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    Last Update: Jan 31, 2019 8:20 am


Docket Brief Description
 Jan 30 PER Settlement Agreement Refund Report EL16-120 FERC accepts Refund Report
 Jan 30 Sched. 21-EM:
Corrections to § 10.2
ER19-64 FERC accepts corrections, eff. Dec 9, 2018
 Jan 29 132nd Agreement (Press Membership Provisions) ER18-2208 FERC rejects NEPOOL's changes to that would have precluded press reporters from becoming NEPOOL End User Participants or representatives of NEPOOL Participants, concluding that NEPOOL had not supported that “barring members of the press from exercising the privileges unique to NEPOOL membership—i.e. attending, speaking, and voting at NEPOOL meetings—will meaningfully advance its aim for 
candid deliberation in light of” NEPOOL’s Bylaws and Standard Conditions Waivers & Reminders “currently in place—which this order does not affect—[that] already prohibit reporting on deliberations or attributing statements to other NEPOOL members.” 
 Jan 29 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms Remand Proceeding
ER16-551 FERC clarifies on remand that a capacity supplier’s Retirement Bid will be used in a FCA “if the supplier persuades the [FERC] that the bid is just and reasonable, despite contrary assertions by ISO-NE’s [IMM],” with ISO-NE required to include in its relevant filing information relating to both the capacity supplier’s justification for its offer and the IMM’s position.
 Jan 29 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms Remand Proceeding ER16-551 IMM submits comments
 Jan 29 CASPR Conforming Changes
ER19-444 FERC accepts changes, including proposed test price mechanism, clarifying that ISO-NE’s section 205 filing must include the relevant information and justification submitted by both the Market Participant and the IMM, with the Market Participant’s test price to be accepted so long as found to be just and reasonable notwithstanding contrary assertions by the IMM.
 Jan 28 Interconnection Process Enhancement: Retiring Resources Treatment ER19-449 FERC accepts enhancements, eff. Jan 29, 2019
 Jan 28 ARA ICR-Related Values
and HQICCs
ER19-447 FERC accepts ICR-Related Values and HQICCs, eff. Jan 29, 2019
 Jan 25 Chapter 3 Proposal EL18-182 FERC issues notice extending to Feb 4 answer period for answers to ISO-NE's Extension Request
 Jan 25 NSTAR/MATEP Revised Distribution Service Agreement
ER19-431 FERC accepts Agreement, eff. Jan 30, 2019
 Jan 24 Base ROE Complaints I-IV: EL11-66 et al. TOs oppose motions to intervene of AEP, LA PSC, So. Cal. Edison
 Jan 23 Chapter 3 Proposal EL18-182 NESCOE files motion supporting ISO-NE Extension Request
 Jan 22 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement ER18-1639-002 Requests for clarification and/or rehearing of Mystic Order filed by: Constellation Mystic Power, CT Parties,  EDFENECOS, MA AG, NESCOE, NextEra
 Jan 22 ADIT NOPR RM19-5 Comments on ADIT NOPR filed by over 14 parties, including Eversource, EEI, NRECA
 Jan 22 New England Ratepayers Association Complaint
EL19-10 NH Generator Group answers PSNH motion to lodge
 Jan 18 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms (Remand) ER16-551 NEPOOLExelon submit limited responses to ISO-NE's Jan 15 comments
 Jan 18 Mystic 8/9 Cost of Service Agreement  ER18-1639-002 Repsol requests rehearing of the Dec 22 Mystic Order 
 Jan 18 Chapter 3 Proposal EL18-182 ISO-NE requests extension of time, to Nov 15, 2019, to file the Chapter 3 Proposal(s)
 Jan 18 Dighton Add'l Cost Recovery ER19-853 On behalf of Dighton, lead market participant ConEd requests $42,030 in add'l O&M cost recovery and $18,143 in regulatory costs for Reliability Commitment Mitigation applied to Dighton on Nov 14-15, 2018
 Jan 18 NSTAR/HQ US MMWEC Use Rights Transfer Agreement ER19-409 FERC accepts agreement, eff. Dec 20, 2018
 Jan 17 Membership ER19-446 FERC accepts the memberships of Supplier Sector members Alpha Gas & Electric; Eagle's View Partners; and Thordin ApS; (ii) the Participant status termination of Food City & East Ave. Energy (End User Sector); and (iii) the name change of Enel X North America (f/k/a EnerNOC)
 Jan 16 Membership Not Docketed ISO-NE notice of Lotus Danbury LMS100 One Market suspension
 Jan 16 Membership Not Docketed ISO-NE notice of Noble Environmental Power Market suspension 
 Jan 16 Membership Not Docketed ISO-NE notice of Viridity Energy Inc. Market suspension
 Jan 15 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms (Remand) ER16-551 ISO-NE submits filing urging the FERC, in response to the remand, to affirm the holdings of its previous orders in this docket that (i) suppliers’ FCA Retirement Bids are inputs to rates, not “rates” under FPA § 205 and therefore are not entitled to FERC assessment under § 205’s “just and reasonable” standard (proposing instead that the ISO’s filing of Retirement Bids be treated as an informational filing), and (ii) the ISO’s mitigation of Retirement Bids does not usurp generators’ § 205 rights
 Jan 15 Waiver Request: Vineyard Wind FCA13 Participation ER19-570 MA DOER intervenes out-of-time and supports Vineyard’s Wind limited waiver request
 Jan 15 LFTR Implementation: 41st Quarterly Status Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files its 41st quarterly report
 Jan 15 D&E Agreement Cancellation: PSNH/
Essential Power
ER19-817 PSNH submits notice of cancellation of Design, Engineering and Construction Agreement with Essential Power Newington, which recently terminated by its terms (completion of services and billings)
 Jan 11 Waiver Request: Vineyard Wind FCA13 Participation ER19-570 NESCOE answers NEPGA's Jan 4 protest
 Jan 11 Base ROE Complaints I-IV: EL11-66 et al. Initial Briefs on Paper Hearing submitted by: EMCOS, Complainant-Aligned Parties, TOs, EEI, Louisiana PSC, Southern California Edison, AEP
 Jan 11 Motion to Apply Ethics Guidance EL18-182 et al. Clean Energy Advocates request that Commissioner McNamee recuse himself or be recused from these proceedings to the extent ethics guidance provided with respect to RM18-1 and pending FirstEnergy requests so require
 Jan 10 Waiver Request: Vineyard Wind FCA13 Participation ER19-570 Vineyard Wind answers NEPGA's Jan 4 protest
 Jan 9 CASPR Conforming Changes ER19-444 ISO-NE answers NEPGA's limited protest and Motion to Lodge
 Jan 8 ICR and Related Values Assumptions Updates ER19-343 FERC accepts assumptions updates, eff. Jan 14, 2019
 Jan 8 Economic Life Determination Revisions ER18-1770 FERC issues tolling order affording it add'l time to consider NEPGA’s request for rehearing of Nov 9 Economic Life Determination Revisions Order
 Jan 7 CASPR Conforming Changes ER19-444 NEPOOL files limited answer to NEPGA's Dec 21 limited protestNEPGA moves to lodge Exelon Corporation v. FERC, Case No. 17-1275 (D.C. Cir., Dec. 28, 2018)
 Jan 7 Base ROE Complaints I-IV EL11-66 et al. FERC issues Disclosure Order responding to Customers’ request that it identify the sources, data sets, and analyses underlying Figures 2 and 3 in the Order Directing Briefs
 Jan 7 New England Ratepayers Assoc. Complaint EL19-10 PSNH moves to lodge in this proceeding its Dec 27, 2018 pleading in NHPUC Docket No. DE 18-002, which objected to the request that the NHPUC determine certain IPP PPAs conform with SB 365/RSA Chap 362-H and noting uncertainties to be resolved on connection with any purchases
 Jan 7 FERC Enforcement Action: Algonquin Gas Trans.
Stip. & Consent Agreement
IN19-2 FERC approves Stip. and Consent Agreement with Algonquin, requiring Algonquin to pay a $400,000 civil penalty to resolve the FERC’s investigation into whether Algonquin violated the terms of the AIM Project Certif. of Public Conven. & Necessity
 Jan 4 Waiver Request: Vineyard Wind FCA13 Participation ER19-570 ISO-NE files comments not opposing Waiver Request, but requesting FERC action by Jan 29, 2019 if the waiver is to be effective for FCA13;
NEPGA files protest
 Jan 4 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – 2022-23 Capacity Commitment Period ER19-291 FERC accepts values, eff. Jan 5, 2019
 Jan 4 New England Ratepayers Assoc. Complaint EL19-10 NH AGNH Generator Group answer NERA Dec 20 answer
 Jan 3 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – Annual Reconfiguration Auctions ER19-447 ISO-NE answers NESCOE limited protest
 Jan 3 Fuel Security Retention Proposal   ER18-2364
Verso requests rehearing of Dec 3 Fuel Security Retention Proposal Order
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