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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Sep 9 Report            
    Last Update: Oct 1 5:00pm 
                        Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Oct 1 DNE Dispatch Changes ER15-1509 FERC accepts ISO-NE's Aug 21 compliance filing
Oct 1 ISO Order 676-H Compliance Filing ER15-519-002 FERC accepts additional ISO-NE Order 676-H compliance filing
Oct 1 PTOs, SSPs, CSC Order 676-H Compliance Filing ER15-517-002
FERC accepts additional PTOs/Spps/CSC Order 676-H compliance filing
Oct 1 Membership ER16-1 Memberships: Antrim Wind Energy, Astral Energy, Beacon Falls Energy Park, Champlain VT, Concord Steam, Deepwater Wind Block Island, Invenergy Energy Management, MA Operating Holdings; Terminations: HOP Energy,, Parkview AMC Energy, Denver Energy, Johnston Clean Power; Nam Change: NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc.
Oct 1 Regional Report ZZ15-4 IMM files 2015 Q2 Markets Report
Oct 1 Regional Report ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 19th semi-annual report
Sep 30 Sched. 22: Granite Ridge LGIA ER15-2747 ISO-NE, National Grid, Eversource, and Granite Ridge file non-conforming LGIA to govern interconnection of Londonderry, NH facility 
Sep 29 Static De-List Bid Compliance Filing ER15-1650 FERC accepts Jul 30 compliance filing
Sep 28 2nd RNA/PA Amendments ER15-2523 FERC accepts AR Amendments revising definition of AR Provider, creating an AR Sector Large Generation Group Seat, and making other clean-up amendments (125/127th Agreements; PA Amendments Nos. 7/8)
Sep 28 Membership ER15-2584 FERC accepts Green Development, LLC; Johnston Clean Power, UIL Distributed Resources, Uncia Energy memberships; CSG termination; Acadia Center name change
Sep 28 Sched 22 ER15-2734 ISO-NE and Braintree submit non-conforming LGIA under Schedule 22; petitions for Declaratory Order and exemption of associated fee; and notice of cancellation of LGIA-ISONE/BELD-08-01
Sep 25 Tariff Change ER15-2717 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to retire the RTO Mapping Document (Tariff Attachment C); comment date Oct 16
Sep 24 Fast Start Pricing Changes ER15-2716 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to improve Real-Time Energy Market pricing logic when fast start assets are deployed to supply energy; comment date Oct 13
Sep 17 NOPR: Settlement Intervals/Shortage Pricing RM15-24 FERC issues NOPR to require each RTO/ISO (1) to settle real-time energy and operating reserves transactions at the same time interval it dispatches energy/prices operating reserves; and (2) to trigger shortage pricing for any dispatch interval during which a shortage of energy or operating reserves occurs
Sep 17 NOPR: Connected Entity Data RM15-23 FERC issues NOPR to require each RTO/ISO to electronically deliver to the FERC, on an ongoing basis, data required from its market participants that would: (1) identify the market participants by means of a common alpha-numeric identifier; (2) list their “Connected Entities,” which includes entities that have certain ownership, employment, debt, or contractual relationships to the market participants; and (3) describe in brief the nature of the relationship of each Connected Entity
Sep 15 CSO Termination ER15-2229 FERC accepts termination of Hampshire Council of Gvt's CSO for resource # 38110
Sep 15 CSO Termination ER15-2232 FERC accepts termination of Enerwise Global Technologies CSOs for resource #s 16700 and 37922
Sep 14  Monthly Qualified Capacity Changes ER15-2650 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to allow for updates to the winter Qualified Capacity of resources that participate in monthly reconfiguration auctions and Capacity Supply Obligation Bilaterals; comment date Oct 5
Sep 11 Winter Reliability Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208 FERC conditionally accepts NEPOOL's Winter Reliability Program Proposal.  Compliance filing by Oct 22 must add to the Tariff the formula for calculating the annual payment rate and reflect certain FERC-directed corrections  
Sep 10 CTS Conforming Changes ER15-2641 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file conforming changes to the Tariff and NYISO/ISO-NE Coordination Agreement to support the implementation of Coordinated Transaction Scheduling between New England and New York over the New York Northern AC interface (CTS); comment date Oct 1
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