Integrating Markets and Public Policy (IMAPP) was a focused NEPOOL stakeholder process to identify and explore potential changes to the wholesale power markets that could be implemented to advance state public policy objectives in New England.  This page consolidates meeting materials and provides a reference library for additional resources related to this Initiative. 

IMAPP Reference Library


Aug 11, 2016


Final Agenda  
Chairman’s Introductory Remarks
AcadiaAR/End UserCLFEDFExelonFirstLight
High LinerNational GridNextEraNRGPublic PowerRENEW

Additional Materials:
POE Add’l MaterialsEDF Add’l Materials
Aug 30, 2016 Composite Agenda     NESCOE Qs     Participant Qs (Rev 8/26)
PowerOptions    FCEM   Carbon Pricing in Dispatch   Two-Tier Pricing
Sep 14, 2016 Composite             

Battery Storage Update    FCM-C    Carbon Pricing Update 
ISO Initial Comments, Observations, Questions

FCEM       NRG (Rev)       Alt. Public Power 
Other Materials:
CLF letter
  Presenter Goal Post Comparisons
                Presenter Answers to Participant Questions
Oct 6, 2016 Composite Agenda 
Meeting Materials:
Chairman’s Transmittal   State IMAPP Objectives   Chairman’s Comments

Position Papers:
Consumer Advocates     ENECOS
Other Materials:
CLF     Exelon  

Oct 21, 2016 Composite

Meeting Materials:

Legal/Jurisdictional Issues           
CLF FCM-C Mechanics (Rev)       NRG 2-Tiered Pricing Materials
EnerNOC Presentation               Calpine Presentation                              
Sipe-Functionalities                   NESCOE 2-Tiered Pricing Analysis
Nov 10, 2016 Composite
                                          Revised Stakeholder Process Schedule
Meeting Materials:
2016 Econ. Studies Exec. Summary  Exelon Carbon Price Proposal Update
CLF FCM-C Potential Adjustments     Clean Power Plant Solicitation Update
FCEM (Thought Experiment)            NRG FCM Two-Tiered Pricing Update
State solicitations/FCM timelines       Carbon Adder Cost Allocation
Jan 25, 2017

Meeting Materials:
ISO Presentation  ISO Discussion Paper  CLF-FCM-C and Energy Market
FirstLight Paired Retirement Election           Adjustments
NextEra/RENEW: New Proposal              NRG-IMAPP Foundations and

Public Power: Bilateral-Residual                  Directions 
        FCM Structure (doc)

Feb 16, 2017
Composite Stakeholder Process Update
May 17, 2017 Composite Agenda
Meeting Materials:

• NESCOE Feedback on Long-Term   • ISO-NE Substitution Auction Highlights
   “Achieve”-style IMAPP Proposals
    • ISO-NE Discussion Paper: 
                                                     Competitive Auctions with 
Subsidized Policy Resources  

• Dynamic Clean Energy Market
   Long-Term Design Straw Proposal  • ISO-NE CASPR Presentation 
• Synapse – Monster in the Closet