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    Last Update: Apr 9, 2019 12:30 am


Docket Brief Description
Apr 5 Regional Report ER19-1052 FERC accepts ISO-NE's 2018 Q4 Capital Projects Report, eff. Jan 1, 2019
Apr 5 Transmission Rate Incentive Request: UI’s Pequonnock Substation Project ER19-1359 State PartiesPublic Citizen protest UI's request
Apr 4 SGIA Termination: CMP/Sparhawk  ER19-1019 FERC accepts notice of cancellation, eff. Jan 17, 2019
Apr 1 Order 841 Compliance Filing ER19-470 FERC issues deficiency letter 
Apr 1 132nd Agreement (Press Membership Provisions) ER18-2208 NEPOOL submits update on Kuser membership application
Apr 1 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 26th semi-annual report
Mar 29 Membership ER19-1469 New Members: Revere Power, Valcour Wind Energy; Name Changes: GenOn Canal LLC; Messer Energy Services; and Enerwise Global Technologies, LLC (CPower)
Mar 28 132nd Agreement (Press Membership Provisions) ER18-2208 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider NEPOOL's Request for Clarification, of in the alternative Rehearing, of the January 29 Order
Mar 27 Membership ER19-936 FERC accepts Manchester Street and McCallum Enterprises memberships; terminations of Clear Choice Energy; Covanta Projects of Wallingford; Fairchild Energy and Fairchild Semiconductor; Noble Environmental Power; StateWise Energy Mass.; Swift River Trading Co.; and the Tomorrow Energy Corp (f/k/a Sperian Energy Corp.) name change
Mar 26 Regional Report: ISO-NE
FERC Form 715
not docketed ISO-NE submits annual report of total MWh of transmission service
Mar 25 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security Proposal (Chapter 2B)  ER19-1428 ISO-NE files Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) proposal
Mar 22 EE M&V Declaratory Order Petition EL19-43 Petitioners answer ISO-NE's Mar 7 answer 
Mar 22 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement Compliance Filing ER18-1639 Protests submitted by: CT Parties, ENECOS, MA AG, MMWEC/NHEC, National Grid, NESCOE,
Mar 22 Release of Data Request Response from 2006 Mystic Development RMR Proceeding ER06-427-003
Concord, Reading and Wellesley move to have released from a 2006 protective order a data request regarding the net book value of Mystic 8&9 at that time
Mar 22 Mystic COS Agreement Amendment No. 1 ER19-1164 Protests submitted by: CT Parties, ENECOS, MMWEC/NHEC, Verso
Mar 21 203 App: Emera / Revere Power   EC19-35 FERC authorizes the transfer of 100% of the indirect ownership interests in Bridgeport, Rumford and Tiverton from Emera to Revere Power
Mar 21 ROE Policy Statement PL19-4 FERC seeks information and stakeholder views to help it explore whether, and if so how, it should modify its ROE policies used in designing jurisdictional rates charged by public utilities, and interstate and natural gas and oil pipelines
Mar 21 D&E Agreement Cancellation (NSTAR/National Grid)  ER19-1395 NSTR files to cancel D&E Agreement supporting Wynn Casino interconnection work 
Mar 21 EPCOM Agrmt. Cancellation: CL&P/Cricket Valley ER19-980 FERC accepts notice of cancellation, eff. Feb 17, 2019 
Mar 20 ISO-NE eTariff
Versioning Corrections
ER19-1387 ISO-NE files corrections to eTariff so that its eTariff reflects proper Tariff section versions
Mar 18 Winter Fuel Security
(Chapter 3)
EL18-182 FERC grants extension of time, to Oct 15, 2019, for filing of Chapter 3 proposal(s)
Mar 15 Sched. 20-A Rollover TSAs ER19-1107
Brookfield files comments on TSA filings
Mar 15 UI Transmission Rate Incentive Request ER19-1359 UI requests approval of certain transmission rate incentives for its investment in the Pequonnock Substation Project
Mar 14 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports - 2018 Fall ZZ18-4 IMM files Fall 2018 Report
Mar 14 132nd Agreement (Press Membership Provisions) ER18-2208 RTO Insider protests NEPOOL's Request for Clarification
Mar 13 132nd Agreement (Press Membership Provisions) ER18-2208 Public Interest Organizations protest NEPOOL's Request for Clarification 
Mar 13 Significant Decrease Calculations ER19-1271 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file revisions to Market Rule 1 to address a technical error related to the
significant decrease calculations used for FCA
Mar 12 Dighton Additional Cost Recovery Request ER19-853 FERC authorizes recovery of $42,030 in O&M costs not recovered due to Reliability Commitment Mitigation applied to Dighton on Nov 14 and 15, 2018 and regulatory costs associated with this request
Mar 12 203 App: FirstLight Restructuring EC19-44 FERC authorizes disposition of jurisdictional facilities that will result from a proposed corporate restructuring involving the transfer of FirstLight Hydro’s electric generating facilities and related assets to FirstLight project companies
 Mar 11 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notice of suspension of Chris Anthony from the New England Markets
 Mar 11 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notice of suspension of Manchester Methane from the New England Markets
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