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NEPOOL Officers 2020

Nancy P. Chafetz (Chair)
Nancy Chafetz is the 2020 Chair of the Participants Committee. She has actively participated in the NEPOOL stakeholder process since 2005. As Head of New England Wholesale Regulatory Policy at Direct Energy, Nancy is responsible for developing the company’s regulatory strategy in NEPOOL and advocating for the company’s interests. From 2004 through February 2020, Nancy provided consulting services on the New England markets as Customized Energy Solutions’ Director of Market Intelligence – New England. Prior to Customized Energy Solutions, Nancy worked on the generation development side for several different companies including: CRSS Capital, American Refuel and Gas Energy Inc. (a subsidiary a KeySpan) and began her career as a tax accountant at Price Waterhouse.

Frank Ettori (Vice-Chair)
Frank Ettori is now the Vice-Chair for the Transmission Sector.  Frank is the Participants Committee alternate for Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) and its Related Persons.
David A. Cavanaugh (Vice-Chair)
(Publicly Owned Entity)
Dave Cavanaugh is the 2020 Publicly Owned Entity Sector Vice-Chair.  Dave is Vice President Regulatory & Market Affairs for Energy New England (ENE). In that role, Dave is responsible for establishing and implementing regulatory strategies in the interest of ENE and its customers and actively participates and represents ENE and its customers’ interests in the NEPOOL stakeholder process.  

Over his 32 plus years in the energy industry, Dave has held positions in merchant power companies, public power, investor owned utilities, and ISO/RTO organizations. Dave rejoined ENE in 2017 after spending 3 years with NRG Energy LLC as Director, Regulatory & Market Affairs for the New England Markets. Prior to his first engagement with ENE, Dave spent 13 years with ISO New England in various leadership roles in the Market Operations division, including Director of Market Services. In the early part of his career Dave spent 15 years at Northeast Utilities (now Eversource) where he held numerous positions ranging in scope from generating plant operations, corporate support staff, and conservation and load management.

Doug Hurley (Vice-Chair)
(Alternative Resources)  
Doug Hurley is the 2020 AR Sector Vice-Chair.  He is a Principal Associate with Synapse Energy Economics, where he represents the interests of consumer advocate, environmental, and renewable resource clients at numerous NEPOOL and PJM stakeholder meetings. He was the lead client representative for three members of the AR Sector in the LICAP Settlement Conferences which, with help from other parties, successfully included demand response and energy efficiency in the design of the new capacity market. Doug returns to his role as AR Sector Vice-Chair completing the 2017 term of his predecessor, having served in that capacity from mid-2009 through 2014.  Prior to joining Synapse, Doug was the head of the West Coast research arm of a website hosting company, and spent seven years as a technology consultant for Ernst & Young. Doug graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.
Thomas W. Kaslow (Vice-Chair)
Thomas W. Kaslow is the 2020 Generation Sector Vice-Chair and immediate past-Chairman of the Participants Committee. Tom has participated in the NEPOOL stakeholder process since the late 1990s, with a leadership role in defining New England’s original competitive market design and later serving as a NEPOOL witness in the FERC proceeding to review that design. He has been tapped many times since then to serve in various leadership roles, including as the 2004 Cold Snap Task Force Co-Chair, the Review Board Liaison Committee Chairman, the Markets Committee Vice-Chair (2010-2012), and the Generation Sector Vice-Chair (2014-currently). Tom is the Participants Committee member for FirstLight Power Management, LLC.
Tina Belew (Vice-Chair)
(End User) 
Tina Belew is now the End User Sector Vice-Chair.  Tin a represents the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General.
Dave Doot (Secretary)

Dave Doot is the Secretary of the Participants Committee.  He is a partner with Day Pitney, LLP. 
Sebastian Lombardi(Assistant Secretary)

Sebastian is the Assistant Secretary of the Participants Committee.  He is a partner with Day Pitney, LLP. 
Mariah Winkler (Chair)
Bill Fowler (Vice-Chair)


Erin Wasik-Guttierez (Secretary)
Emily Laine (Chair)
Bob Stein (Vice-Chair)


Marc Lyons (Secretary)
Emily Laine (Chair)
Jose Rotger (Vice-Chair)


Jay Dwyer (Secretary)
 Budget & Finance Subcommittee
Michelle Gardner (Chair)
 Membership Subcommittee
Sarah Bresolin Silver (Chair)
(Alternative Resources)
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