Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Jun 23, 2017 and Aug 01, 2017

  Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Aug 1 203 Application: Dynegy (Dighton/Milford)/
Marco DM Holdings
Jul 31 Membership  ER17-2184 NEPOOL requests FERC (i) accept the memebrships of Cianbro Energy; Maple Energy; South Jersey Energy ISO3; and CWP Energy inc.; and (ii) the termination of the membership of Anbaric Management  
Jul 28 PER Settlement Agreement ER17-2153-001 NEPGA re-files settlement agreement to reflect different eTariff filing codes (no changes to Agreement); comment date Aug 17; reply comment date Aug 28
Jul 27 PRD Full Integration Conforming Changes ER17-2164 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file changes; comment date Aug 17
Jul 26 PER Settlement Agreement ER17-2153-000 NEPGA files settlement agreement
Jul 25 Regional Interest ER09-1409 Fitchburg files annual informational update to its formula rates
Jul 21 Tariff Section II.44 Day-Ahead Energy Market scheduling deadline conforming change ER17-2118 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file change to Tariff Section II.44(1)(a) to align that Section with the DAM scheduling deadline established in the Market Rules
Jul 20 Regional Interest ER17-1779 FERC accepts cancellation of CL&P/Milford LGIA that was replaced by 3-party pro forma LGIA
Jul 19 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 ISO-NE submits filing describing Permanent and Retirement De-List Bids that were submitted on or prior to the Existing Capacity Retirement Deadline for FCA12
Jul 18 NESCOE 5-year
pro forma budget
ER17-2062 NEPOOL submits comments supporting NESCOE 5-year pro forma budget
Jul 14 IMAPP Tech. Conf. AD17-11 Reply comments files by over 25parties, including:
CT DEEP/PURA/OCC, Dominion,  Exelon, National Grid, NRGPSEG, AMP, APPA, AWEA, Joint Consumer Advocates, NEI, NRECA
Jul 14 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files it 35th Quarterly Status Report on LFTR Implementation
Jul 13 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Chairman LaFleur,  acting as motions Commissioner, declines to refer to the full Commission the TOs’ Jul 5 interlocutory appeal
Jul 13 Sched. 21-CMP: Saddleback Ridge/Canton Mountain LGIAs ER17-1668 FERC accepts Revised Saddleback LGIA and Original Canton LGIA, eff. May 4 and 24, respectively
Jul 12 Regional Interest (Emera MPD OATT Changes) ER15-1429 
et al.
FERC Staff files comments identifying 8 transparency deficiencies but not opposing certification or approval of Jun 22 Settlement
Jul 11 TOs’ Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing Undo ER15-414 TOs’ answer CAPS and EMCOS Jun 26 protests
Jul 10 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 EMCOSComplainant-Aligned Parties oppose TO’s Jul 5 appeal
Jul 10 IMAPP Tech. Conf. AD17-11 EDF files reply comments 
Jul 7 5-Min. RQM Settlement Enhancement ER17-1706 FERC accepts changes, eff. Aug 1
Jull 7 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring schedules 9th settlement conf. for Sep 22
Jul 6 NESCOE 5-year
pro forma budget
ER17-2062 NESCOE files 5-year (2018-2022) pro forma budget
Jul 5 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 TOs seek interlocutory appeal of the Chief Judge’s June 29 order denying the TOs’ Jun 12 motion to permit interlocutory appeal of the May 26 Order (which denied the TOs’ request that this proceeding be stayed pending the FERC’s issuance of an order on remand from the DC Circuit’s Emera Maine decision
Jun 30 IMAPP Tech. Conf. AD17-11 Reply comments deadline extended to Jul 14
Jun 30 Membership  ER17-2039 NEPOOL requests FERC (i) accept the memebrships of MPower Energy, Renaissance Power & Gas and Environmental Defense Fund; and (ii) the termination of the membership of Brayton Point
Jun 30 Fast-Start Interim Cap Revision ER17-1542 FERC accepts changes to implement a $1,000/MWh energy market offer cap on offers from fast-start resources in the Real-Time Energy Market, to be in place until Order 831 revisions are implemented
Jun 30 Membership ER17-1744 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Orbit Energy Rhode Island, Rinar Power, and Torofino Trading; (ii) termination of the Participant status of First Wind Energy Marketing and Longfellow Wind; and (iii) name changes of Dominion Energy Generation Marketing, Inc.; Dominion Energy Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.; and J. Aron & Company, LLC
Jun 30 Regional Report ER17-1595 FERC accepts 2017 Q1 Capital Projects Report
Jun 30 Sched. 21-NSTAR Annual Info. Filing ER09-1243 NSTAR submits CWIP supplement to May 31 annual informational filing
Jun 30 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Chief Judge terminates settlement judge procedures; hearings to continue as scheduled
Jun 29 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Chief Judge denies TOs Jun 12 motion for reconsideration of her May 26 Order confirming her May 18bench rulings at oral argument
Jun 29 Sched. 21-CMP Annual Informational Filing ER08-938  
Jun 29 Sched. 21-NSTAR: Dartmouth Power LSA ER17-1713 FERC accepts LSA, eff. Jul 31, 2017 
Jun 27 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Settlement Judge Long recommends termination of settlement judge procedures, reporting that the parties do not appear to be amenable to settlement and have reached an impasse
Jun 27 D&E Agreement: NSTAR-Essential Power Newington ER17-1915 NSTAR files design & engineering services agreement in connection with upgrades to Essential Power Newington’s facility
Jun 26 TOs’ Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing Undo ER15-414 EMCOSComplainant-Aligned Parties protest TO’s filing 
Jun 22-23 IMAPP Tech. Conf. AD17-11 Post-Technical Conference comments
submitted by more than 70 parties including: AMP, Anbaric, APPAAWEA, BrookfieldCalpine,  Conn. DEEP/PURA/OCC, Dominion, DynegyEEIEMCOS, EPSA, Exelon, HQUS,  MA DPU, NEI, NE Pub. Power Assoc., Invenergy, LSPower, NEPGANESCOE, NRDC,  NRECA, NRG, PSEGSEIAUCS, Vitol,

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