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 Jun 19 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement ER18-1639 Constellation Mystic Power (Exelon) files an answer to the protest and comments filed (i) asking that the FERC set the case for hearing and settlement procedures, as soon as possible, with the hearing held in abeyance pending the outcome of the settlement discussions; and (ii) requesting that the FERC "appropriately narrow" the issues to be addressed in such proceedings
 Jun 19 ISO-NE Waiver Filing: Mystic 8 & 9 ER18-1509 NEPGA answers ISO-NE's June 7 answer
 Jun 19 NEPGA Mystic Complaint EL18-154  NEPGA answers those parties that opposed the steps outlined in its Complaint
 Jun 18 Footprint Power Civil Penalty Show Cause Order IN18-7 FERC directs Footprint Power to show cause why they should not (i) be found to have violated the ISO-NE Tariff and FERC regulations by submitting what Enforcement staff has concluded were false and misleading supply offers for, and by failing to report the fuel status and related operational status of, Salem Harbor Unit 4 in June and July of 2013; and (ii) disgorge $2.05 million in CSO payments and be assessed a $4.2 million civil penalty
 Jun 18 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: Identified PTOs ER18-1722 PTOs answer NEPOOL's comments
 Jun 15 NEPGA Mystic Complaint/
ISO-NE Waiver Filing: Mystic 8 & 9
FirstEnergy Solutions renews its request that the
FERC immediately adopt the proposal that FirstEnergy Service Co. filed in Docket
No. RM18-1
to ensure the continued operation of critical nuclear and coal-fired generators
while a long term solution is developed
 Jun 14 MPD OATT Annual Informational Filing ER15-1429 Emera Maine requests wavier of MPD OATT to permit it to hold its annual meeting with stakeholders on Jun 27 — 2 days before what would ordinarily be permitted
 Jun 13 Sched. 21-EM: BHD Tax
Law & Settlement Changes; MPD OATT Changes 
Emera Maine submits response to Deficiency Letter 
 Jun 12 Membership ER18-1485 FERC accepts memberships of: Anbaric Development Partners; Appian Way Energy Partners East; Canton Mountain Wind; GSP Lost Nation; GSP Merrimack; GSP Newington; GSP Schiller; GSP White Lake; Marco DM Holdings; and WATTIFI Inc.; Terminations of: AmericaWide Energy; Optik Energy; Name change of Energy Rewards (f/k/a Fairpoint Energy)
 Jun 12 Capital Projects Report - 2018 Q1 ER18-1571 FERC accepts 2018 Q1 Report
 Jun 11 Economic Life Determination Revisions ER18-1770 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to the determination of economic life to provide that the economic life of an Existing Capacity Resource is calculated as the evaluation period in which the net present value of the resource’s expected future profit is maximized; comment date Jul 2
 Jun 11 MPS Merger Cost Recovery Settlement ER15-1434 et al. Judge Dring certifies May 8 Settlement to the FERC
 Jun 8 ISO-NE Waiver Filing: Mystic 8 & 9 ER18-1509 Algonquin submits supplemental comments
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 Jun 7 ISO-NE Waiver Filing: Mystic 8 & 9 ER18-1509 Answers filed by NEPOOL, ISO-NE, Exelon, NEPGA
 Jun 7 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: Identified PTOs ER18-1722 NEPOOL files comments
 Jun 7 Deepwater Wind  Complaint EL18-171 K. Leonard, individual ratepayer and councilwoman for the City of Newport RI, files complaint against the RIPUC, National Grid, and Deepwater Wind Block Island seeking, among other things, declaratory and injunctive relief barring the continued implementation of the Deepwater Wind Rhode Island PPA and prohibiting the RIPUC from "designating renewable power costs as 'distribution' costs in any way that prevents consumers from the benefits of purchasing power from competitive sources"
 Jun 6 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement EL18-1639 Comments and Protests filed by: NEPOOL, ISO-NE, Algonquin, CT Parties, EDF, ENECOS, EPSA, Eversource, FirstLight, IECG, MA AG, MPUC, National Grid, NEPGA, NESCOENew England LDCs, NextEra, NHPUC, NRG, Repsol, Verso;
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 Jun 6 NEPGA Mystic Complaint EL18-154 Comments and Protests filed by: NEPOOL, ISO-NE, CT Parties, ENECOS, EPSA, Eversource, National Grid, NESCOE
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 Jun 6 Order 845: LGIA/LGIP Reforms RM17-8 ISO-NE answers AWEA Request for Clarification
 Jun 4 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement Proceeding EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report noting parties have reached a settlement in principle and recommending settlement procedures be cont'd
 Jun 1 Order 845: LGIA/LGIP Reforms (RM17-8) RM17-18 FERC grants extension of compliance filing deadline to Nov 5, 2018
 Jun 1 ISO Securities: Authorization for Future Drawdowns ES18-25 FERC authorizes ISO-NE drawdowns under a new $20 million Revolving Credit Line and a new $4 million line of credit supporting the Payment Default Shortfall Fund
 May 31 NEPGA Mystic 8/9 Price Suppression Complaint EL18-154 FERC denies NESCOE’s request for 14-day extension of time; comment date remains Jun 6
 May 31 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: UI ER18-1718 UI requests waiver of the relevant provisions of Schedule 21-UI so that it may incorporate the lower federal corporate income tax rate (21%) in its July 1, 2018, Mid-Year Rate Calculation
 May 31 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: CMP ER18-1719 CMP requests waiver of the relevant provisions of Schedule 21-CMP so that it may incorporate the lower federal corporate income tax rate (21%) in its July 1, 2018, Mid-Year Rate Calculation
 May 31 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: Identified PTOs   ER18-1722 Identified PTOs request waiver of of certain provisions of ISO-NE OATT Attachment F in order to reflect lower federal corporate income tax rate in the 2018 RNS rate projected transmission revenue requirement (eff. Jun 1, 2018)
 May 31 2017 Tax Law Waiver Request: NHT ER18-1723 NHT requests waiver of the relevant provisions of Schedule 21-NHT so that it may incorporate the 21% federal corporate income tax rate in its Jun 1 Annual Wholesale Transmission Revenue Reqs. and Schedule 21-NHT rate update
 May 31 Membership ER18-1714 NEPOOL requests FERC accept Jun 1 membership of Group628 and termination of Participant status of Cumulus Master Fund, Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp., Palmco CT, South Jersey Energy ISO1, VCharge           
 May 31 Schedule 21-NSTAR Annual Informational Filing ER09-1243 ER07-549 NSTAR submits informational filing containing true-up of billings under Schedule 21-NSTAR for the period Jan1, 2017 through Dec 31, 2017
 May 31 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE submits revised FERC Form 714 for calendar year 2017
 May 31 203 App.: NRG Canal/ Stonepeak EC18-83 FERC authorizes transaction pursuant to which NRG Canal will be acquired indirectly by Stonepeak Holdings, LLC and no longer be a Related Person to the NRG/GenOn companies
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