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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the February 1 Report            
    Last Update: February 28, 2017 3:45 pm 


Docket Brief Description
Feb 28 FCA11 Results Filing ER17-1073 ISO-NE files results of FCA11; comment date Apr 14
Feb 28 2013/14 Winter Rel. Prog. Remand Proceeding ER13-2266 ISO-NE answers TransCanada and MA AG protests
Feb 28 Fast-Start Pricing NOPR RM17-3 NEPOOLISO-NE file comments
Feb 28 Membership ER17-1048 NEPOOL requests that the FERC accept (i) the memberships of Rubicon NYP Corp. and TransCanada Hydro Northeast Inc.; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Duke Energy Commercial Enterprises and CinCap V, and South Jersey Energy ISO2, LLC; and (iii) the name changes of McGill St-Laurent Inc. (f/k/a Canadian Wood Products – Montreal, Inc.) and St. Anselm College (f/k/a The Order of St. Benedict of New Hampshire)
Feb 28 Membership ER17-899 FERC accepts (i) the Governance Only End User membership of NRDC; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Artis Energy Holdings, EMI Power Systems, Jeffrey A. Jones, and  Powerex; and (iii) the NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC name change
Feb 24 Exelon Generation Cost Recovery Request ER17-933 ISO-NE files comments and limited protest in response to Exelon request
Feb 24 Order 825 Compliance: 5-Min. Settlement of Regulation Capacity & Service Credit ER17-774 FERC accepts filing, eff. Dec 1, 2017
Feb 24 Regional Report ER17-963 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE's 2016 Q4 Capital Projects Report
Feb 24 Regional Interest ER17-1038 CL&P files Interconnection Agreement with Covanta Southeastern CT Co.
Feb 23 NOPR: LGIA/LGIP Reforms RM17-8 FERC extends comment deadline to Apr 13 
Feb 23 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement ER16-120 
(i) and (ii)
Acting Chief Judge issues 2 orders: (i) continuing settlement judge procedures; and (ii) granting Cogentrix late motion to intervene
Feb 23 Sub-Hourly Settlement NCPC Changes ER17-680 FERC accepts changes
Feb 17 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 ISO-NE answers NEPGA protest
Feb 17 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement EL16-120 Settlement Judge Young schedules 2nd settlement conf. for May 3, 2017 and issues status report recommending settlement judge procedures be continued
Feb 16 NOPR: LGIA/LGIP Reforms RM17-8 NEPOOL supports ISO/RTO Council request for 30-day extension of time to comment
Feb 15 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement EL16-120 NEPGA requests rehearing of PER Complaint Order
Feb 14 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement  EL16-120 Chief Judge grants NHEC motion to intervene out-of-time
Feb 13 2013/14 Winter Rel. Prog. Remand Proceeding ER13-2266-004 Protests and Comments submitted by TransCanada and MA AG
Feb 13 Regional Interest ER17-967 CL&P files Transmission Line Separation Agreement with Town of Wallingford, CT
Feb 13 NOPR: Electric Storage Participation in RTO/ISO Markets AD16-20
Comments submitted by: NEPOOL; ISO-NE; APPA/NRECA; Avangrid; AWEA; Brookfield; CT PURA; Dominion, DTE; EEI; ELCON; EPSA; EPRI; ESA; Exelon; FirstLightGenbright; IPKeysMA DPUMIT; MMWEC; NARUC; NERCNESCOE; NextEra; NRG; SEIA; UCS;
Feb 10 Regional Report ER17-963 ISO-NE files 2016 Q4 Capital Budget Report
Feb 7 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement EL16-120 NEPGA opposes NHEC motion to intervene out-of-time
Feb 7 RNS/LNS Rates and Rate Protocols Settlement EL16-19 Judge Dring issues 7th status report; recommends settlement procedures be continued
Feb 6 Eff. Date Update: Fast Start Pricing & DARD Pump Param. Changes ER17-576 FERC accepts Mar 1, 2017 (rather than Mar 31, 2017) as the effective date for the changes
Feb 3 Exelon Generation Cost Recovery Request ER17-933 Exelon Generation requests FERC authorization for recovery of $1.5 million in fuel costs for Mystic 8 & 9 not recovered due to market power mitigation applied during Oct & Nov 2016
Feb 3 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 NEPGA files protest; NESCOE files comments supporting changes
Feb 3 Demand Curve Changes Remand Proceedings ER14-1639 FERC denies rehearing of Apr 8, 2016 Demand Curve Remand Order
Feb 3 Removal of Active Demand Resource Types ER17-925
pt1   pt2
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to remove from the Tariff Real-Time Demand Response (RTDR) and Real-Time Emergency Generation (RTEG) resource types; comment date Feb 23
Feb 3 SGIA: CMP/Stony Brook ER16-937 CMP files SGIA with Stony Brook
Feb 3 SGIA: CMP/Wight Brook ER16-938 CMP files SGIA with Wight Brook
Feb 3 203 App: Green Mountain Power            EC17-76            GMP requests permission to acquire the following hydros from ENEL: Hoague-Sprague, Kelley’s Falls, Lower Valley, Glen, Rollinsford, South Berwick, Somersworth, and Woodsville
Feb 3 203 App: Dynegy/ECP EC16-93 FERC accepts compliance filing, paving way for consummation of transaction           
Feb 2 New England's Orders 827/828 Compliance Filing ER16-2695  FERC accepts New England's Orders 827/828 compliance filing              
Feb 2 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 NEPOOL files comments identifying concerns and alternatives presented and reviewed in the course of the stakeholder process regarding the proposed updates
Feb 1 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement EL16-120 Judge Young schedules 1st settlement conf. for Feb. 16, 2017
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