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    Last Update: Feb 28, 2018 5:00 pm


Docket Brief Description
 Feb 28 Membership ER18-923 New Members: Bruce Power, CS Berlin Ops, HSE Hydro NH AC, Optik Energy; Terminations: Cargill Power Markets, RBC Energy Services
 Feb 28 203 Application: PSNH/
HSE Hydro NH
EC18-42 FERC authorizes NHS Hydro NH AC acquisition of PSNH hydro portfolio
 Feb 27 Regional Interest ER18-716 FERC accepts REMVEC II & REMVEC SAS Agreement terminations, eff. Mar 28, 2018
 Feb 27 CASPR ER18-619 ISO-NE answers EMM Feb 19 answer
 Feb 26 RNS/LNS Rates & Rate Protocols Settlement Proceeding EL16-19 Chief Judge issues order continuing settlement judge procedures
 Feb 23 Sched. 21-EM: Brookfield LSA ER18-901 ISO-NE and Emera Maine submit fully executed, non-conforming Local Service Agreement by and among Emera Maine, Brookfield Energy Marketing LP and ISO-NE for Firm Local Point-To-Point Service under Schedule 21-EM
 Feb 23 203 App: NRG/GIP III Zephyr Acquisition Partners EC18-61 NRG requests authorization for transactions pursuant to which GIP will acquire NRG Yield, NRG Renew and their public utility subsidiaries, and Carlsbad
 Feb 22 CASPR ER18-619 Connecticut (PURA, DEEP, OCC) answers Feb answers by ISO-NE and FirstLight
 Feb 22 Real-Time Reserve Designation & Settlement Rule Changes ER18-897 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file changes to become eff. Jun 1, 2018
 Feb 22 2017 Q4 Capital Projects Rpt ER18-841 NEPOOL intervenes and files comments supporting the Q4 Report
 Feb 21 Updated Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold ER18-620 NEPPGA answers Feb 13 ISO-NE NEPOOL answers
 Feb 21 Calpine/ECP 203 Application EC17-182 FERC authorizes transaction
 Feb 21 Regional Report ZZ17-4  IMM files Fall 2017 Quarterly Markets Report
 Feb 21 Membership  not docketed ISO-NE files notice of Market suspension of OhmConnect 
 Feb 20 PER Settlement ER17-2153
FERC approves PER Settlement (which revises
ISO-NE's method for calculating the PER Strike Price); FERC finds the issues of the applicability of the Strike Price methodology to FCA9, unresolved by the Settlement, beyond the scope of the settlement agreement proceeding; ISO-NE directed to make a compliance filing in eTariff format to reflect the FERC's action in the order
 Feb 19 CASPR ER18-619 EMM answers ISO-NE's Feb 13 answer 
 Feb 16 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notice of Market suspension of Millennium Power Partners
 Feb 15 PSNH Waiver Request ER18-465 FERC grants one-day waiver requested of Section III. (Restoration Plan submission deadline)
 Feb 15 Emera MPD OATT
Attachment J Revision
ER18-210 FERC accepts proposed tariff revision, suspends it for a nominal period, to become eff. Jan 1, 2018, as requested, subject to refund; establishes hearing & settlement judge procedures
 Feb 13 CASPR  ER18-619 Answers submitted by NEPOOLISO-NE and FirstLight 
 Feb 13 Updated Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold ER18-620 NEPOOLISO-NE submit answers to protests
 Feb 13 CSO Termination: Blue Sky West ER18-704 Blue Sky West protests the involuntary termination of its CSO
 Feb 12 CASPR ER18-619 NRECA submits answer supporting Public Systems' and APPA calls for FERC to open a Section 206 proceeding "to investigate accommodating and removing barriers to the self-supply of resources by New England cooperatives and public power utilities alongside ISO-NE's centralized FCAs 
 Feb 12 Membership ER18-539 FERC accepts termination of the Participant status of Aspirity Energy, Constellation Energy Services and Noble Americas Power & Gas
 Feb 12 Regional Interest ER18-435 FERC conditionally authorizes Anbaric to to sell transmission rights at negotiated rates on its Ocean Grid Project
 Feb 9 Regional Report ER18-841 ISO-NE files 2017 Q4 Capital Projects Report
 Feb 8 Calpine/LS Power Delayed Resource Complaint EL18-53 Calpine/LS Power withdraw Complaint
 Feb 8 GenOn Waiver Request: Timing of Canal-MA-GHG-Rule-Related Addl. Cost Recovery Filing ER18-623 FERC grants waiver requested
 Feb 7 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Reply briefs filed by: EMCOS, Complainant-Aligned Parties, TOs, FERC Trial Staff
 Feb 7 DOE NOPR RM18-1 Foundation for Resilient Societies requests rehearing of FERC order terminating DOE NOPR rulemaking proceeding
 Feb 2 CSO Termination: Blue Sky West ER18-704 FERC grants Emergency Motion, directs ISO-NE to reinstate the Disputed CSO through
Mar 24, 2018, the end of the 60-day notice period required by FPA section 205, unless otherwise directed by the FERC  
 Feb 2 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement Proceeding EL16-19  Settlement Judge Dring issues status report, reports that a schedule has been established for finalizing settlement documents, and recommends settlement procedures be continued
 Feb 2 NEP/HQUS Phase I/II HVDC-TF Service Agreement ER18-388 FERC accepts new Phase I/II HVDC-TF Service Agreement with HQUS, eff. Jan 1, 2018 
 Feb 2 Sched. 21-EM: Stored Solar J&WE LSA ER18-387 FERC accepts Local Service Agreement by and among Emera Maine, Stored Solar J&WE and ISO-NE for Local Non-Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service under Schedule 21-EM
 Feb 2 Regional Interest ER18-791 National Grid files notice of cancellation of Interconnection Service Agreement with Casella Waste Systems that was superseded by a conforming SGIA with Southbridge Recycling and Disposal Park (SGAI-ISONE/NEP-16-01)
 Feb 2 LGIA: Emera Maine/Penobscot Energy Recovery Co ER18-505 FERC accepts non-conforming LGIA, eff. Mar 1, 2018
 Feb 2 LGIAs: PSNH/Newington, Lost Nation and While Lake ER18-785
PSNH files Newington Station (ER18-785), Lost Nation (ER18-786) and While Lake (ER18-787)LGIAs reflecting facilities' disposition to Granite Shore Power
 Feb 1 CSO Termination: Blue Sky West ER18-704 NEPOOL responds to Emergency Motion;
Blue Sky West answers ISO-NE Jan 31 answer 
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