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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Nov 4 Report            
    Last Update: Dec 2 11:45am 
            Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Dec 4 CTS Winter Reliability Program Cost Allocation ER16-462 ISO0NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes;
comment date Dec 28
Dec 1 Connected Entity Data Collection NOPR RM15-23 NEPOOL files comments
Dec 1 FCA10 ICR Values ER16-307 Protests filed by: Dominion, NEPGA, NRG; Comments filed by: NEPOOLNESCOE
Dec 1 ARA ICR Values ER16-446  ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file ICR-Related Values and HQICCs for the 2016/17 ARA3, 2017/18 ARA2; and 2018/19 ARA1; comment date Dec 22
Dec 1 CTS ER15-2641-001  ISO-NE files notice of CTS Effective Date (Dec 15, 2015) and minor changes in response to Nov 9 order
Nov 30 Membership ER16-428 Memberships: Niagra Wind Power, Residents Energy, Utility Expense Reduction; Terminations: Barclays; Twin Cities
Nov 30 Regional Interest EL16-11 CT PURA/CT DEEP protest Allco petition
Nov 30  Price Formation Fixes NOPR - Settlement Intervals/Shortage Pricing RM15-23 Comments submitted by: NEPOOL, ISO-NE, EMM, APPA/NRECAEEI, EPSA, Direct EnergyDominionEntergy, ESAExelon, IRC, NEI, Public Interest Orgs, PSEG,  
Nov 30 Connected Entity NOPR RM15-23 FERC issues supplemental notice of Dec 8 technical conference
Nov 25 FCA10 Info Filing  ER16-308 Lotus Energy Group files limited protest, requesting New Resource Offer Floor Price for its projects be revised to reflect what it asserts is the projects' correct cost of equity
Nov 25 Regional Interest  ER16-391 PSNH files LGIA with Schiller Generating Station (a previously existing interconnection) to demonstrate compliance with REC Purchase Agreements and to formalize the existing LGIA
Nov 24 Regional Report ER16-94 FERC accepts 2015 Q3 Capital Projects Report
Nov 24 ISO-NE Audit PA16-6 FERC informs ISO-NE that it will conduct an audit of ISO-NE's Transmission Provider Obligations
Nov 23 Order 1000 Compliance ER13-196-005
NEPOOL submits comments supporting 4th Regional Order 1000 Compliance Filing
Nov 20 Administrative AD14-14 FERC directs RTO/ISOs (including ISO-NE) to provide information regarding 5 price formation issues: (1) pricing of fast-start resources; (2) commitments to manage multiple contingencies; (3) look-ahead modeling; (4) uplift allocation; and (5) transparency; response due Feb 3, 2016 
Nov 19 NEPGA PER Complaint EL15-25-001 FERC denies NEPGA's request for rehearing of its Jan 30 order denying its Complaint
Nov 19 FCM PI Jump Ball Compliance Filing I ER14-2419-003
FERC denies multiple requests for rehearing of Oct 2, 2014 Order
Nov 19 FCM PI Jump Ball Order ER14-1050-002
FERC denies rehearing and dismisses as moot requests for clarification of May 30, 2014 order
Nov 19 Consistency of Day-Ahead & Nat. Gas Sched. Practices  EL14-23 FERC determines that ISO-NE existing scheduling practices need not be changed and accepts ISO-NE’s compliance filing
Nov 19 Order 1000 Compliance ER13-1957-001
FERC accepts Second Order 1000 Interregional Compliance Changes
Nov 19 Enforcement Report AD07-13-009 FERC issues 2015 Enforcement Report
Nov 19 Regional Interest ER16-357 PSNH submits cancellation of Design and Engineering Agreement for New Hampshire Electric Coop
Nov 19 Regional Interest ER16-356 CL&P submits cancellation of CPV Towantic Engineering Design Permitting Siting Agreement
Nov 18 Schedules
20A-ES; 21-ES
ER16-348 Eversource files to change title of Schedules 20A-NU and 21-NU to Schedule 20A-ES and 21-ES, respectively, and to replace all references to NU and Northeast Utilities therein to ES and Eversource
Nov 17 RTO Mapping Doc. Retirement ER15-2717 FERC accepts retirement of RTO Mapping Document (Tariff Attachment C)
Nov 17 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE submits FERC Form 3Q (quarterly financial report) for Q3 2015
Nov 16 Winter Reliab. Prog. Jump Ball Compl. Filing ER15-2208-002 NEPOOLNEPGA file comments supporting compliance filing 
Nov 13 Membership  ER16-1 FERC accepts the following Oct 1 memberships: Antrim Wind Energy, Astral Energy, Beacon Falls Energy Park, Champlain VT, Concord Steam, Deepwater Wind Block Island, Invenergy Energy Management, MA Operating Holdings; the terminations of: HOP Energy,, Parkview AMC Energy, Denver Energy, Johnston Clean Power; and the Name Change of NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc.
Nov 13 Connected Entity NOPR  RM15-23 FERC issues notice of Dec 8 technical conference
Nov 13 Regional Interest ER15-2747 FERC accepts Granite Ridge LGIA
Nov 12 Reactive Capability Auditing Revs.  ER15-2628 FERC accepts revisions that (1) add a new Tariff section addressing reactive capability audits; (2) add new types of generation resources in the provisions for real power audits; and (3) change the effective date for real power audits; effective Dec 1, 2015
Nov 12 Capability Resource Ratings R'hg Request ER11-2216 FERC denies long-standing (Feb 2011) MMWEC request for rehearing of Jan 28, 2011 Capability Clarifications Order
Nov 10 FCA10 Info Filing ER16-308 ISO-NE submits required informational filing for FCA10;
comment date Nov 25
Nov 10 FCA10 ICR Values ER16-307 ISO-NE files ICR, HQICCs, and related values for
the 2019/20 Capability Year; comment date Dec 1
Nov 10 Connected Entity NOPR RM15-23 FERC grants request for technical conference; technical conference Dec 8; comment date Jan 22, 2016
Nov 9 CTS Conforming Changes ER15-2641 FERC accepts conforming changes to the Tariff and NYISO/ISO-NE Coordination Agreement to support the implementation of Coordinated Transaction Scheduling between New England and New York over the New York Northern AC interface (CTS)
Nov 9 Winter Reliab. Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208-001 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider Entergy request for rehearing of Sep 11 Order
Nov 9 Regional Interest EL16-11 Allco files for enforcement of PURPA regulations
Nov 6 Financial Assurance  ER16-286 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file Tariff changes to modify how the collateral requirements related to a Market Participant’s Hourly Charges are estimated; comment date Nov 27
Nov 6 Sched. 21-EM ER16-273 Emera Maine submits corrections to Schedule 21-EM
Nov 5 Regional Interest  ER16-272 Central Maine Power supplements Wyman 4 Transmission Agreement to (i) revise definition of Transmission Facilities; (ii) update identities of owners; and (iii); clarify references to ISO Tariff; comment date Nov 27
Nov 5 2016 ISO Budget  ER16-92 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2016 ISO Budget
Nov 5 Regional Report ER16-94 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2015 Q3 Capital Projects Report
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