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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Oct 1 Report            
    Last Update: Nov 5 6:00pm 
            Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Nov 5 2016 ISO Budget  ER16-92 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2016 ISO Budget
Nov 5 Regional Report ER16-94 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2015 Q3 Capital Projects Report
Nov 4 2016 NESCOE Budget ER16-93 NEPOOL files comments supporting 2016 NESCOE Budget
Nov 3 Market Rule  ER15-250 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file NCPC Credit Revisions; comment date Nov 24
Nov 2 4th Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193-006
ISO-NE and TOs submit 4th regional Order 1000 compliance filing; comment date Nov 23
Nov 2 Opinion 531-A Refund Report EL11-66 TOs file Opinion 531-A refund report; comments due on or before Mon, Nov 23
Oct 30 Market Rule ER16-167-000
ISO-NE and NEPOOL submit 3 sets of DR changes: (1) delaying to Jun 1, 2018 the "full integration" of DR; (2) revising the methodology used to derive DR Baselines; and (3) modifying the simultaneous auditing requirements of Real-Time Demand Response and Real-Time Emergency Generation Resources  
Oct 30 Membership ER16-192  Memberships: CommonWealth Resource Management, Everyday Energy, Shipley Energy, SRECTrade, Lotus Danbury LMS100 One, Lotus Danbury LMS100 Two; and Terminations: MoArk, Turner and Demansys (INVOLUNTARY) 
Oct 30 Membership ER16-214 NEPOOL submits 128th Agreement (GIS-Only Participant Amendments)
Oct 30 CSO Terminations ER16-226
ISO-NE files to terminate CSOs held by the following Project Sponsors: Brookfield White Pine Hydro; Twin Eagle Resource Management; Direct Energy; Enerwise; and Green Mountain Power; comments date Nov 20
Oct 30 Regional Report ER14-1639 ISO-NE submits informational report on progress toward developing FCM zonal demand curves
Oct 30 RTO Metrics Report AD14-15 RTO/ISOs submit 2015 RTO Metrics Report
Oct 29 Review Board ER16-159 NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit changes to remove Review Board from NEPOOL Agreement and Participants Agreement
Oct 28 Importers’ FCA Offers Revs/ Mitigation ER15-117-003
FERC denies Public Citizen request for rehearing of Dec 2014 order
Oct 29  CTMEEC Opinion 531-A Compl.   ER15-584 FERC accepts revised CTMEEC Opinion 531-A compliance filing 
Oct 28 Sched. 22: Braintree LGIA ER15-2734 FERC accepts non-conforming Braintree LGIA and cancellation of 2008 Braintree LGIA
Oct 27 Regional Interest EC16-19 Calpine and Granite Ridge request approval of transaction whereby Calpine will acquire al the membership interests of Granite Ridge
Oct 26 Winter Reliab. Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208 ISO submits 45-day compliance filing; comment date Nov 16
Oct 23 Monthly Qualif'd Capacity Chnges ER15-2650 FERC accepts changes, Oct 13, 2015, as requested
Oct 23 Enforcement  staff notice FERC issues notice that the Office of Enforcement has determined that Berkshire Power Co. and Powerplant Management Services violated the FERC’s Anti-Manipulation
Rule by engaging in a manipulative scheme to conceal maintenance work and associated outages beginning at least as early as Jan 2008 and continuing through Mar 2011
Oct 22 FCA9  ER15-2626 FERC accepts change to the reported location of the Holliston
resource from the NEMA Load Zone and the NEMA/Boston Capacity Zone to the SEMA Load Zone and the SEMA/RI Capacity Zone, effective Sep 9 
Oct 21 Regional Interest ER15-2605 FERC accepts notice of cancellation of an LGIA among the ISO, Eversource (CL&P) and CPV Towantic (the LGIA was superseded by a new three-party pro forma LGIA, which will be reported going forward through the ISO’s EQRs) 
Oct 19 Fast Start Pricing Changes ER15-2716 FERC accepts changes, effective Mar 31, 2017
Oct 19 Attachment F  ER16-116 Eversource submits proposal to treat $15.7 million incurred in connection with the Central Conn. Reliability Project as capital costs of the New England East West Solution (NEWS) transmission project
Oct 16 2016 ISO Budget  ER16-92 ISO-NE files 2016 administrative costs and capital budgets
Oct 16 2016 NESCOE Budget ER16-93 ISO-NE files budget for funding NESCOE’s 2016 operations
Oct 16 Regional Report ER16-94 ISO-NE submits Capital Budget Report for 2015 Q3
Oct 16 Schedule 20A-EM ER15-2578 FERC accepts changes reflecting Talen Energy Marketing transaction and name change
Oct 15 Regional Interest ER15-2599 FERC accepts amended SGIA between National Grid and Old Wardour
Oct 15 Regional Interest ER15-2603 FERC accepts termination of the E&P Agreement between CMP and Atlantic Wind, LLC
Oct 15 Regional Interest EC10-85 FERC denies NSTAR request for rehearing of Dec 22, 2010 FERC Order approving disposition of Fore River 
Oct 13 Winter Reliab. Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208 Entergy requests rehearing of Sep 11 order accepting NEPOOL proposal
Oct 7 FCM ARA Sloped Demand Curve Changes ER15-2404 FERC accepts changes, effective Oct 12, 2015
Oct 5 Monthly Qualif'd Capacity Chnges ER15-2650 NRG submits comments supporting filing           
Oct 2 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193 FERC conditionally accepts 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compliance Filing, subject to compliance filing due on or before Nov 2; FERC grants ISO-NE's requests for clarification of Mar 19 Order 1000 Compliance Rehearing Order 
Oct 2 Regional Report ER15-2443 FERC accepts 2015 Q2 Capital Projects Report 
Oct 1 DNE Dispatch Changes ER15-1509 FERC accepts ISO-NE's Aug 21 compliance filing
Oct 1 ISO Order 676-H Compliance Filing ER15-519-002 FERC accepts additional ISO-NE Order 676-H compliance filing
Oct 1 PTOs, SSPs, CSC Order 676-H Compliance Filing ER15-517-002
FERC accepts additional PTOs/Spps/CSC Order 676-H  compliance filing 
Oct 1 Membership ER16-1 Memberships: Antrim Wind Energy, Astral Energy, Beacon Falls Energy Park, Champlain VT, Concord Steam, Deepwater Wind Block Island, Invenergy Energy Management, MA Operating Holdings; Terminations: HOP Energy,, Parkview AMC Energy, Denver Energy, Johnston Clean Power; Nam Change: NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc.
Oct 1 Regional Report ZZ15-4 IMM files 2015 Q2 Markets Report
Oct 1 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 19th semi-annual report
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