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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Mar 4 Report            ER14-1050 et al.
    Last Update: Apr 11 1:00pm                         FCM Performance Incentives 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Apr 10 FAP/Billing Policy Changes ER15-1493  ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file Deposit Account-related changes to the FA and Billing Policies; comment date May 1
Apr 10 2011 ROE Proceedings EL11-66
FERC grants extension of time to complete refunds and refund reports to Nov 2, 2015, for local refunds and to Dec 31, 2015, for a final refund report
Apr 9 CSO Termination ER15-1201 FERC accepts termination of DFC-ERG CT CSO
Apr 8 Report ER14-2407 ISO-NE files 2nd quarterly Future Winter Reliability Program Progress Report
Apr 7 Regional Interest ER15-1459-001
Emera Maine files EPC Agreement to govern the engineering, procurement, and construction services to be provided by Emera in connection with the interconnection of the Blue Sky West facility
Apr 7 Regional Interest ER15-1466 NGrid and ISO-NE jointly file amendments to Block Island Power (TSA-NEP-83) and Narragansett (TSA-NEP-86) Local Service Agreements
Apr 6 GenOn Complaint EL15-57 GenOn submits emergency complaint requesting that the FERC find that ISO-NE violated the Tariff in conducting the March 2015 ARA3, or if not, grant a waiver, in order that, for purposes of CCP 2015/16, Canal 2's Qualified Capacity be set at 557 MW, rather than at 303 MW; comment date May 6
Apr 6 Capacity Zones ER15-1462 ISO-NE files notice of the following 2 new Capacity Zones for FCA-10: Southeastern New England or “SENE Capacity Zone” and the Northern New England Capacity Zone or “NNE Capacity Zone”  
Apr 6 Report ER15-1036 FERC accepts 2014 Q4 Capital Projects Report
Apr 6 Membership ER15-1131 FERC accepts Epico USA membership; termination of the Participant status of J. P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corp
Apr 6 eTarriff Corrections ER15-1455 ISO-NE files corrections to the following eTariff sections: I.2.2 (Definitions); III.2 and III.2 (LMPs, Real-Time Reserve Clearing Prices Calculation; Accounting/Billing); III.13.2(Annual FCA); III.13.7 (Performance, Payments & Charges in the FCM); and MR1 Appendix E2 (Load Response Program)
Apr 3 ETU Rule Changes ER15-1050
Anbaric Transmission submits answer to Mar 31 Champlain VT answer 
Apr 2 Regional Interest ER15-1189 FERC accepts termination of CMP/Gallop Power Greenville SGIA
Apr 1 Price-Quantity Pairs Compliance 
ER15-117-004 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to allow New Import
Capacity Resources to submit up to five price-quantity pairs as part of their FCA offer information; comment date Apr 22 
EL15-25 FERC issues tolling order affording it add'l time to consider NEPGAEntergy requests for rehearing of Jan 30 order
Apr 1 New Entry Pricing Rule Complaint EL15-23 FERC issues tolling order affording it add'l time to consider Exelon/Calpine request for rehearing of Jan 30 order
Apr 1 Regional Report  ER06-613 ISO-NE submits 18th semi-annual Reserve Market compliance report
Apr 1 Schedule 20A-EM and 21-EM ER15-1434 Emera Maine and ISO-NE file changes to Schedule 21-EM (to ensure charges under this schedule reflect only costs of service over Emera Maine's Non-PTF System that is
subject to that schedule) and 20A-EM (corrections)
Apr 1 Regional Interest ER15-1429 Emera Maine submits changes to Maine Public District OATT
Mar 31 Fed Ct Appeal  EL14-7 NEPGA appeals FERC's Decisions on FCM Administrative Pricing Rules Complaint.  Rh'g Order; Jan 24 2014 order
Mar 31 Membership  ER15-1417 April Membership Filing: Evergreen Wind and Jericho Power memberships; Lincoln Paper and Tissue termination; Constellation Energy Services name change 
Mar 31  2011 ROE Proceedings EL11-66
In order to reflect clarifications provided in Opinion 531-B, TOs request (1) additional extension of time to submit Opinion 531 refunds (regional and local); and (2) deferral of action on Nov 17, 2014 compliance filing in ER15-414   
Mar 31 ETU Rule Changes  ER15-1050
Champlain VT answers ISO-NE/NEPOOL/PTO AC, Eversource, and Sun Edison answers
Mar 31 ISO-NE FERC Form 715 not docketed ISO-NE submits 2015 Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report
Mar 31 Order 676-H Compl. Filing  ER15-1419 Emera Maine submits Order 676-H compliance filing and requests waiver of certain standards not applicable to Maine Public District or the MPD OATT
Mar 30 Fed Ct Appeal ER14-1639 NextEra, NRG, PSEG appeal FERC's decisions on the Demand Curve Changes. Rh'g OrderMay 30 order
Mar 30 Market Rule Changes ER15-1009 FERC accepts revised Section 10.4 to change calculation of Forward Reserve Obligation Charge
Mar 27 FCA-10 Elim. of PER Mechanism ER15-1184  Supporting comments filed by EntergyGDF Suez and NEPGA
Mar 26 Regional Interest ER15-1383  NSTAR files agreement by which it will transfer CMEEC's use rights over the Phase I/II HVDC facilities to HQUS
Mar 23 ETU Rule Changes  ER15-1050
Answers filed by ISO-NE/NEPOOL/PTO AC, Eversource/Northern Pass 
Mar 23 Demand Curve Changes ER14-1639 NEPOOL files comments on ISO-NE's Mar 2 compliance filing
Mar 23 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
FERC Staff submits direct and answering testimony 
Mar 23 Winter 2014/15 Reliability Prog. ER14-2407 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider ISO-NE's Feb 19 request for rehearing
Mar 20 ETU Rule Changes ER15-1050
Sun Edison submits comments urging FERC to accept the ETU Rule Changes without modification and reject Champlain VT's Mar 6 request
Mar 19 Order 1000 Compliance Filings  ER13-193
FERC (i) grants in part and denies in part the requests for rehearing of the First Compliance Order; and (ii) finds ISO/PTOs’ Nov 15, 2013 compliance filing partially compliant with the directives in the First Compliance Order, accepting the compliance filing effective as of, and directing a further compliance filing to be submitted on or before, May 18, 2015
Mar 19 Regional Reports ER12-1643
ISO-NE files 26th quarterly report regarding Non-Generating Resource Regulation Market Participation and Order 755 Regulation Market Progress Report
Mar 17 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Order granting TOs' motion to substitute joint answering testimony with single witness testimony and finding Show Cause Order moot
Mar 16 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Order revising procedural schedule and modifying data update cutoff date
Mar 13 Market Rule ER15-1238 ISO and NEPOOL jointly file LMP Calculator Changes (to more closely align dispatch rates and Real-Time prices); comment date Apr 3 
Mar 13 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
TOs request that period for answers to its Mar 4 motion substituting joint answering testimony with single witness testimony be waived (reporting that no active party opposed)
Mar 10 Regional Interest ER15-962 FERC accepts termination of Emera/Black Bear HVGW (Howland Hydroelectric Project) LSA 
Mar 9 CSO Termination ER15-1201 ISO files to terminate a CSO for Resource 16729 held by DFC-ERG CT; comment date Mar 30
Mar 6 PER Mechanism ER15-1184 ISO and NEPOOL jointly file changes to eliminate the PER mechanism starting with Jun 2019/May 2020 (10th) Capacity Commitment Period; comment date Mar 27
Mar 6 ETU Rule Changes ER15-1050
Champlain VT files limited protest (requesting ISO directed to reconfigure the Revised Queue such that ETU queue positions reflect material modifications made prior to the Effective Date) and comments otherwise generally supporting the ETU Rule Changes
Mar 6 Region'l Interest ER15-1189 CMP submits termination of Gallop Power Greenville SGIA
Mar 6 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Oral argument re-scheduled for Mar 24; written briefs on order scheduling oral argument and on TOs' Mar 4 motion to substitute joint witness with single witness testimony due Mar 19
Mar 6 Price Formation Tech Conf  AD14-14 Post technical conference comments filed by ISO-NE; EPSAExelon 
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