Sep 23, 2021
Sep 23, 2021
Proceeding Type:
Green Development DAF Charges Complaint Against National Grid
Brief Description:

FERC denies in part, but grants in part, Green Development’s Complaint against New England Power (National Grid).   The FERC partially denied the complaint, finding that Green Development did not meet its burden of proof that the assignment of Direct Assignment Facility (DAF) charges by National Grid to Narragansett violated the first part of the ISO-NE Tariff definition of Direct Assignment Facilities (requiring that the facilities be constructed for the sole use/benefit of a particular Transmission Customer requesting service under the ISO-NE Tariff).  However, the FERC found that Green Development demonstrated a failure by National Grid to comply with the requirement that the facilities be “specified in a separate agreement among ISO-NE, the Interconnection Customer and the Transmission Customer, as applicable, and the Transmission Owner whose transmission system is to be modified.”  As a result, National Grid may not assess DAF charges to Narragansett in association with the upgrades necessary for the Projects unless and until it complies with this part of the definition.