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Potential Pathways to the Future Grid

Potential Pathways to the Future Grid is a focused NEPOOL stakeholder process to identify and explore potential changes to the wholesale power markets that could be implemented to advance state public policy objectives in New England.  This page consolidates meeting materials and process documents and provides links to reliability study materials and a reference library for additional resources related to this Initiative.
  NPC Materials
Oct 1, 2020 Presentations
Spees: The Integrated Clean Capacity Market: A Design Option for New England's Grid Transition
Felder: Round 1: Focus on FCEM and Carbon Pricing: Prelim. Observations and Request for Input
Sep 3, 2020

Garza: ERCOT's Energy Only Market
Alternative Reliability Assurance Frameworks
Reishus: Resource Adequacy Panel Intro
Corneli: Resource Adequacy: Dimensions & Options
Gramlich: Resource Adequacy Models and Low Carbon Power Markets

Aug 6, 2020

Spees: Forward Clean Energy Market 
Cavicchi: Carbon Pricing for New England

Jun 24, 2020

Kenderdine: Challlenges Associated with Deep Decarbonization and Evolving Grid Systems 
 BPS Realiability Perspectives for 2050
Felder: What Pathways Have others Chosen Or Are Considering

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