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Activity Since the December 4 Report            
    Last Update: Jan 7, 2019 8:05 pm


Docket Brief Description
Jan 6 Fuel Security Retention Limit Revision
ER20-89-001 ISO-NE files responses to Dec 6 deficiency letter; comment date Jan 27, 2020
Jan 6 CIP IROL Cost Recovery ER20-739 ISO-NE files CIP IROL Cost Recovery Mechanism
Jan 6 ARA ICR-Related Values and HQICCs ER20-488 FERC accepts values, eff. Jan 21, 2020
Jan 3 NCFA Design ER20-394 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jan 15, 2020
Jan 3 FCA14 HQICCs and ICR-Related Values
ER20-311 FERC accepts proposed ICR and Related Values as requested, eff. Jan 3, 2020
Jan 2 RFA Cancellations:
Clear River Energy
CL&P and NSTAR file notice of cancellation of Clear River Related Facilities Agreements
Jan 2 Sched. 21-GMP Revised Depreciation Rates
ER20-358 FERC accepts revisions; eff. Dec 12, 2019
Dec 30 Order 841 Compliance Filing II ER19-470 FERC grants NEPOOL's request for an extension of time for the submission in response to the requirements of the Nov 22 Order 841 Initial Compliance Filing Order; submission now due on or before Feb 10, 2020
Dec 30 Membership ER20-710 New Members: Enel Trading North America; MP2 Energy; and Rodan Energy Solutions (USA)
Dec 30 UI Trans. Rate Incentive Request: Pequonnock Substation Project
ER19-1359-001 FERC denies rehearing of May 14 order
Dec 27 206 Investigation: ISO-NE Implementation of Order 1000 Exemptions for Immediate Need Rel. Projects
EL19-90 ISO-NE responds to questions in October 17 Order; comment date Jan 17
Dec 26 Base ROE Complaints I-IV
EL11-66; EL13-33;
EL14-86; EL16-64

TOs file Supplemental Brief that addresses the consequences of the Nov 21 MISO ROE Order and request that the FERC reopen the record to permit additional testimony on the impacts of the MISO ROE Order's changes
Dec 26 Order 841 Initial Compliance Filing Rehearing Request ER19-470-003 ISO-NE requests rehearing of FERC's Nov 22 finding that ISO-NE's compliance filing failed to comply with Order 841's requirement that electric storage resources be allowed to account for their state of charge and duration in the Day-Ahead Energy Market
Dec 26 Order 841 Initial Compliance Filing Rehearing Request  ER19-470-003 ISO-NE requests that the FERC accept its request for rehearing (see above) as timely
Dec 26 FCA14 HQICCs and ICR-Related Values ER20-311 NEPGA answers ISO-NE and National Grid answers
Dec 20 FCA14 Qualification Info. Filing
ER20-308 Able Grid answers IMM Dec 5 Answer
Dec 20 Sched. 21-EM:
Brookfield LSA
ER20-320 FERC accepts LSA, eff. Oct 1, 2019 
Dec 19 Order 841 Compliance Filing II
ER19-470 NEPOOL requests 20-day extension of compliance filing deadline, to Feb 10, to permit 
meaningful stakeholder consideration of proposed Tariff revisions
Dec 19 PJM MOPR-Related Proceedings
EL18-178; EL16-49 FERC directs PJM to submit a replacement rate that retains PJM’s current review of new natural gas-fired resources under the MOPR and extends the MOPR to include both new and existing resources, internal and external, that receive, or are entitled to receive, certain out-of-market payments, with certain exemptions; directs PJM to submit a 90-day compliance filing; and declines to order refunds 
Dec 19 Fuel Security 
Retention Sunset
ER20-645 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to sunset the fuel security reliability retention mechanism for FCA15
Dec 19 Genbright II Waiver Request: FCA14 Qualification
ER20-366 Genbright answers Eversource protest
Dec 19 2020 ISO-NE Budgets ER20-106 FERC accepts ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets, eff. Jan 1, 2020
Dec 19 2020 NESCOE Budget ER20-111 FERC accepts budget filing, eff. Jan 1, 2020
Dec 17 EMM Contract
ER20-619 ISO-NE files new contract for EMM services with Potomac Economics; comment date Jan 7
Dec 16 LGIA Cancellation: Superseded PSNH (Merrimack) LGIA  ER20-142 FERC accepts cancellation notice, eff. Oct 8, 2019
Dec 16 Credit Reforms in
RTO/ISO Markets
AD20-6 Energy Trading Institute requests FERC technical conference and rulemaking to
update the requirements adopted in Order 741 and Section 35.47 of the Commission’s
regulations addressing credit and risk management in the markets operated by ISOs and RTOs
Dec 13 2019 Q3 Capital Projects Report
ER20-107 FERC accepts Q3 Report, eff. Oct 1, 2019
Dec 12 CPower FCA14 Qual.
Waiver Request
ER20-458 CPower answers ISO-NE's opposition to CPower's primary relief request
Dec 12 Sched. 21-EM:
Berkshire Wind LSA
ER20-585 NSTAR and ISO-NE file Local Service Agreement with Brekshire Wind Power Cooperative
Dec 12 Sched. 22: NGrid/Clear River LGIA Cancellation
ER20-586 National Grid and ISO-NE file notice of cancellation of Clear River LGIA
Dec 11 FCA14 ICR-Related
Values and HQICCs
ER20-311 ISO-NE and National Grid answer NEPGA Nov 26 comments
Dec 10 PRD Clean-Up Changes
ER20-140 FERC accepts changes, eff. Dec 18, 2019
Dec 10 Competitive Transmission Solicitation Enhancements ER20-92 FERC accepts enhancements, eff. Dec 10, 2019
Dec 10 203 App: CMP/NECEC EC20-24 CMP requests authorization to transfer to NECEC 7 TSAs, executed on June 13, 2018, that provide the rates, terms, and conditions under which transmission service will be provided over the NECEC Transmission Line to the participants that are funding construction of the Line
Dec 9 CPower FCA14 Qual.
Waiver Request
ER20-458 ISO-NE opposes requested primary relief (to allow its Solar Demand Resources to participate in FCA14 with only summer Qualified Capacity) but not alternative relief (to allow CPower to undo the RTR election for its Solar Demand Resources and enter into composite offers)
Dec 9 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement
EL16-19-002 TOs submit update reporting that, since the October Order, NETOs and other active participants and have made progress towards developing settlement documents, with no new issues identified to date that would suggest that the active participants will be unable to finalize the settlement based on the agreements in principle; a next status report will be filed, if and as necessary, on or before Jan 23, 2020
Dec 6 Fuel Security Retention
Limit Revision
ER20-89 FERC issues Deficiency Letter;
responses due Jan 6
Dec 6 NCFA Rate ER20-395 Calpine, Cogentrix file comments
Dec 6 NCFA Design ER20-394 Calpine submits comments supporting changes
Dec 6 Interconnection Service Capability Changes
ER20-450 NEPOOL submits supplemental comments to provide FERC with further information regarding the NEPOOL stakeholder process and NEPOOL’s consideration of the Changes
Dec 6 Genbright FCA14 Qual.
Waiver Request II  
ER20-366 Genbright submits form of non-disclosure agreement
Dec 6 November 2019
Membership Filing
ER20-264 FERC accepts New Members: Macquarie Energy Trading, SociVolta, and Transource New England; Terminations: Life Energy, New Shoreham, and Emera Energy Services Subsidiary Nos. 3, 5, 7, 8, and 11
Dec 6 MPD OATT 2018 Annual
Info Compliance Filing
FERC accepts Emera Maine’s May 16, 2019 compliance filing, eff. June 1, 2018
Dec 5 FCA14 Qualification Informational Filing ER20-308 ISO-NE answers EMM comments and RENEW and Able Grid protests
Dec 5 Genbright II Waiver Request: FCA14 Qualification ER20-366 Genbright directed to provide a form of Non-Disclosure Agreement to each party in this proceeding on or before Dec 9; the submission of the NDA will re-start the 60-day clock for FERC action
Dec 5 D&E Agreement:
CL&P/CPV Towantic
ER20-521 Eversource files agreement  to set forth the terms and conditions under which CL&P will undertake certain preliminary design and engineering activities on the mitigation of violations (including re-conductoring a 115kV 1029-2 line from Bunker Hill to Baldwin Tap) that were identified in ISO-NE’s studies, prior to execution of the LGIA
Dec 5 Sched. 21-NEP:
Deerfield Wind RFA
ER20-214 FERC accepts RFA, eff. Oct 1, 2019
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