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Litigation Updates & Reports

 Activity Since the March 31, 2020 Report
    Last Update: Apr 3, 2020 6:10 pm


Docket Brief Description
Apr 3 Membership ER20-1130 FERC accepts (i) SP Transmission's provisional membership; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of QPH Capital; and (iii) Pixelle Energy Services' name change
Apr 3 Capital Projects Reports
ER20-973 FERC accepts 2019 Q4 Report
Apr 3 Conforming ISO-NE Tariff updates ER20-1497 ISO-NE submits a conformed § III.13.6 to be effective Jun 1, 2020, that consolidates previously-accepted changes made with the Oct 18, 2019 PRD
Revisions, Apr 2, 2018 FCM Revisions and Oct 12, 2016 Resource Dispatchability Changes
Apr 2 COVID-19
EL20-37 FERC issues a blanket waiver of all Tariff/OATT requirements to hold meetings in-person and/or to provide/obtain notarized documents
Apr 2 ISO-NE Waiver Request: Tariff Affidavit Reqs.
ER20-1484 ISO-NE requests a waiver of all notarization requirements contained in the Tariff or
required under FERC regulations from Apr 2 through end of effectiveness of COVID-19-related emergency orders or declarations
Apr 2 COVID 19 AD20-11
FERC extends filing deadline for 2020 Q1 EQRs to Jun 1, 2020 (from Apr 30)
Apr 2 COVID-19 AD20-11 Non-statutory deadlines extended by FERC to May 1, 2020 include: (i) answers to complaints and orders to show cause with pre-May 1, 2020 deadlines; (ii) initial and reply briefs in paper hearings with pre-May 1, 2020 deadlines; (iii) interventions, protests, or comments to a complaint; and (iv) briefs on and opposing exceptions to an initial decision.  Entities may seek waiver of FERC orders, regulations, tariffs, rate schedules, and service agreements, as appropriate, to address needs resulting from steps
they take in response to the emergency conditions caused by COVID-19 -- action on all such motions will be taken as expeditiously as possible
Apr 2 Semi-Annual Reserve Market Compliance 
ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 28th semi-annual report
Apr 1 2013/14 Winter Reliability Program Remand Proceeding
FERC accepts ISO-NE’s Jan 23, 2017 compliance filing, finds that the bid results from the 2013-2014 Winter Reliability Program just and reasonable, and provides the further reasoning requested by the DC Circuit for this finding
Apr 1 Phase II VT DMNRC Support Agreement Order 864-Related Filing
ER20-1480 VELCO, as agent of Joint Owners, submits filing explaining why no changes to the Agreement are required to comply with Order 864
 2020 Reports 
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 Aug 17                Mystic
              Exec. Summary
 Aug 6         activity page
 Jul 27           ER18-1639
           ISO-NE Notice re:
        Discovery Requests
             for Confid. Info.
 Jul 15  Summary: Mystic
             COS Agreement
 Jul 2    Summary: Mystic
               Waiver Order
 Jun 25                Mystic
                 Summaries II
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 Jun 9                  Mystic
 May 31         ER18-1509
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 May 8      Memo re: ROE
 May 3        activity page
 Apr 24       Memo re: 
                 Base ROE 
                 Complaint I 
                 DC Cir Decis.
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Supp: summary of Jan 30 orders 
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 2014 Reports
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Supp: Summary of Sep 19 Mtg (AD14-19)
 Sep 11
Supp: Summary of Appeals Ct Order 1000 Decision
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Supp: Summary of May 30 FCM PI Order 
 May 1
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Supp: Summary of Feb 27-Mar 4 PI Pleadings
Supp: Summary of Feb 12/14  Performance Incentives Pleadings
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