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Future Grid - Reliability Study

The Transition to the Future Grid is a focused NEPOOL stakeholder process to further assess and explore potential market and reliability issues in light of evolving state energy and environmental policies. Assumptions and future scenarios will be developed to help identify any operational and reliability needs on the New England power system. Following the identification of these needs, a gap analysis will be conducted to determine if there are any market deficits that need to be addressed to assure the continued reliable operation of the system. Based on the study results from the gap analysis, potential wholesale regional market approaches would be explored to address the identified gaps..  This page consolidates meeting materials and provides a link to reference library for additional resources related to this Initiative.
  Meeting Materials
Sep 29, 2020 Composite Agenda
        Flynn: Future Grid Study: Scope, Metrics and Developing a Straw Proposal
Sep 1, 2020 Composite Agenda
        Review of Past/Ongoing Studies & Proposed Future Grid Study Requests (DP)
        Preliminary Feedback on Current Proposal Submission (ISO-NE)

Aug 4, 2020 Composite3

Composite <xlsx>
        Electric Reliability Under Deep Decarbonization in New England
          Presentation (EFI/E3)

        Off-Shore Transmission Study
          Presentation & Appendix A    Appendix B     Appendix C
Future Grid Study Proposal Requests
     NEPOOL Counsel Summary of Study Proposal Requests
     Eversource                                      API
     National Grid                                   Multi-Sector Group A   presentation
     EMA/Public Power   presentation       Multi-Sector Group B    presentation
     FirstLight                                        Anbaric                       presentation
     NextEra/Dominion                            NESCOE                     memo

July 1. 2020  Composite Agenda
Memo from MC/RC Chairs/Vice-Chairs
Grid Proposal Form  <Excel> <PDF>
CMMEC   National Grid   AEE   NRG/Sunrun   Eversource   MA_50_by_80

May 27, 2020


Agenda     Minutes
Meeting Schedule - Tentative
ISO-NE Study Capabilities

Apr 7, 2020 Composite Agenda     Minutes
NESCOE - Prelim Discussion of Study Process
DP - Reports/Studies/Presentations Working List
DP - Recent ISO-NE Economic Studies Relevant to Future New England Grid
 Reference Library
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