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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Jun 4 Report            
    Last Update: Jun 23 6:15am 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Jun 22 Membership ER15-1959  Membership: New England Energy Connection; Name Change: Talen Energy Marketing 
Jun 22 FCM Mitigation Package ER15-1650 Champlain VT answers ISO-NE's Jun 5 answer
Jun 22 Sched. 21-NEP: BIPCO and Narragansett TSAs ER15-1466 FERC accepts Apr 7 amendments to BIPCO and Narragansett TSAs
Jun 19 Market Rule ER15-1646 FERC accepts generator performance auditing revisions to Sections III.1.5.2 and III. of Market Rule 1
Jun 19 Membership ER15-1639 FERC accepts Chester Municipal Light Membership; DR Power, NYSEG Solutions terminations
Jun 18 FCA9 Results Filing ER15-1137 FERC accepts FCA9 Results Filing, without change or condition
Jun 18 CSO Termination ER15-1944 ISO-NE files termination of Enerwise CSOs (Resource Nos. [ ])
Jun 18 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193-004
ISO-NE answers [ ]
Jun 17 Waiver Request ER15-1934 NEA requests waiver of Section III.'s timing requirements so as to allow ISO-NE to accept the FCA-10 Show of Interest for Bellingham’s proposed 25 MW increase in summer Claimed Capability
Jun 15 Rate  ES15-15 FERC authorizes further ISO drawdowns under its previously authorized $20 million Revolving Credit Line and $4 million line of credit supporting the Payment Default Shortfall Fund
Jun 15 Eversource OATT Attach. F Revisions ER15-1629 FERC accepts Audit Report-related OATT Attachment F compliance changes  
Jun 15 Base ROE Complaints (2012 & 2014) EL14-86
Pre-hearing briefs submitted by Complainant-Aligned Parties; EMCOs, FERC Trial Staff, TOs; Parties submit Joint Exhibit and Witness Lists
Jun 9 Regional Report ZZ15-4 ISO-NE IMM submits 2015 Q1 Quarterly Markets Report
Jun 9 Eversource/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 ISO-NE and Eversource file settlement agreement to resolve all issues set for hearing in this proceeding that involved the LGIA for CPV Towantic, LLC
Jun 9 FERC Form 714 not docketed ISO-NE submits revised Form 714
Jun 8 FCM Mitigation Package ER15-1650 NEPOOL answer Capacity Supplier and Champlain VT protests
Jun 8 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing   ER13-193-004
LSP Power protests May 18, 2013 3rd Order 1000 regional compliance filing
Jun 8 Regional Report ER14-2407 ISO-NE files 4th Progress Report related to 2014-2015 Winter Reliability Program
Jun 5 FCM Mitigation Package ER15-1650 ISO-NE answers capacity suppliers' protests
Jun 5 3rd Regional Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193-004
NEPOOL submits comments in support of the May 18, 2015 3rd Order 1000 regional compliance filing
Jun 5 CSO Termination ER15-1867 ISO-NE files termination of Direct Energy Business Marketing CSOs (Resource Nos. 37933, 37929, 37932 )
Jun 5 CSO Termination ER15-1866 ISO-NE files partial termination of Efficiency Maine Trust CSO (Resource No. 38057)
Jun 3 FCA1 Results Remand Proceeding ER08-633 FERC (i) reverses its prior determination in its previous orders and finds that, given that ISO-NE had prohibited resources needed for reliability from prorating quantity based on its interpretation of the Proration Rule, it is appropriate to consider resettlements to those resources that were not able to prorate quantity; and (ii) establishes a briefing schedule to develop a better record on the question of resettlements
Jun 3 Regional Interest EC15-103 FERC authorizes transaction whereby UI will become an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Iberdrola, S.A (and a Related Person of Central Maine Power, Iberdrola Renewables, and New York State Electric & Gas Corp.)
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