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    Last Update: Sep 8, 2017 8:30 am
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Docket Brief Description
Sep 7 Waiver Request: Dispatchable Resources RTU Req. (McCallum/ Derby Dam) ER17-1615 ISO-NE withdraws objection to waiver request, noting Derby Dam, if properly registered as an intermittent generator, would not be subject to Resource Dispatchability rules
Sep 7 Sched. 21-ES:
PSNH/Pontook IA
ER17-2449 Eversource files 2-party IA between PSNH and Pontook for the continued provision of interconnection service to Pontook’s existing 3-unit, 9.6 MW hydro-electric facility on the Androscoggin River in Dummer, NH
Sep 6 PER Settlement  EL16-120
Chief Judge terminates settlement judge procedures
Sep 5 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 ISO-NE answers Public Citizen's Aug 28 answer and files its formal objection to the disclosure of the non-public version of its filing
Sep 1 Clustering Revisions ER17-2421 ISO-NE files Clustering Revisions
Sep 1 NEPOOL Agreement
Amendment - 131st
ER17-2425 NEPOOL files 131st Agreement (Small Standard Offer Provider Amendments)
Aug 31 Membership  ER17-2405 NEPOOL requests FERC accept (1) the memberships of Durgin and Crowell Lumber Co.; Marie’s Way Solar I; Phoenix Energy New England; Syncarpha Lexington; and Tenaska Power Management; and (ii) the name change of Nautilus Power, LLC (f/k/a/ Essential Power, LLC)
Aug 31 PER Settlement ER17-2153
Settlement Judge Young certifies uncontested Settlement to the Commission
Aug 31 PER Settlement  ER17-2153-000 FERC accepts withdrawal of the Jul 26 eTariff filing in this proceeding, a filing that was subsequently superseded on Jul 28
Aug 28 PER Settlement ER17-2153 NEPGANESCOE file reply comments
Aug 28 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 Public Citizen answers ISO-NE's Aug 25 response
Aug 28 203 Application: PSNH/FPL Wyman 4 EC17-132 FERC authorizes transaction by which PSNH will sell its 3.14% ownership interest in Wyman 4 to FPL Energy Wyman IV
Aug 28 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE files FERC Form 3Q for Q2 2017
Aug 25 Tariff Section II.44
Conforming Change
ER17-2118 FERC accepts change to align Tariff Section II.44(1)(a) with the Market Rules' Day-Ahead Energy Market scheduling deadline  
Aug 25 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 ISO-NE responds to Aug 23 deficiency letter; answers Aug 9 Public Citizen Protest  
Aug 24 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing  ER17-2110 NEPGA answers Aug 9 Public Citizen Protest 
Aug 23 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 FERC issues deficiency letter requiring the ISO to submit on or before Aug 28 a proposed form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement
Aug 21 Capital Projects Report -
Q2 2017 
ER17-2289 NEPOOL files comments on Report
Aug 21 Regional Interest ER17-2339  New England Power submits the National Grid Local Control Center Services Agreement to supersede and replace the currently-effective REMVEC II Agreement and the related REMVEC Security Analysis Services Agreement
Aug 18 NESCOE 5-Year
Pro Forma Budget
ER17-2062 FERC accepts NESCOE's 5-year pro forma budget filing
Aug 18 Regional Interest ER17-2324 NSTAR files Local Control Center and Telemetering Service Agreements with Reading Municipal Light Dept
Aug 18 NEPGA PER Complaint EL16-120 Settlement Judge Young issues final report indicating that the participants filed a formal offer of settlement comprehensively resolving all issues set for hearing in this proceeding, which appears to be uncontested, and that he anticipates certifying it to the Commission
before his next report would be due
Aug 17 PER Settlement ER17-2153 Comments supporting settlement filed by NEPOOLNEPGA and NESCOE; not opposing settlement by FERC Trial Staff
Aug 16 PER Settlement ER17-2153 ISO-NE files comments stating that it neither supports nor objects to the proposed PER strike price methodology and requests that the Commission resolve how the Average Monthly Peak Energy Rent will be calculated on and after Jun 1, 2018; Eversource supports Settlement
Aug 15 Membership ER17-2039 FERC accepts Jul membership filing -   Memberships: MPower Energy, Renaissance Power & Gas, and Environmental Defense Fund; and (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Brayton Point Energy
Aug 15 203 App: CPV Towantic EC17-158 CPV Towantic et al. request authorization for Archmore International Infrastructure Funds to acquire an approximately 11% interest in CPV Towantic; comment date Sep 5 
Aug 11 Capital Projects Report -
Q2 2017
ER17-2289 ISO-NE files report; comment date Sep 1
Aug 11 D&E Agreement: NSTAR/ Essential Power Newington ER17-1915 FERC accepts Agreement, eff. Aug 26
Aug 9 FCA12 De-List Bids Filing ER17-2110 Public Citizen protests FCA12 De-List Bids Filing
Aug 9 TOs' Opinion 531-A
Compliance Filing Undo
ER15-414-002 TOs answer Complainant-Aligned Parties and EMCOS Aug 2 filing
Aug 8 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Settlement Judge Dring issues report, noting that the proceeding is taking longer than expected but that the parties are making progress toward settlement, recommending that settlement procedures be continued 
Aug 8 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 ISO-NE submits filing to re-establish statutory action date (now Oct 7) on its CONE/ORTP updates. The requested effective date for the updated CONE, Net CONE and ORTP values, which are currently being used for purposes of
FCA12, remains Mar 15, 2017
Aug 4 IMM Quarterly Reports ZZ17-4 IMM files Spring 2017 Markets Report
Aug 2 Regional Interest AD14-15 FERC Staff files report on 2016 Common RTO/ISO Metrics
Aug 2 TOs' Opinion 531-A
Compliance Filing Undo
ER15-414-002 Complainant-Aligned Parties and EMCOS (again) request that the Director, Div. of Electric Power Regulation East, OEMR, exercise his delegated authority and reject the TOs Jun 5 Filing
Aug 1 203 Application: Dynegy (Dighton/Milford)/
Marco DM Holdings
EC17-145 Dighton, Milford and Marco request authorization for Marco to acquire 100% of the ownership interests in Dighton and Milford
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