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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Oct 10 Report            
    Last Update: Nov 1, 2017 11:45 pm
  Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Oct 31 Membership ER18-186 New Member: Yellow Jacket Energy, LLC
Termination: BNP Paribas Energy Trading GP 
Oct 30 Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551 FERC denies rehearing of Resource Retirement Reforms Order requested by NEPGA, Exelon and NextEra
Oct 26 Clustering Revisions ER17-2421 ISO-NE Answers RENEW's Oct 25 answer
Oct 26 NESCOE 2018 Budget ER18-85 NEPOOL files comments supporting NESCOE's 2018 Budget
Oct 26 Regional Report ER18-81 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE's 2017 Q3 Capital Projects Report
Oct 26 ISO-NE 2018 Budgets ER18-77 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE 2018 Budgets
Oct 25 Clustering Revisions ER17-2421 RENEW answers ISO-NE and Avangrid answers
Oct 25 FCM Enhancements ER16-2451 FERC dismisses as moot NYTOs request for rehearing of FCM Enhancements Order
Oct 24 Force Majeure Clarifications ER17-2533 FERC accepts changes, eff. Nov 21
Oct 24 130th Agreement/PA Amendment No. 10 ER17-2522 FERC accepts 130th Agreement and Participants Agreement Amendment No. 10 (Prov. Member Clean-Up Amendments), eff. Sep 20
Oct 23 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal  RM18-1 Comments filed by more than 10 parties, including the following: ISO-NE, IRC, NESCOE, NEPGA/IPNY, AGA, ANS, APPA, EEI, ELCON, EPRI, EPSA, ESAFRS, INGAA, Joint Industry Commenters, LPPCNARUC, NEI, NERC, NRECA, NYISO, PIOs, PJMRESASEI, Avangrid, BlueRock Energy, Calpine, Cogentrix, ConEd, CT PURA/DEEP, Covanta, Direct Energy, DynegyEDF, Eversource, Exelon, FirstLight, HQUS, Invenergy, LSPowerMMWEC, National Grid, NRDC, NRGPSEGShell, Tenaska, TransCanada, UCSWalmart
Oct 23 Eversource Reorganization Tariff Changes ER18-132 Eversource files revisions to reflect new references to NSTAR Electric (East) and NSTAR Electric (West) in Schedules 21-NSTAR and 21-ES, Schedules 20A-NSTAR and 20A-ES, and the Attachemnt F and Schedule 1 Implementation Rules; comment date Nov 13
Oct 20 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal RM18-1 NEPOOL submits comments; comments also submitted by ISO-NE EMM
Oct 20  Small Generator Modeling Options ER18-122 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to provide an exception to the electronic dispatchability requirements for small generators that are currently modeled in the ISO’s network model but are not capable of electronic dispatch
Oct 20 ROE Complaints I-IV EL11-66
Complainant-Aligned Parties and EMCOS respond to TOs Oct 20 motion to dismissal or consolidate all 4 ROE proceedings
Oct 19 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 FERC accepts filing and grants waiver of requirement to provide access to privileged material in filing to intervenors who execute a non-disclosure agreement
Oct 19 Membership ER17-2405 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Durgin and Crowell Lumber Co.; Marie’s Way Solar I; Phoenix Energy New England; Syncarpha Lexington; and Tenaska Power Management; and (ii) the name change of Nautilus Power, LLC (f/k/a/ Essential Power, LLC)
Oct 19 Regional Interest ER18-111 UI submits an executed Engineering, Design, and Construction Agreement between UI and CL&P for the planned Pootatuck Substation Ring Bus Expansion
Oct 17 2018 NESCOE Budget ER18-85 ISO-NE files budget and tariff sheet for funding NESCOE’s 2018 operations
Oct 17 PRD: Full Integration Conforming Changes ER17-2164 FERC accepts final package of Tariff revisions required to implement the full integration of PRD into the New England Markets, eff. Jul 1, 2018
Oct 17 Base ROE Complaint IV EL16-64 TOs file cross-answering testimony and exhibits
Oct 16 2018 ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets ER18-77 ISO-NE files 2018 administrative costs and capital budgets
Oct 16 2017 Q3 Capital Projects Report  ER18-81 ISO-NE files 2017 Q3 Capital Project Report
Oct 16 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files its 36th quarterly status report on LFTR implementation
Oct 11 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal EM18-1 FERC denies extension requests;
comment date Oct 23;
reply comment date Nov 7
Oct 11 DOE Grid Reliability & Resilience Pricing Rule Proposal RM18-1 FERC posts Federal Register version of Proposed Rule, which differs from the version first published (Fed. Reg. version limits applicability to regions with "active energy and capacity markets")
Oct 11 Base ROE Complaint IV EL16-64 Trial Judge accepts corrections to FERC Staff's direct and answering testimony
Oct 11 Waiver Request: Dispatchable Resources RTU Requirement (McCallum Enterprises) ER17-1615 McCallum requests 90-day delay in ruling in order to provide additional information related to ISO-NE withdrawal of opposition to waiver request 
Oct 11 Sched. 21-EM: Recovery of Bangor Hydro/Maine Public Service Merger-Related Costs ER15-1434 et al. Emera Maine requests expedited hearing procedures for the consolidated proceedings
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