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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the May 4 Report            
    Last Update: Jun 1 10:15 pm 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Jun 1 Dominion Manchester Street FCA10 Complaint EL16-38 Dominion requests rehearing of Manchester Street FCA10 Order
Jun 1 Membership ER16-1537 FERC accepts memberships of: Anbaric Management; FirstLight Power Resources Management; GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA; Hancock Wind; and Wolverine Holdings; Termination of Gallop Power Greenville; and name change of Avangrid Renewables
Jun 1 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE submits revised Annual Electric Balancing Authority Area and Planning Area Report for calendar year 2015
Jun 1 Regional Interest ER16-1477 FERC accepts notice of cancellation of 1993 NSTAR/NEA Interconnection Agreement since superseded by an LGIA
May 31 Membership  ER16-1813 Terminations: Granite Ridge Energy; BayRing Communications; Name Changes: ENGIE Resources Inc.; Engelhart CTP (US) LLC
May 31 Regional Interest ER16-1809 NSTAR files First Amendment to Exelon West Medway II Design and Engineering Agreement
May 31 Sched. 21-NSTAR Annual. Trans. Rate Info Filing ER09-1243 NSTAR submits informational filing containing the true-up of billings under Schedule 21-NSTAR for the period Jan 1, 2015 through Dec 31, 2015
May 27 Demand Curve Design Improvements ER16-1434 Answers filed by ISO-NECT PURA 
May 27 Sched 21-ES: NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recovery ER16-1023 Judge Hurt schedules 2nd settlement conf for Aug 9, 2016
May 26 Schedule 2 Changes ER16-1789
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to Schedule 2 to support the participation of inverter-based generators capable of providing VAR Service to the New England Transmission System in the Schedule 2 compensation program
May 25 Regional Report ZZ16-4 ISO-NE IMM files 2015 Annual Markets Report
May 24 Sched 21-ES: NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recovery   ER16-1023 Chief Judge grants Emera's motion to intervene out-of-time
May 24 206 Proceeding: 2014/15 RNS Recovery of SeaLink Costs EL15-85 NHT files offer of settlement to resolve the issues set for hearing in this proceeding.  "Black box" settlement results in $6.5 million refund of NHT's 2012-2014 SeaLink expenditures as a credit in favor of RNS customers against NHT’s 2016/17 RNS revenue requirement
May 24 Regional Interest ER16-1473 FERC accepts NSTAR's notice of cancellation of a Design and Engineering Agreement with NRG Canal 3 Development LLC that recently expired with the effectiveness of an LGIA between NSTAR, NRG and ISO-NE covering the facility
May 23 Small Generator Ride Through Reqs. NOPR RM16-8 ISO/RTO Council submits comments supporting ride through requirements for small generating facilities as proposed, with clarifying language for proposed section 1.5.7, as well as comments regarding the demonstration of compliance with the requirements
May 23 Regional Interest EC16-89 FERC authorized the transfer of control of FirstLight Power Resources Holdings, Inc. and its indirect wholly-owned public utility subsidiaries FirstLight Hydro and FirstLight Management to PSP H20 FL USA LLC
May 20 Base ROE Complaints II & III (2012 & 14) EL14-86
Briefs on exceptions filed by Complainant-Aligned Parties, EMCOS, FERC Staff, TOs
May 19 FCA1 Remand Proceeding ER08-633-003 FERC issues order directing ISO to process resettlements as proposed (charged to those with Regional Network Load within Connecticut during FCA1 and paid to CT resources’ Lead Market Participant during each month of FCA1)
May 19 Sched 21-NEP: Deerfield Wind Reimbur. Agrmt ER16-1745  New England Power submits Deerfield Wind Transmission System Upgrade Reimbursement Agreement; comment date Jun  9
May 18 FAP, Billing Policy Changes ER16-1728 NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file conforming changes to Tariff Section I, the Financial Assurance and Billing Policies  associated with NEPOOL's extension of the GIS Automatic Programming Interface (API); comment date Jun 8
May 18 Regional Report ER16-1700 NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE 2016 Q1 Capital Projects Report
May 17 Sched 21-ES:  NU/NSTAR Merger-Related Cost Recovery  ER16-1023 Chief Judge designates Judge Patricia E. Hurt as the Settlement Judge in this proceeding; 1st settlement conf scheduled for May 26
May 17 Sched 21-FG&E: Revised 
Deprec. Rates
ER16-1722 FG&E files changes to depreciation rates used to calculate FG&E’s annual transmission revenue requirements for PTF and non-PTF transmission service; comment date Jun 7
May 16 Generator Interconnection Revisions ER16-946-001 ISO-NE and PTOs submit compliance filing to revise SGIA Attachment 1 to incorporate the definition of “Study Case” and update the definition of “Interconnection Request”, in response to the reqs of the Apr 15 order in this proceeding
May 16 Electric Storage in RTO/ISO Markets AD16-20 ISO-NE responds to FERC data request with information on rules that affect the participation of electric storage resources in the New England Markets
May 13 Demand Curve Design Improvements ER16-1434 Comments and Protests filed by CMEEC/NHEC; CT PURA; Indicated Suppliers (Calpine, Dominion, Exelon, NRG); NESCOEPotomac Economics (EMM);
May 13 Regional Report ER16-1700 ISO-NE files 2016 Q1 Capital Projects Report; comment date Jun 3
May 13 FCA10 Results Filing ER16-1041 UWUA Local 464 answers ISO-NENEPGA answers
May 13 Sched. 21-EM: Rate Adjustm'ts for Anticipated Changes ER16-1301 Emera Maine answer MPUC answer
May 12 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551-003 NEPGA/Exelon/NextEra request rehearing of Resource Retirement Reforms Order
May 12 FCM Resource Retirement Reforms ER16-551-002 ISO-NE and IMM submit compliance filing with changes to Market Rule 1 § III.13 to establish a 10% materiality threshold for Retirement De-List Bid and Permanent De-List Bid mitigation
May 12 Info Policy Changes ER16-1413 FERC accepts changes to Info Policy § 2.3 (which provides for ISO notices in the case of Participant default, suspension, or bankruptcy), eff. Jun 15, 2016
May 12 Sched. 21-EM: Rate Adjustm'ts for Anticipated Changes ER16-1301 MPUC answer Emera's Apr 27 answer, asserting that Emera’s proposed tariff change, even if amended in the manner suggested in Emera’s answer, is not just and reasonable and should be rejected
May 10 Demand Curve Design Improvements ER16-1434 GDF Suez files comments
May 9 Demand Curve Remand Proceeding ER14-1639 NextEra, NRG, PSEG request rehearing of Apr 8 Demand Curve Remand Order
May 6 FCA10 ICR Values  ER16-307 FERC denies NRG Request for rehearing of 2019/20 ICR/HQICCs Order
May 6 Forward Reserve Heat Rate Revisions ER16-1296 FERC accepts Tariff changes that revise the calculation of the Forward Reserve Heat Rate, eff. Jun 15, 2106
May 6 Base ROE Complaint IV EL16-64 FERC grants extension of time, to Jun 3, for responses to Complaint
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