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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Jun 24 Report            
    Last Update: Aug 3 9:30am 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Jul 31 Rate Filing ER09-1532
PTO AC submits informational filing identifying adjustments to regional transmission service charges for the Jun 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 period (2015/2016 Power Year Transmission Rate Filing)
Jul 31 Membership   ER15-2339 New Members: America Wide Energy; CLEAResult Consulting; Guzman Energy; Harborside Energy of Massachusetts (each effective Aug 1, 2015)
Jul 30 IMM FCM Mitigation Pkg Compliance ER15-1650 ISO-NE files Tariff revisions removing the changes to the Static De-List Bid rules in response to the FERC's Jun 30 Order
Jul 29 Membership ER15-2088 FERC accepts the memberships of Bucksport Generation; Bath Iron Works and Longreach Energy; and Interstate Gas Supply; and the terminations of Great Bay Energy IV, the LaBree's Companies, and Solios Power
Jul 29 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Parties submit joint procedural history; initial briefs submitted by Complainant-Aligned Parties, EMCOS, TOs, FERC Trial Staff
Jul 28 Sched-23
ER15-2289 ISO-NE files non-conforming SGIA with GMP to govern interconnection of GMP's upgraded small hydro facility
to the Transmission System at GMP’s Proctor Substation
Jul 23 DNE Dispatch Changes ER15-1509 FERC accepts, in part, and rejects, in part, MR1 revisions; FERC directs 30-day compliance filing to remove (i) the Tariff provisions providing for a blanket exclusion of DNE dispatchable generators from the regulation and reserves markets and (ii) a typographical error
Jul 23 206 Investigation: Day-Ahead Sched. Practices EL14-23 ISO files response to Mar 20, 2014 Show Cause Order; comment date Aug 18
Jul 23 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
TOs file motion to lodge portion of testimony filed in Southwestern Public Service Co. ROE proceeding to show inconsistent positions of FERC Trial Staff
Jul 22 Membership ER15-1959 FERC accepts New England Energy Connection provisional membership and Talen Energy Marketing name change
Jul 21 CSO Termination ER15-2229 ISO files to terminate Hampshire Council of Gvt's CSO for resource # 38110
Jul 21 CSO Termination ER15-2232 ISO files to terminate Enerwise Global Technologies CSOs for resource #s 16700 and 37922
Jul 20 FCA9 Results ER15-1137 UWUA Local 464 requests rehearing of June 18 FCA9 Results Order
Jul 20 Order 676-H Compliance ER15-519-001 ISO-NE submits Order 676-H compliance filing
Jul 17 FCA1 Results ER08-633 Initial briefs submitted by ISO-NE; Dominion; PSEG
Jul 17 Regional Interest ER15-200 Chief Judge terminates settlement judge procedures in CPV Towantic LGIA proceeding
Jul 16 NRG Complaint EL15-57 FERC denies GenOn's complaint/request for a waiver related to the ISO's submission of a demand bid for the Canal unit for 2015/16 ARA3 reflecting a 274 MW de-rate
Jul 16 CSO Termination ER15-1944 FERC accepts termination of Enerwise Global Technologies CSO
Jul 16 Order 676-H Compliance ER15-517-002 Transmission providers submit Order676-H compliance filing
Jul 16 Waiver Request ER15-1934 Northeast Energy Associates answers ISO-NE opposition to its request for wavier of the FCA-10 Interconnection Deposit Qualification Deadline for its Bellingham facility
Jul 16 Regional Interest ER15-2218 PSNH submits cancellation of SA-1
Jul 15 Winter Rel. Prgm.
Jump Ball
ER15-2208 ISO-NE and NEPOOL submit Winter Reliability Program Jump Ball Filing; comment date Aug 5
Jul 15 eTariff Corrections ER15-1768  FERC accepts corrections completing Section III.10 
Jul 15 FCA1 Results ER08-633 Bridgeport Energy submits brief
Jul 15 Schedule 21-NEP ER15-1838 FERC accepts amended Facilities Coordination and Backup Service Agreement between Massachusetts Electric Co. and Paxton Municipal Light Department
Jul 15 Regional Report  ER07-476 ISO-NE files 27th quarterly status report regarding LFTR Implementation
Jul 14 Regional Interest ER15-200 Settlement Judge Coffman certifies uncontested settlement to the Commission
Jul 13 Order 1000 Compliance ER14-1960-001 ISO-NE and NEPOL jointly file Second Interregional
Compliance Filing revising Sections I & II of the ISO Tariff 
Jul 13 Order 1000 Compliance ER14-1957-001 ISO-NE files revised Amended and Restated Northeastern ISO/RTO Interregional Planning Coordination Protocol   
Jul 9 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Official testimony and exhibits filed by Complainant-Aligned Parties, TOs, EMCOS, FERC Trial Staff pt 1; pt 2
Jul 8 Demand Curve Changes ER14-1639-002 NEPOOL answers NEPGA motion, opposing demand curve
proposal advanced by NEPGA, but taking no position on whether FERC should order ISO-NE to work with stakeholders and submit a sloped zonal demand curve proposal by a date certain
Jul 8 TOs Opinion 531-A Compliance ER15-414 FERC accepts amended compliance filing, effective Oct 16, 2014
Jul 7 Demand Curve Changes  ER14-1639-002 EPSA submits comments supporting NEPGA request
Jul 2 Demand Curve Changes ER14-1639-002 ISO-NE answers NEPGA request FERC order Zonal Curves for effect in FCA-10, amended to eliminate the FCA clearing rule
Jul 2 Membership ER15-1807 FERC accepts termination of NE ITC Participant status
Jul 1 Waiver Request ER15-1934 ISO-NE opposes waiver request sought by Northeast Energy Associates of the FCA-10 Interconnection Deposit Qualification Deadline for its Bellingham facility
Jul 1 CSO Termination   ER15-1867 FERC accepts termination of Direct Energy Business CSOs
Jul 1 CSO Termination ER15-1866 FERC accepts termination of Efficiency Maine Trust CSO
Jul 1 Sched. 21-UI ER15-1808 FERC accepts inclusion of Pootatuck Project in UI’s list of transmission projects that include Localized Facilities, permitting recovery of costs that are not Pool-Supported PTF Costs for the Pootatuck Project
Jul 1 Regional Interest ER15-200 CPV Towantic submits reply requesting prompt FERC order accepting Settlement Agreement
Jun 30 FCM Mitigation Package ER15-1650

Errata to fns. 14 and 85
FERC accepts in part, and rejects in part, the proposed FCM Mitigation Package rule changes.  ISO-NE directed to submit Tariff revisions removing the changes to the Static De-List Bid rules on or before Jul 30
Jun 30 Membership ER15-2088 Memberships:  Bucksport Generation; Bath Iron Works and Longreach Energy; Interstate Gas Supply; Terminations: Great Bay Energy IV, LaBree's Companies, Solios Power
Jun 29 2011 Base ROE EL11-66 Fitchburg submits Opinion 531-A refund report; comment date Jul 20 
Jun 29 Regional Interest ER15-200 FERC staff submits initial comments supporting Settlement Agreement resolving all issues related to NU/CPV Towantic LGIA
Jun 29 Regional Interest ER15-2060 MEPCO submits an Amended & Restated Second Engineering and Procurement Agreement between itself and Number Nine
Wind Farm
Jun 26 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193-004
LSP Transmission answers ISO-NE's Jun 18 answer
Jun 26 Capital Projects Rpt - 2015 Q1 ER15-1710 FERC accepts report
Jun 25 Base ROE Complaints (2012 & 2014) EL14-86
Trial Judge Sterner issues order adopting protective order
Jun 25 Sched. 21-FG&E Ann. Info. Filing ER09-1498 FG&E files data and schedules used to calculate its annual transmission revenue requirement for transmission service for the Jun 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016 period
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