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  Activity Since the January 4 Report            
    Last Update: February 1, 2017 8:30 pm 


Docket Brief Description
Feb 1 NEPGA PER Complaint Settlement EL16-120 Judge Young schedules 1st settlement conf. for Feb. 16, 2017
Jan 31 Schedule 21-ES: Eversource Recovery of NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Costs ER16-1023 FERC approves settlement
Jan 31 Membership ER17-899 NEPOOL requests FERC accept (i) the memb. of NRDC; (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Artis Energy Holdings, EMI Power Systems, Jeffrey A. Jones, P.E., and Powerex Corp.; and (iii) the name change of NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC; comment date Feb 21
Jan 31 Regional Interest ER17-909 CMP files 2party LGIA with ReEnergy Livermore Falls
Jan 30 NYISO MOPR Proceeding EL16-49 NEPOOL requests that any FERC action/ decision in this docket be limited narrowly to the facts and circumstances as presented in PJM's capacity market
Jan 27 IMM Quarterly Report ZZ16-4 IMM files 2016 Fall Report
Jan 26 Attachment K Revisions ER17-857 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file Public Policy Transmission Studies Timeline Modifications and Interregional Coordination Section Clean-Up
Jan 25 NEPGA PER Complaint EL16-120 Chief Judge Cintron designates Judge H. Peter Young as the Settlement Judge
Jan 25 Membership ER17-682 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Emera Energy Services Subsidiaries 11-15; and (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Summit Hydropower and StatArb Investments and (iii) the name change of Calpine (f/k/a/ Noble Americas) Energy Solutions
Jan 24 NYISO MOPR Compliance Proceeding EL13-62 NEPOOL requests that any FERC action/ decision in this docket be limited narrowly to the facts and circumstances as presented in NYISO's capacity market
Jan 24 Emera MPD OATT Changes ER15-1429 Settlement Judge Dring issues status report indicating the parties have reached a settlement in principal (which is to be filed in Mar) and recommending settlement judge procedures be continued
Jan 23 Enforcement Action:
Covanta Haverhill
not docketed Notice issued that OE has determined that Covanta Haverhill violated FERC's Unit Operation Market Behavior Rule (35.41(a)) and the ISO-NE Tariff by failing to provide instantaneous metered output data to ISO-NE as required by the Tariff           
Jan 23 2013/14 Winter Rel. 
Program Remand 
ER13-2266 ISO-NE submits report directed by the FERC in its 2013/14 Winter Reliability Program Remand Order, reporting the IMM's conclusion that "the auction was not structurally competitive and a 'small proportion' of the total cost of the program may be the result of the exercise of market power" and the ISO-NE recommendation that "there is insufficient demonstration of market power to warrant modification of program payments."
Jan 19 NEPGA PER Complaint EL16-120 FERC (i) grants in part NEPGA's complaint and (ii) sets in part for hearing and settlement judge procedures the question of the appropriate method of calculating the PER Strike Price under Market Rule 1 section III.  A Sep 30, 2016 refund effective date was established
Jan 19 RTEG Resource Type/De-List Waiver Request ER16-1904 FERC denies CPower request for rehearing of Aug 8 ISO RTEG Waiver Request Order
Jan 13 203 Application: Merger of WMECO with & into NSTAR EC17-62 Eversource requests approval for merger of WMECO with and into NSTAR;
comment date Feb 3
Jan 13 CONE & ORTP Updates ER17-795 ISO-NE files updates to CONE, Net CONE, ORTP values; comment date Feb 3
Jan 13 LFTR Implementation: 33rd Quarterly Status Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files 33rd quarterly report
Jan 11 Order 825 Compliance: 5-Min. Settlement of Regulation Capacity & Service Credit ER17-774 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to settle Regulation Capacity Credit and Regulation Service Credit on a 5-minute (rather than on an hourly) basis; comment date Feb 1
Jan 9 Natural Gas Index Changes ER17-337 FERC accepts changes, eff. Jan 10, 2017
Jan 9 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs – 2017/18 ARA3, 2018/19 ARA2, 2019/20 ARA1 ER17-472 FERC accepts values, eff. Jan 30, 2017
Jan 3 Membership ER17-464 FERC accepts (i) the memberships of Green Power USA; Maine Power LLC; Emera Energy Services Subsidiary Nos. 9 and 10; and (ii) the termination of the Participant status of Concord Steam and Advanced Power Services
Jan 3 Base ROE Complaint IV (2016) EL16-64 Settlement Judge Long issues status report recommending that settlement judge procedures be continued concurrently with the hearings being conducted before Judge Glazer 
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