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Litigation Updates & Reports

 Activity Since the March 3, 2020 Report
    Last Update: Mar 30, 2020 1:05 pm


Docket Brief Description
Mar 27 CIP IROL Cost Recovery Rules
ER20-739-001 ISO-NE responds to FERC deficiency letter; comment date Apr 17, 2020
Mar 27 Sched. 21-NEP:
Winchendon Hydro SGIA 
ER20-1413 National Grid files SGIA with Winchendon Hydro;
comment date Apr 17

Mar 27 IA Cancellations: NGrid/GRS, NGrid/Mini-Watt 
National Grid submits notices of cancellation of superseded IAs with GRS and Mini-Watt; comment date Apr 17, 2020
Mar 27 ISO-NE FERC Form 715 not docketed FERC files 2020 Form 715
Mar 19 Interconnection Studies Scope and Reasonable Efforts Timelines Changes ER19-1952 FERC accepts changes, without change or condition, eff. Mar 19, 2020
Mar 19 ISO-NE Order 845 Compliance Filing
ER19-1951 FERC conditionally accepts New England's Order 845 compliance filing, eff. Mar 19, 2020; further compliance filing due Jul 17, 2020
Mar 19 Emera Maine Order 845 Compliance Filing ER19-1887 FERC conditionally accepts Emera Maine's Order 845 compliance filing, eff. May 20, 2019; further compliance filing due Jul 17, 2020
Mar 19 Membership ER20-923 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of: Avangrid Networks; TrueLight Commodities; and Weaver Wind; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of: Great Eastern Energy; Precept Power; and the TransCanada Companies; and (iii) the name change of Mercuria Energy America, LLC
Mar 19 Sched. 21-EM: 2019 Annual Update Settlement Agreement
ER15-1434-004 Emera Maine files Settlement Agreement to resolve all issues raised by the MPUC following its 2019 Annual Update filing
Mar 19 ISO-NE publications transmitted to FERC EL18-182 et al. ISO-NE files copy of e-mail transmitting to FERC links to its 2020 REO and presentation on "New England’s Wholesale Electricity Markets: The Clean Energy Transition and Future Pathways"
Mar 19 Liberty RBA Appeal – Failure to Correct Nov 2018 Meter Data Error/Load Assignment EL20-27 ISO-NE and Eversource answer Liberty complaint
Mar 13 Facilities Use Agreement Cancellation: NGrid/ Deepwater Block Island Wind
ER20-960 FERC accepts cancellation notice, eff. Apr 7, 2020
Mar 13 203 Application: CMP/NECEC
EC20-24 FERC authorizes transfer by CMP to NECEC Transmission LLC 7 TSAs pursuant to which transmission service will be provided over the New England Clean Energy Connect (“NECEC”) Transmission Line to the participants that are funding that line
Mar 12 MPD OATT 2018 Annual Informational Filing
Emera Maine submits uncontested Joint Offer of Settlement between itself, the MPUC and the MCG to resolve all issues set for hearing by the FERC in its Apr 30, 2019 Order regarding Emera Maine’s annual charges update
Mar 10 Economic Life
Determination Revisions
ER18-1770-002 FERC grants NEPGA's request for rehearing of the Nov 9, 2018 order accepting revised Tariff language that changed the determination of economic life under Section III. of the Tariff; rejects the revisions, eff. Aug 10, 2018, without prejudice to ISO-NE filing proposed tariff revisions similar to the Economic Life Revisions, to be effective prospectively; but does not require ISO-NE to rerun FCA13 or FCA14 without applying the Economic Life Revisions
Mar 10 ISO-NE Waiver Request: FCA15 De-List Bids Submission Deadline
ER20-759 FERC grants requested waiver of § III.13.1.10(b) of the Tariff to allow Market Participants to adjust or withdraw their FCA15 Retirement De-List Bids or Permanent De-List Bids should ISO-NE make a subsequent non-clerical change to certain ISO Tariff revisions after the current March 13, 2020 deadline for De-List Bids (which will not change) or in the lead-up to (or as part of) the Apr 2 NPC vote on ESI 
Mar 10 D&E Agreement Cancellation: CL&P / CPV Towantic
ER20-1221 CL&P files notice of cancellation of D&E Agreement, which terminated upon effectiveness of LGIA between itself and CPV Towantic
Mar 9 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement Proceeding

EL16-19-002 TOs submit status update reporting that the Parties continue to move forward in developing
and completing the necessary settlement documents as expeditiously as possible; a next
status report will be filed, if and as necessary, on or before Apr 22, 2020
Mar 6 Fuel Security Retention Limit Revision ER20-89 FERC rejects Tariff revision
Mar 6 Northern Pass: TSA Cancellation / Cost Reimbursement
HQUS and Hydro-Quebec Production support the filings and ask the FERC to accept them as requested 
Mar 5 IA / TSA Cancellations: Emera Maine/ReEnergy Ashland  ER20-1173
Emera Maine submits notices of cancellation of the IA (1173) and TSA (1172) with ReEnergy Ashland
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