Litigation Updates & Reports

Updates Between Oct 30, 2019 and Dec 04, 2019


Docket Brief Description
Oct 29 2020 NESCOE Budget ER20-111 NEPOOL files comments supporting NESCOE 2020 Budget
Oct 29 203 Application: Kendall
Green Energy
EC19-86 Kendall Green files notice of Jul 1, 2019 transaction consummation
Oct 29 Schedule 21-NEP: Deerfield Wind RFA ER20-214 National Grid files RFA
Oct 25 2020 ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets ER20-106 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE 2020 Budgets
Oct 25 Capital Projects Report   ER20-107 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2019 Q3 Report 
Oct 25 206 Proceeding: RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols EL16-19 Chief Judge suspends procedural schedule for 90 days to allow settlement to be finalized and filed
Oct 25 FERC Enforcement Action: Vitol and F. Corteggiano IN14-4 FERC finds Vitol and Corteggiano violated regulations prohibiting energy market manipulation, through a scheme to sell physical power at a loss in the CAISO market in order to eliminate congestion that they expected to cause losses on Vitol’s congestion revenue rights; assesses $1.5 million penalty against Vitol, $1 million against Corteggiano, and directs Vitol to disgorge $1.227,143 in unjust profits
Oct 24 ISO-NE’s Inventoried Energy Program (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 NECOS Petition DC Circuit for review of Notice
Oct 24 203 Application: Kendall Green Energy/Antin EC19-121 FERC authorizes transaction following which Kendall Green Energy will be an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of Antin Infrastructure Partners, rather than Veolia Energy North America Holdings
Oct 22 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports – 2019 Summer ZZ19-4 IMM files Summer 2019 Report
Oct 21 Waiver Request: FCA14 Qualification (Genbright) ER20-158 Genbright requests waiver of the deadline in MR1, Section III. to allow certain of its Projects, incorrectly disqualified from FCA14 based on an erroneous assumption regarding interconnection, to participate in FCA14
Oct 18 206 Investigation Into ISO-NE Implementation of Order 1000 Exemptions for Immediate Need Rel. Projects  EL19-90 FERC issues notice of 206 proceeding and refund effective date
Oct 18 PRD Clean-Up Changes ER20-140 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file changes to clarify language requiring energy market offer requirements of Demand Response Resources associated with Demand Capacity Resources. and removing obsolete Tariff language requiring the publication of Demand Capacity Resource information during an FCA
Oct 18 LGIA Cancellation: PSNH/ Merrimack Station  ER20-142 ISO-NE and Eversource file notice of cancellation of PSNH LGIA covering the interconnection of Merrimack Station since superseded by a 3-party LGIA among ISO-NE. PSNH and GSP Merrimack LLC
Oct 17 206 Investigation Into ISO-NE Implementation of Order 1000 Exemptions for Immediate Need Rel. Projects  EL19-90  FERC institutes proceeding to consider whether ISO-NE may be implementing exemptions for immediate need reliability projects in a manner that is inconsistent than what the FERC directed pursuant to Order 1000, and therefore may be unjust and unreasonable, unduly preferential and discriminatory
Oct 17 203 Application: Empire Generating Co, LLC EC19-99 FERC authorizes disposition
Oct 15 2020 NESCOE Budget ER20-111 ISO-NE files budget for funding NESCOE’s 2020 operations
Oct 15 2020 ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets ER20-106 ISO-NE files its 2020 administrative costs and capital budgets
Oct 15  Capital Projects Report – 2019 Q3 ER20-107 ISO-NE files Q3 Report
Oct 15 LFTR Implementation Quarterly Status Reports ER07-476 ISO-NE files its 44th quarterly report
Oct 11 Transmission Planning Improvements ER20-92 ISO-NE and NEPOOL submit tariff revisions to enhance the competitive transmission solicitation process and make other improvements to ISO-NE’s transmission planning process
Oct 11 Fuel Security Retention Limit Revision ER20-89 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file revisions to the ISO-NE Tariff to clarify that resources retained for fuel security reasons will not be retained for other reasons once the fuel security retention period ends
Oct 11 LGIA Updates: NEP-Great River Hydro (Bellows Falls) ER20-97 National Grid files updates to LGIA’s Appendices A-D and F-H
Oct 8 FCA14 Retirements Filing ER19-2312 FERC accepts filing and grants waiver of NDA requirement, eff. Aug 27, 2019
Oct 7 ISO-NE’s Inventoried Energy Program (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 FERC issues notice that requests for rehearing of its Aug 6 Notice were denied by operation of law, eff. Sep 30 with respect to the MA AG’s rehearing request and Oct 4 with respect to the reh’g requests filed by Clean Energy Advocates, Maine PUC, NECOS, NESCOE and the NH OCA/PUC 
Oct 7 DER Participation in RTO/ISOs RM18-9  ISO-NE submits data request responses to FERC regarding ISO-NE’s policies and procedures that affect DER interconnections
Oct 7 Membership ER19-2724 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Block Island Utility District; KCE CT 1 and KCE CT 2; and RoxWind LLC; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of: Hampshire Council of Gov’ts; and (iii) the name change of FirstLight Power Management, LLC
Oct 7 Sched. 21-EM: MPD Excess ADIT Changes ER19-1400 FERC issues tolling order affording it add’l time to consider MCG Sep. 5 request for rehearing and/or clarification of Aug. 6 order
Oct 4 203 Application: Ambit/Vistra EC19-129 FERC authorizes transaction pursuant to which Ambit Northeast will become an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Vistra Energy Corp
Oct 4 203 Application: Footprint, Hartree Partners / Brookfield EC19-104 Parties submit notice that transaction was consummated; Brookfield, Footprint and Hartree Partners become Related Persons

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