The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) was established in 1971 as a voluntary association of market participants from the six New England States.  The Participants Committee is the principal governing body of NEPOOL, which considers and acts on all matters affecting the New England region’s wholesale electric power arrangements, either directly or by delegation. The Participants Committee is made up of six energy Sectors in which every NEPOOL Participant, together with its Related Persons, is entitled to have a member and alternate.  The six Sectors are each represented by an Officer that is selected by the Sector on an annual basis. A Committee Chairman is elected from among those Officers.  The Participants Committee meets monthly in a New England locale, typically in Boston or its environs, and has an annual Summer Meeting, typically at the end of June, at locations throughout the New England States.  

Aug 19      RGGI 101 for NEPOOL Participants Webinar.  View presentation here. 

Aug 15      IMAPP: Preliminary Notices for Aug 30 meeting. 
Additional Proposals.  Please advise your Vice-Chair or NEPOOL Counsel if you have additional proposals 
                   to present and to be considered; 
                   Additional Questions. Please provide us ASAP with any questions you have on the proposals already
                   Overnight Accommodations. A discounted room block at the Seaport Hotel for the night of August 29 is
                   available on a first-come, first-served basis UNTIL August 19, 2016 ($239.00 per night).  
                   To take advantage of those arrangements, please contact the hotel directly (877-732-7678) and 
                   reference the “NEPOOL” block of rooms. 
                   View preliminary notices here. 

Aug 11      Chairman's introductory remarks from Aug 11 IMAPP meeting. 
View here.

Aug 9        Chairman distributes preliminary information regarding 2017 business planning efforts.
                 View information here.

Aug 30       IMAPP - Boston, MA Seaport Hotel and Conference Center.  materials.

Aug 30       Stability Task Force - Holyoke, MA ISO-NE. 

Aug 31       Demand Resources Working Group - Holyoke, MA ISO-NE.  materials.

Aug 31       Transmission Task Force - Holyoke, MA ISO-NE.  materials.
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