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 Activity Since the July 10 Report
    Last Update: Aug 4, 2020 11:50 pm


Docket   Brief Description
Aug 4 Order 841 Compliance Filings (Electric Storage in RTO/ISO Markets)
ER19-470 FERC conditionally accepts Order 841 Compliance Filing II, eff. Dec 19, 2019, with a limited number of revisions to become eff. Jan 1, 2026
Aug 3 Exelon PP-10 Complaint
EL20-52 Exelon answers ISO-NE and NEPOOL 
Jul 31 2020/2021 Power Year Transmission Rate Filing
ER09-1532 PTO AC submits informational filing identifying adjustments to regional transmission service charges for the Jun 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 period; an RNS Rate of $129.26 /kW-year and a Schedule 1 formula rate of $1.745 kW-year, increases of $17.32 /kW-year and $0.152/kW-year, respectively
Jul 31 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports - 2020 Spring
ZZ20-4 IMM files Spring 2020 Report; will be discussed at Aug 11-13 MC meeting
Jul 31 Sched. 21-FG&E Annual Info Filing ER20-1498 FG&E submits annual update to its Revenue Requirement recovered through the ISO-NE Tariff and Schedule 21-FG&E for the Jun 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020 period
Jul 31 VTransco Order 864 Compliance Filing ER20-2594 VTransco submits Order 864 compliance filing

Jul 31 Membership ER20-2581 New Members: Blueprint Power Technologies (Provisional Member) and Advanced Energy Economy (Fuels Industry Participant); and
Terminations: New Hampshire Industries Inc. and The Energy Council of Rhode Island
Jul 30 Membership ER20-1943 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of: Actual Energy; Borrego Solar Systems; Paper Birch Energy; Priogen Power; and Standard Normal Energy; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of: Royal Bank of Canada; Wallingford Energy II; Agera Energy ; and (iii) the name changes of: Versant Power and IPKeys Power Partners, Inc.
Jul 30 NEP Order 864 Compliance Filing
ER20-2551 NEP submits Order 864 compliance filing
Jul 30 NEP Order 864 Revisions to TSA-NEP-22 ER20-2553 NEP submits Order 864 changes to the Local Service Agreement by and between NEP and
Jul 28 Mystic 8/9 COS Agreement ROE Paper Hearing
ER20-1639 FERC reopens record to allow participants to this proceeding an opportunity to present written evidence applying the FERC’s revised ROE methodology, as established in Opinion 569-A, to the facts of this proceeding; initial briefs due Sep 28, 2020; responses to those initial briefs, Oct 28, 2020. No additional answers or briefs will be permitted.
Jul 28 Information Policy §2.3 Revisions
ER20-2518 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file enhancements/ clarifications to Info Policy 
Jul 27 Exelon PP-10 Complaint
EL20-52 Answers to Exelon's Jul 10 answer filed by NEPOOL, ISO-NE, NEPGA, Vistra
Jul 27 DAM Offer Window Modification
ER20-2511 ISO-NE and NEPOOL files changes to extend by 30 minutes the Day-Ahead Energy Market (DAM) offer window
Jul 27 CIP IROL Cost Recovery Rules
ER20-739-002 FERC issues notice of denial by Operation of Law and providing for further consideration of IROL-Critical Facility Owners' Jun 25 request for rehearing 
Jul 27 VTransco Rate Schedule Cancellations  ER20-2507 VTransco files notice of cancellation of 2 rate schedules no longer in use
Jul 24 Billing Policy Enhancements and Clean-Up Changes ER20-1862 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jul 27, 2020
Jul 23 Sched. 22: NSTAR/Vineyard Wind LGIA  ER20-2489 NSTAR submits non-conforming LGIA with Vineyard Wnd and ISO-NE
Jul 23 NSTAR Transmission Service Agreement Cancellations ER20-1896 FERC accepts cancellation noties, eff. Jul 27, 2020
Jul 21 EE CSOs During Scarcity Conditions
ER20-1967 FERC accepts changes, eff. Aug 1, 2020
Jul 20 206 Invest'n: ISO-NE Implem. of Order 1000 Exemptions for Immed. Need Rel. Projects EL19-90-001 LS Power, MMWEC/NHEC request reh'g of the FERC's Jun 18, 2020 order terminating the 206 proceeding it initiated
Jul 20 Inventoried Energy Program (Chapter 2B) Remand
ER19-1428-004 MA AG, NECOS/ENE, NHPUC/NH OCA request reh'g of Jun 18, 2020 IEP Remand Order
Jul 17 Inventoried Energy Program (Chapter 2B) Remand
ER19-1428-004 Clean Energy Advocates, MPUC request reh'g of Jun 18, 2020 IEP Remand Order
Jul 17 206 Invest'n: ISO-NE Implem. of Order 1000 Exemptions for Immed. Need Rel. Projects EL19-90-001 CT PURA/CT OCC/MA AG jointly request reh'g of the FERC's Jun 18, 2020 order terminating the 206 proceeding it initiated 
Jul 17 ISO-NE Order 845 Compliance Filing II ER19-1951-002 ISO-NE and NEPOOL submit compliance filing with changes directed in Mar 19, 2020 order and supported by the NPC at its Jun 4 meeting
Jul 17 Mystic 8/9 COS Agreement:
Order on Mar 1, 2019 Compliance filing
ER18-1639-003 FERC accepts in part, and rejects on part, the Mar 1, 2019 compliance filing and directs a further compliance filing due on or before Sep 15, 2020
Jul 17 Mystic 8/9 COS Agreement:
Order on Reh'g Requests of Dec 2018 Order
ER18-1639-002 FERC modifies the discussion in the Dec 2018 Order, sets aside the Order n part, grants clarification in part, denies clarification in part, and directs additional compliance
Jul 17 Mystic 8/9 COS Agreement:
Order on Reh'g Requests of Jul 2018 Order
ER18-1639-001 FERC modifies the discussion in the July 2018 Order, reaches the same result in this
proceeding, grant clarifications in part, and denies clarification in part
Jul 17 Sched.21-NEP: DWW E&P Agreement ER20-2454 New England Power Co. files Engineering & Procurement Agreement with DWW REV I, LLC in connection with Revolution Wind offshore wind project
Jul 17 Sched. 21-UI: UI/NextEra LCSA ER20-2449
UI files LCSA with NextEra
Jul 16 Liberty Complaint – Eversource/ISO-NE Failure to Correct Nov 2018 Meter Data Error/Load Assignment
EL20-27 FERC denies Complaint
Jul 16 NERA Petition: FERC Jurisdiction Over Customer-Side-of-the-Retail-Meter Energy Sales
EL20-42 FERC dismisses Petition on procedural grounds
Jul 16 Order 872: PURPA Revisions RM19-15
FERC approves revisions to its regulations implementing PURPA
Jul 15 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement Agreement
TOs file reply comments
Jul 15 Exelon PP-10 Complaint EL20-52 Anbaric answers ISO-NE and Avangrid motions
Jul 15 CMP Order 864 Compliance Filing ER20-2429 CMP submits Order 864 compliance filing
Jul 15 LFTR Implementation: 47th Quarterly Status Report
ER07-476 ISO-NE files its 47th quarterly report

Jul 15 NERA Petition: FERC Jurisdiction Over Customer-Side-of-the-Retail-Meter Energy Sales
EL20-42 Oxenham's answer protest and motions to dismiss
Jul 13 ISO-NE Securities: Authorization for Future Drawdowns
ES20-46 FERC authorizes ISO-NE drawdowns under a new $20 million Revolving Credit Line and a new $4 million line of credit supporting the Payment Default Shortfall Fund through May 31, 2022
Jul 13 Exelon PP-10 Complaint EL20-52 Avangrid opposes Exelon's Jun 23 motion to lodge
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