Doug Hurley

Vice-Chair |

Doug Hurley is the 2020 AR Sector Vice-Chair.  He is a Principal Associate with Synapse Energy Economics, where he represents the interests of consumer advocate, environmental, and renewable resource clients at numerous NEPOOL and PJM stakeholder meetings. He was the lead client representative for three members of the AR Sector in the LICAP Settlement Conferences which, with help from other parties, successfully included demand response and energy efficiency in the design of the new capacity market. Doug returns to his role as AR Sector Vice-Chair completing the 2017 term of his predecessor, having served in that capacity from mid-2009 through 2014.  Prior to joining Synapse, Doug was the head of the West Coast research arm of a website hosting company, and spent seven years as a technology consultant for Ernst & Young. Doug graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.