The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) was established in 1971 as a voluntary association of market participants from the six New England States.  The Participants Committee is the principal governing body of NEPOOL, which considers and acts on all matters affecting the New England region’s wholesale electric power arrangements, either directly or by delegation. The Participants Committee is made up of six energy Sectors in which every NEPOOL Participant, together with its Related Persons, is entitled to have a member and alternate.  The six Sectors are each represented by an Officer that is selected by the Sector on an annual basis. A Committee Chairman is elected from among those Officers.  The Participants Committee meets monthly in a New England locale, typically in Boston or its environs, and has an annual Summer Meeting, typically at the end of June, at locations throughout the New England States.  

Apr 17    FERC grants rehearing of Jan 20, 2015 Winter 2014/15 Reliability Program Clarification Order.  
In response to a Feb 19, 2015 request by ISO-NE, the FERC found "that an expanded version of the current
              winter program might better produce the desired results in terms of reliability than the introduction, at this
              point in time, of the market-based solutions examined by ISO-NE." Accordingly, the FERC will "allow the 
              possibility that ISO-NE may file additional out-of-market winter reliability programs until the two-settlement 
              capacity market design becomes effective in 2018."  View order here.

Apr 17    ISO-NE issues Contingency Plan Addressing Continued Demand Response Participation in the
               New England Markets. 
Stakeholder discussion of possible scenarios and paths in light of on-going litigation
              in EPSA v. FERC, including those identified in the Contingency Plan, is scheduled to begin at the May 5-6  
              NEPOOL Markets Committee meeting.  View memo and Contingency Plan here.

Apr 16     FERC issues Order 809 (Coordination of Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline and Public Utility
                Scheduling Processes). 
Order 809 changes the nationwide Timely Nomination Cycle nomination deadline
               for scheduling natural gas transportation from 11:30 a.m. Central Clock Time (CCT) to 1:00 p.m. CCT and
               revises the intraday nomination timeline, to include adding an additional intraday scheduling opportunity 
               during the gas operating day (Gas Day). Order 809 also provides additional contracting flexibility to firm 
               natural gas transportation customers through the use of multi-party transportation contracts.  Order 809
               DOES NOT change the start time of the nationwide natural Gas Day (which remains 9:00 a.m. CCT).  
               Within 90 days of the Order's publication in the Federal Register, ISO-NE will be required to propose tariff 
               revisions to coordinate the Day-Ahead Energy Market with the Order 809 changes or show cause why its 
               existing scheduling practices need not be changed.  View Order 809 here.

Apr 6       ISO-NE files notice of the potential for 2 new Capacity Zones: (1) a "Southeastern New England
               (SENE) Capacity Zone" (
an import-constrained zone that is a combination of the existing NEMA/Boston and
               SEMA/RI Capacity Zones) and (2) a "Northern New England (NNE) Capacity Zone" (an export-constrained 
               zone that is a 
combination of the existing Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Load Zones) No changes are
               proposed to the West/Central MA or Connecticut zones.   view filing.

Mar 19    FERC issues order on New England's Order 1000 compliance filings.  The FERC granted in part and
               denied in part the requests for rehearing of the First Compliance Order.  The FERC also found that the
               ISO/PTOs’ November 15, 2013 compliance filing partially complied with the directives in the First Compliance
               Order, accepting the compliance filing effective as of, and directing a further compliance filing to be submitted
               on or before, May 18, 2015.  View summary of order.  view order.

** for additional recent regulatory developments, visit the Litigation Reports webpage.

Apr 27         Budget & Finance Subcommittee - CANCELLED.

Apr 28         PAC - Milford, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

May 1          Participants Committee - Providence, RI Renaissance Hotel.  materials.

May 5-6       Markets Committee - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.
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