC order by Jan 31, 2017 on the filing so that the changes are effective for FCA11; comment date Jul 14
Jun 24 Sched. 21-NEP
Deepwater Wind Indem
ER16-2012 Narragansett (National Grid) files agreement to indemnify National Grid for costs to expedite delivery of substation switchgear in connection with the DeepWater Companies’ Block Island wind farm
Jun 23 Sub-Hourly Settlements ER16-1838 NEPGA/EPSA file comments supporting proposed changes
Jun 23 PURPA Complaint North Hartland v. VT PSB EL16-74 Vermont Independent Power Producers Assoc. files comments
Jun 21 Schedule 21-ES: NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recov. ER16-1023 Chief Judge issues order continuing settlement judge procedures
Jun 20-Jun 21 PURPA Complaint North Hartland v. VT PSB EL16-74 Answers to North Hartland complaint filed by VT PSB; Green Mountain Power; VEC; City of Burlington; VT DPS
Jun 20 Regional Report ER16-1700 FERC accepts 2016 Q1 Capital Projects Report
Jun 20 Base ROE
Complaint IV
EL16-64 EMCOs file answer to NETOs response
Jun 20 Regional Interest ES16-40 NSTAR applies for authority to issue short-term debt securities
Jun 17 Regional Interest: Enforcement IN16-2 FERC finds Etracom and its principal member/primary trader (Rosenberg) violated the FERC’s Anti-Manipulation Rule by engaging, during May 2011, in manipulative virtual trading at CAISO’s New Melones Intertie in order to artificially lower the day-ahead LMP and economically benefit Etracom’s Congestion Revenue Rights sourced at that location; $2.4 million civil penalty to Etracom, $100,000 civil penalty to Rosenberg, and $315,072 plus interest in unjust profits to be disgorged
Jun 16 NextEra Bellingham FCA10 Complaint  EL16-48 FERC denies NextEra Complaint
Jun 16 FCA10 Results Filing ER16-1041 FERC accepts FCA10 Results, eff. Jun 28, 2016
Jun 16 Schedule 21-ES: NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recov. ER16-1023 Settlement Judge Hurt issues status report recommending that settlement judge procedures be continued
Jun 16 Regional Interest EL16-69 Allco/Windham Solar answers CT OCC protest
Jun 15 GIS API Revisions ER16-1728 FERC accepts conforming Tariff Section I, FAP and Billing Policy changes associated with GIS API changes
Jun 15 Regional Interest EL16-69 CT PURA answers Complaint and requests that the FERC issue a notice that it does not intend to act on
Allco’s petition; CT OCC protests Complaint as not yet ripe for adjudication 
Jun 14 Sched. 21-NEP: Service Agreement Cancellation ER16-921 National Grid files notice of cancellation of prior service agreement with Granite Ridge Energy (superseded by LGIA)
Jun 13 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider NEPGA/NextEra request for rehearing of Resource Retirement Reforms Order
Jun 13 SeaLink Development Cost Recovery in 2014/15 RNS rate EL15-85 FERC Trial Staff files comments recommending certification and approval of proposed Settlement Agreement
Jun 10 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report stating that parties are making progress toward settlement and 
recommending that settlement procedures be continued
Jun 10 Sched. 21-FGE: Rev. Depreciation Rates ER16-1722 FERC accepts revised depreciation rates used to calculate transmission revenue requirements
Jun 10 Algonquin EDC Capacity Release Bidding Reqs Exemption Request RP16-618 Reply comments filed by CT PURA, Exelon/NextEra, MA AG, New England LDCs
Jun 9 ISO Waiver Request for RTEG Resources ER16-1904 ISO-NE requests limited waiver of Tariff Sections
III., III. & III. to allow Real-Time Emergency Generation Resources to change their resource type to Real-Time Demand
Response Resources or de-list; comment date Jun 30
Jun 8 Demand Curve Changes Remand Proceedings   ER14-1639 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider NextEra/NRG/PSEG request rehearing of Apr 8 Demand Curve Remand Order
Jun 8 203 Application: Essential Power EC16-82 FERC authorizes sale of 100% of the direct membership interests in Essential Power Investments, LLC from IFM Global Infrastructure Fund to Nautilus Generation
Jun 7 Generator Interconnection Revisions ER16-946 FERC accepts May 15 compliance filing
Jun 6 Sched. 21-ES: Merger-Related Cost Recovery ER16-1023 1st Settlement Conference re-scheduled to Aug 16
Jun 3 Base ROE Complaint IV EL16-64 TOs file response, comments filed by CT PURA, MMWEC
Jun 3 Financial Assurance            ER16-1874  ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to financial statements reporting requirements; comment date Jun 24
Jun 3 Demand Curve Changes Remand Proceedings   ER14-1639 NESCOE answers NextEra/PSEG/NRG rehearing request
Jun 2 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551 NEPGANextEra submit protests; NESCOE submits comments
Jun 2 Sub-Hourly Settlements ER16-1838 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file Market Rules changes to change the settlement interval in the Real-Time Energy Market and for Real-Time reserves to 5 minutes; comment date Jun 23  
Jun 2 Sched. 21-EM Merger Cost Recovery ER15-1434-001
FERC conditionally accepts compliance filings; consolidates
the dockets for the purposes of settlement, hearing and decision, and establish hearing and settlement judge procedures
Jun 2 Sched. 21-EM: Annual Trans. Rate Info. Filing ER15-1434  Emera Maine submits updated charges based on as-filed, rather than draft, FERC Form 1 data
Jun 1 Dominion Manchester Street FCA10 Complaint EL16-38 Dominion requests rehearing of Manchester Street FCA10 Order
Jun 1 Membership ER16-1537 FERC accepts memberships of: Anbaric Management; FirstLight Power Resources Management; GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA; Hancock Wind; and Wolverine Holdings; Termination of Gallop Power Greenville; and name change of Avangrid Renewables
Jun 1 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE submits revised Annual Electric Balancing Authority Area and Planning Area Report for calendar year 2015 
Jun 1 Regional Interest ER16-1477 FERC accepts notice of cancellation of 1993 NSTAR/NEA Interconnection Agreement since superseded by an LGIA

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