Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Apr 05, 2018 and May 02, 2018


Docket Brief Description
 May 1 Mystic 8/9 Waiver Filing ER18-1509  ISO-NE requests Tariff waivers necessary (1) to authorize the retention of Mystic 8 & 9 for fuel security, rather than for local transmission needs; and (2) to extend certain deadlines to accommodate Exelon’s requirements; comment date May 22
 Apr 30 Membership ER18-1485 New Members: Anbaric Development Partners;
Appian Way Energy Partners East; Canton Mountain Wind; GSP Lost Nation; GSP Merrimack; GSP Newington; GSP Schiller; GSP White Lake; Marco DM Holdings; and WATTIFI; Terminations: AmericaWide Energy; Optik Energy; Name Change: Energy Rewards (f/k/a Fairpoint Energy)
 Apr 27 PER Settlement Compliance Filing ER18-1153 NEPOOL answers NESCOE protest
 Apr 27 Sched. 21-VEC and 20-VEC: Annual Info Filing ER10-1181 VEC submits its annual update to its Schedule 21-VEC and 20-VEC formula rates covering the Jul 1, 2018 – Jun 30, 2019 period
 Apr 26 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Briefs on exceptions to Initial Decision filed by EMCOS, Complainant-Aligned Parties, TOs, FERC Trial Staff
 Apr 26 FCA12 Results Filing ER18-940  FERC accepts FCA12 Results
 Apr 26 Membership ER18-1235 FERC accepts termination of Phoenix Energy New England membership papplication
 Apr 24 PER Settlement Compliance Filing ER18-1153 NEPGA answers NESCOE protest
 Apr 24 CASPR ER18-619 ISO-NE answers Clean Energy Advocates request for rehearing of CASPR Order
 Apr 24 Regional Interest ER18-1170 FERC accepts CMEEC/NSTAR/Nalcor Use Rights Transfer Agreement, eff. May 23, 2018
 Apr 23 Regional Report
(ISO-NE FERC From 582)
not docketed ISO-NE submits 2017 annual report of total MWh of transmission service (approx. 1.31 million MWhs)
 Apr 20 VTransco Recovery of Highgate Ownership Share Acquisition Costs ER18-1259 MA AG protests Vermont Transco filing seeking recovery through RNS rates of $639,780 in transaction costs related to VTransco’s acquisition of Highgate ownership shares
 Apr 20 MPD OATT Changes ER18-1244 Maine PUCMOPA request hearing and settlement judge procedures; Maine Customer Group protests and requests hearing and settlement judge procedures
 Apr 19 Order 844: Uplift Cost Allocation and Transparency in RTO/ISO Markets RM17-2 FERC issues final rule requiring each RTO/ISO
to establish in its tariff: requirements to report, on a monthly basis, total uplift payments for
each transmission zone, broken out by day and uplift category; requirements to report, on
a monthly basis, total uplift payments for each resource; requirements to report, on a
monthly basis, for each operator-initiated commitment, the size of the commitment,
transmission zone, commitment reason, and commitment start time; and the transmission
constraint penalty factors used in its market software, as well as the circumstances under
which those factors can set locational marginal prices, and any process by which they can
be changed
 Apr 19 Order 845: Generator Interconnection Reform RM17-8 FERC issues final rule on reform of generator interconnection procedures and agreements
 Apr 19 Sched. 21-EM: BHD Tax Law & Settlement Changes ER18-1213 Maine PUC and MOPA request hearing and settlement judge procedures
 Apr 16 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files 38th Quarterly LFTR Implementation Status Report
 Apr 16 203 App: NEP (Vuelta and Old Wardour Interconnection Assets) EC18-85 New England Power requests authorization to acquire certain interconnection assets associated with the Vuelta and Old Wardour solar facilities in East Brookfield, MA
 Apr 15 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE files 2017 FERC Form 1 (Annual Report of Major Electric Utilities, Licensees and Others)
 Apr 13 MPD OATT Annual Info Filing ER15-1429 Emera Maine requests extension of time, to and including May 15, to submit its annual update of charges under the MPD OATT
 Apr 12 PER Settlement Compliance Filing ER18-1153 NEPOOL files comments supporting compliance changes; NESCOE submits protest
 Apr 12 203 App: NRG Canal/ Stonepeak EC18-83 Applicants (GenOn Holdco 10, LLC; NRG Canal LLC; and Stonepeak Kestrel Holdings LLC) request authorization for Stonepeak to acquire indirectly NRG Canal
 Apr 12 Regional Interest ER18-1350 National Grid submits notice of cancellation of Reimbursement Agreement with Granite Reliable Power
 Apr 9 CASPR ER18-619 Rehearing of CASPR Order requested by NextEra/NRG, ENECOS, Clean Energy Advocates
 Apr 6 CASPR ER18-619 Public Citizen requests rehearing of CASPR Order
 Apr 6 203 App: MATEP EC18-10 MATEP submits notice that transaction was consummated, making it a a Related Person to ENGIE Energy Marketing
 Apr 6 Regional Interest ER18-1306 Eversource files Notice of Cancellation of 2016 Engineering, Design and Procurement Services Agreement between CL&P and Beacon Falls Energy Park, recently superseded by a pro forma LGIA
Apr 5 203 App: XOOM Energy/NRG Retail EC18-82 Applicants request authorization for NRG Retail to acquire indirectly XOOM Energy

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