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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Aug 5 Report            
    Last Update: Sep 9 11:30pm 
            Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Sep 9 Reactive Capability Auditing Revs. ER15-2628 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to (1) add a new Tariff section addressing reactive capability audits; (2) add new types of generation resources in the provisions for real power audits; and (3) change the effective date for real power audits; comment date Sep 30
Sep 9 FCM ARA Sloped Demand Curve Changes ER15-2404 ISO-NE answers NEPGA Aug 31 pleading  
Sep 8 FCA9 ER15-2626  ISO-NE files to change the reported location of the Holliston
resource from the NEMA Load Zone and the NEMA/Boston Capacity Zone to the SEMA Load Zone and the SEMA/RI Capacity Zone  
Sep 8 CTMEEC Opinion 531-A Compl. Filing ER15-584 CTMEEC submits revised compliance filing containing transmission formula rate under Schedule 21-CTMEEC, Attachment B  
Sep 3 Regional Interest ER15-2605 ISO-NE files to cancel CPV Towantic LGIA (will be reported going forward through ISO-NE EQRs)
Sep 2 FCA1 Results Remand Proceeding ER08-633 ISO-NE responds to Bridgeport Energy Aug 17 reply brief
Sep 2 Regional Interest ER15-2599 New England Power Company submits amended SGIA with Old Wardour
Sep 2 Regional Interest ER15-2598 New England Power Company submits amended SGIA with Vuelta Solar
Sep 2 Regional Interest ER15-2603 CMP files to terminate Engineering & Procurement Agmt. with Atlantic Wind, LLC
Sep 1 Bellingham Waiver Request ER15-1934 FERC grants Northeast Energy Associates one-day waiver of the FCM interconnection deposit qualification deadline 
Aug 31 FCM ARA Sloped Demand Curve Changes ER15-2404 NEPGA submits comments supporting filing
Aug 31 Membership  ER15-2584 Memberships: Green Development, LLC; Johnston Clean Power, UIL Distributed Resources; Uncia Energy; Termination: CSG; Name Change Acadia Center
Aug 31 Sched. 20A-EM ER15-2578 Emera Maine submits revised Schedule 20A-EM to reflect Talen Energy Marketing transaction and name change
Aug 28 Membership ER15-2339 FERC accepts AmericaWide Energy; CLEAResult Consulting; Guzman Energy; and Harborside Energy of Massachusetts memberships
Aug 27 Regional Report ER15-2443 NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE 2015 Q2 Capital Projects Report 
Aug 26 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Reply Briefs submitted by TOs, Complainant-Aligned Parties, EMCOS, and FERC Trial Staff
Aug 26 Regional Interest ER15-2060 FERC accepts Amended and Restated Second Engineering and Procurement Agreement between MEPCO and Number Nine Wind Farm LLC
Aug 25 2dRNA/PA
ER15-2523 NEPOOL and ISO-NE filed AR Amendments to revise the definition of AR Provider, create an AR Sector Large Generation Group Seat, and other clean-up amendments (125/127th Agreements; PA Amendments Nos. 7/8)
Aug 25 Regional Report no docket ISO-NE submits FERC Form 3Q for 2015 Q2
Aug 24 SGIA: GMP-ISO-NE ER15-2289 FERC accepts non-conforming SGIA governing interconnection of GMP's small generating facility at GMP's Proctor station
Aug 21 DNE Dispatch Changes  ER15-1509-002 ISO-NE submits compliance filing in response to Jul 23 order removing blanket exclusion of DNE Dispatchable Generators from the regulation and reserves markets and correcting a typographical error; comment date Sep 11
Aug 20 Winter Reliability Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208 NEPOOL files answer to Entergy/NextEra/Dominion, Essential Power, Dynegy/Brayton Point, PSEG, and NEPGA/EPSA pleadings
Aug 20 2014/15 Trans. Rate 206 Proceeding EL15-85 Settlement Judge Young schedules 1st settlement conference for Sep 15
Aug 19 2014/15 Trans. Rate 206 Proceeding EL15-85 Chief Judge Wagner appoints Judge H. Peter Young as settlement judge
Aug 19 Winter Reliability Program Jump Ball Filing ER15-2208 ISO-NE files answers to pleadings and comments
Aug 19 FCA9 Results  ER15-1137 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider UWUA rehearing request 
Aug 19 IMM FCM Mitigation Package ER15-1650 NEPOOL submits comments supporting ISO-NE Jul 30 compliance filing
Aug 18 206:Investigat'n: Consistency of Day-Ahead Sched. Practices with Nat. Gas Sched. Practices EL14-23 et al. NRG requests that the FERC (i) reject CAISO, MISO and SPP’s Compliance Filings (and require those regions to adjust the posting of their day-ahead market results to prior to the Timely Nomination cycle; (ii) accept PJM’s Compliance Filing; and (iii) require ISOs/RTOs to set their day-ahead offer submission deadlines to a time after fixed-price gas has started trading (i.e., 10:30 a.m. EPT) and reduce their solve times.
Aug 17 FCA1 Results Remand Proceeding ER08-633 Bridgeport Energy submits reply brief protesting payments to Lead Market Participant rather than to owner
Aug 14 Regional Interest ER15-2451 MEPCO submits construction agreement with Number Nine Wind Farm related to the All Dielectric Self-Supporting fiber optic work that may be necessary for the project
Aug 14 Schedule
NSTAR submits updated informational filing correcting certain outdated tax information included in Jun 1 filing 
Aug 14 Order 676-H Compliance ER15-517-003 CSC submits errata to Jul 16 additional compliance filing; comment date Sep 4
Aug 13 Regional Report ER15-2443 ISO files Capital Projects Report for 2015 Q2; comment date Sep 2 
Aug 13 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Trial Judge Sterner denies TOs Jul 23 motion to lodge
Aug 12 2014/15 
Transmission Rate Filing
FERC establishes hearing and settlement judge procedures to determine whether recovery through the RNS formula rate of NHT SeaLink project development costs is just and reasonable.  Interventions in EL15-85 due on or before Sep 2;  FERC otherwise accepts Jul 31, 2014 informational filing
Aug 12 ISO Order 676-H Compl. Changes  ER15-519-002 ISO-NE submits errata to Additional ISO Order 676-H Compliance Filing, correcting citations to the following 5 WEQ Standards: WEQ-000, WEQ-001, WEQ-002, WEQ-003, and WEQ-013; comment date Sep 2
Aug 10 ARA Sloped Demand Curve Changes ER15-2404 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes; comment date Aug 31
Aug 7 ISO Order 676-H Compl. Changes ER15-519-001 NEPOOL submits comments supporting Additional ISO Order 676-H Compliance Filing
Aug 7 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Complainant-Aligned PartiesEMCOSFERC Trial Staff protest TOs Jul 23 motion to lodge
Aug 7 CTMEEC Opinion 531-A Compl. Filing ER15-584 FERC reject's CTMEEC's Opinion 531-A; directs revised compliance filing on or before Sep 7 with tariff provisions
ensuring CTMEEC does not recover an ROE greater than 11.74% on any transmission asset and that each incentive ROE adder granted to CTMEEC applies only to the facility or facilities for which it was granted 
Aug 4-5 Jump Ball: Pre-PFP Winter Reliability Prog. ER15-2208 Comments supporting NEPOOL Proposal filed by NESCOE, CT PURA, TransCanadaEssential Power supports NEPOOL Proposal in part; Entergy/NextEra/Dominion support ISO Proposal (Aug 7 errata); Dynegy/Brayton Point support ISO Proposal in part; NEPGA/EPSA and PSEG protest both Proposals
Aug 4 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 FERC approves Settlement
Aug 3 2nd Order 1000 Interregional Compliance ER13-1957 NEPOOL files comments supporting Protocol changes
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