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  Activity Since the Apr 9 Report            ER14-1050 et al.
    Last Update: Apr 28 11:00am                      FCM Performance Incentives 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Apr 27 FCA-10 Capacity Zone Boundaries ER15-1462 Protests submitted by: Dominion, NEPGA, New England Suppliers, NRG, PSEG; comments, by Calpine
Apr 22 Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing: TOs ER15-414 TOs submit amended Opinion 531-A compliance filing reflecting clarifications from Opinion 531-B
Apr 22 Regional Interest ER15-1429 MPUC and Maine Customer Group protest Emera MPD OATT Changes
Apr 21 Supreme Court
(ONEOK, Inc., et al. v. Learjet, Inc., et al.)
13-271 US Supreme Court rules that the Natural Gas Act (NGA) did not field pre-empt state law antitrust lawsuits filed against the interstate gas sellers, allowing purchasers who bought natural gas directly from the gas sellers at retail to maintain their state antitrust suits that claim that the latter manipulated gas indices used to help set natural gas retail and FERC-regulated wholesale prices
Apr 21 FCA-10 Capacity Zone Boundaries ER15-1462 NEPOOL submits comments (i) seeking confirmation/ affirmation that a Reliability Committee vote is a required predicate to material changes to Capacity Zone Boundaries, (ii) summarizing reasons why new boundaries were not supported; and (iii) seeking guidance that process improvements are warranted
Apr 21 Base ROE Complaints (2012 & 2014) EL14-86
TOs submit cross-answering testimony of W. Avera and E. Lapson; Complainant-Aligned Parties notice May 8 deposition of W. Avera
Apr 21 Regional Interest EL15-61 Riggs files complaint alleging RI PUC approval of 20-year Deepwater Wind/NGrid PPA violates the FPA, PURPA and the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause
Apr 20 Order 1000 Compl. Filing ER13-193
ISO-NE requests expedited clarification, and/or re-hearing of 2 aspects of FERC's Mar 19 Order: (i) that concerns with “hold harmless” clause can be addressed in the TOA; and (ii) that no changes are required to comply with Regional Cost Allocation Principle 4 
Apr 20 FCM Redesign Compl. Filing: FCA8 Revs ER12-953 FERC denies requests for rehearing of the Feb 12, 2013 FCA8 Revisions Order
Apr 20 NESCOE FCM Renewables Exemption Complaint EL13-34 FERC denies requests for rehearing of Feb 12, 2013 order denying NESCOE's complaint 
Apr 17 Winter 2014/15 Reliability Prog. ER14-2407 FERC grants rehearing of Jan 20, 2015 order finding "that an expanded version of the current winter program might better produce the desired results in terms of reliability than the introduction, at this point in time, of the market-based solutions examined by ISO-NE."  Accordingly, the FERC will "allow the possibility that ISO-NE may file additional out-of-market winter reliability programs until the two-settlement capacity market design becomes effective in 2018."
Apr 17 LMP Calculator Replacement ER15-1238 FERC accepts Market Rule changes, effective May 27, 2015
Apr 16 Order 809 RM14-2 FERC issues Order 809 (Coordination of Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline and Public Utility Scheduling Processes), which changes the nationwide Timely Nomination Cycle nomination deadline for scheduling natural gas transportation from 11:30 a.m. Central Clock Time (CCT) to 1:00 p.m. CCT and revises the intraday nomination timeline, to include adding an additional intraday scheduling opportunity  during the gas operating day (Gas Day). Order 809  DOES NOT change the start time of the nationwide natural Gas Day (which remains 9:00 a.m. CCT).  ISO-NE required to propose tariff revisions to coordinate the Day-Ahead Energy Market with the Order 809 changes or show cause why its existing scheduling practices need not be changed within 90 days of the Order's publication in the Federal Register
Apr 16 Regional Interest ER15-1383 CMEEC requests that effective date of NSTAR/HQ US Use Rights Transfer Agreement (transferring CMEEC Use Rights to HQ US) be set at Mar 26, 2015
Apr 16 Regional Interest ER15-418 FERC rejects New England Power's Opinion 531-A (IFA Amendments) compliance filing
Apr 16 Regional Report not docketed ISO-NE files its annual report of total MWh of transmission service provided during 2014 (FERC Form 582)
Apr 15 DNE Dispatch Changes  ER15-1509 ISO and NEPOOL jointly file changes to provide for the dispatch of certain wind and hydro Intermittent Power Resources using Do Not Exceed (DNE) Dispatch Points
Apr 15 Rate Filing ES15-15 ISO requests continued authorization for drawdowns under previously authorized Revolving Credit Line and Payment Default Shortfall Fund
Apr 15 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO files its 26th quarterly report regarding LFTR implementation
Apr 15 Regional Interest  EC15-122 CSC and AIA Energy request authorization of a transaction that will make CSC an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of AIA Energy
Apr 14 ETU Rule Changes ER15-1050 FERC accepts ETU Rule Changes, effective Feb 16, 2015; rejects Champlain VT's protest
Apr 14 Order 676-H Compliance ER15-517 PTOs, SSPs, CSC supplement Dec 1 compliance filing with request for waiver of NITS and SAMTS WEQ Standards
Apr 13 FCA9 Results Filing ER15-1137 UWUA Local 464 files protest (alleging the results are the product of continued illegal market manipulation and violation of the ISO-NE Tariff)
Apr 13 FCA-10 Elim. of PER Mechanism ER15-1184 NEPOOL responds to Mar 27 NEPGA and GDF Suez pleadings
Apr 13 Report not docketed ISO-NE files Annual Report of Major Electric Utilities, Licensees and Others for 2014 (FERC Form 1)
Apr 10 FAP/Billing Policy Changes ER15-1493  ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file Deposit Account-related changes to the FA and Billing Policies; comment date May 1
Apr 10 2011 ROE Proceedings EL11-66
FERC grants extension of time to complete refunds and refund reports to Nov 2, 2015, for local refunds and to Dec 31, 2015, for a final refund report
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